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We create trips that help you Discover your Dreams!

Many of us think that our lives are carved in stone and that there is little we can do to change that. Here at M21487, we like to think that our lives are our very own blank slates, and are ours to write upon and change when we want to.

There are so many ways to create change in our lives, but we happen to think that travel is one of the best venues for change. When we go on a trip, we are exploring new territory already. What a great time to explore the territory within, as well.

Each of M21487's trips is created with care and attention to detail. We want to take you to places that will inspire you and help you to think "out of the box." We match elements of transformational life coaching with other learning tools, such as cooking, writing or hiking and imbed those elements into the exploration of a beautiful place.

You have our guarantee that a trip taken with M21487 will create an unforgettable experience that will not only divert you, but will also make you grow.
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