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Base of operations: France -- Number of InfoHub client requests accepted: 116
M05161 was officially registered as a limited company on December 16, 1992. The owner is Damien Renaux who acting as the Managing Director. Our campus in Bordeaux owns and operates three schools in France: M05161 Bordeaux and M05161 Biaritz. We provide French language tuition for adult students from 16 all year round in Bordeaux and Biarritz in the summer only.

Our schools are all accredited by: SOUFFLE, IALC, Maison de la France, Paris Chamber of Commerce, CSN (Sweden), 5 Ministries in Germany, and we are registered by the French Ministry of Education.

We offer a large variety of programs such as intensive courses, course & board at the teacher's home, French for law, French for business, French for diplomacy, French + Bordeaux wines, French + surf, French + Golf, etc. In Bordeaux and in Toulon, we also offer a specific program which proposes French intensive studies + Higher education in France (a university diploma in Toulon and European diplomas in Bordeaux).

All our students may be assisted by our accommodation department for home stay, residence or hotel accommodation. We have one full-time Cultural officer in each school.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M05161
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Bordeaux Bordeaux 10% off.

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“Bordeaux is to be savored just like its wines !”

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Vacation School
EUR 485 France

Biarritz Biarritz

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The people in the school are very friendly and welcoming. The teaching is great and you will really enjoy learning French and leisure activities offered!

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Vacation School
EUR 510 France
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 1  Ying Wang Verified User Review 2009-09-30
There were some administrative issues with the tours arranged by the School. The School told us to pay in advance but there were also people signed up without ... view more paying first. At the end when we found the weather would not be suitable to go to the beach for the weekend and wished to cancel - instead of refunding us they simply refused - which I could understand but for people who didn\'t pay, they just cancel without penalty.

The very funny thing was I knew eventually the person who cancelled the trip went on the trip anyway and he didn\'t pay a dime... I seriously wonder what\'s wrong with the School\'s administrative ability.