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M20741 is based in Costa Rica and operates dive expeditions on board of three research vessels. Since 1990 the company has focused these voyages to the remote Cocos Island, located some 300 nautical miles off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. We have oriented our live-aboard operations not only toward experienced divers and adventurous explorers but also toward the support of major underwater film projects. Our ultimate goal is to bring producers and film production teams to the most remote and isolated areas of the hydrosphere. Founders Avi Klapfer and Yosy Naaman share extensive experience and carry impressive credentials both as explorers and as sea captains.

The vessels were born out of Avi’s and Yosy’s fascination with the ocean and the undersea world. The quality and spirit of this venture offers an incomparable portal into the marine environment, as well as one of the most versatile platforms for the production of large-scale underwater film projects. Throughout many years of experience in operating the research vessels we have developed what we commonly refer to as our “dynamic working system”. This system functions in combination with specialized equipment, often customized for your own unique and specific needs. We have the capability to provide a wide range of special services that are rarely found on live-aboard vessels. Our ships are equipped with Nitrox Gas Blending Systems and Uwatec Nitrox Dive Computers as well as other technical diving equipment and supplies to support these operations. We are fully capable of supporting all types of totally Closed-Circuit Rebreathers (CCR) like Biomarine and Buddy Inspiration units with Sofnolime CO2 Scrubber material and High-pressure Oxygen.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M20741

Cocos Island Diving Trip (10 Days)
Experience one of the most fascinating diving adventures on the Cocos Islands with its rich and fabulous marine life.

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USD 4895 / Per trip
Dive boat
Shore diving
Duration: 10 days
Season: February - February
Costa Rica
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