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Our Group of Schools has been providing top quality English language courses to international students since 1957. Accredited by the British Council. Come to us for quality courses at competitive prices!

Our English language Schools in London, Oxford and Bournemouth offer the very best in international education and English language training. Our students actively learn and "live" the English language! We welcome students of all ages and all levels from beginner to advanced.

When you book a course at M05228, we are happy to arrange your accommodation for you. We offer 2 types of accommodation: Homestay (living with a local host family or in a private home) or residential (King’s Oxford and King's Bournemouth).

- Homestay - your English home: The majority of students choose homestay accommodation. Our host families and private homes are carefully selected and regularly inspected by our experienced Accommodation Officers. Homestay offers comfortable and economic accommodation and provides you with an excellent opportunity to practice speaking English.

- Homestay - Essential information: Homestay accommodation includes breakfast and dinner every day and also a light lunch at the weekends. The host family provides bedding but please bring your own towels. Single and twin rooms are available. Accommodation is either a short bus ride to school (10-20 minutes) or within walking distance of the school (10-30 minutes). We offer 2 types of homestay accommodation:

- Executive homestay (available all year, King’s Bournemouth only) large, well-furnished bedroom with a double bed, television and a private bathroom or shower room.
- Standard homestay is excellent value and offers comfortable, welcoming accommodation. Standard homestay is available all year in Bournemouth, London and Oxford.

* Residential accommodation at M05228's Oxford: Single room residential accommodation is available at King’s School Oxford in July and August. This consists of high quality student apartments situated only 2 minutes’ walk from school. The price includes breakfast and dinner in the school restaurant every day.

* Residential accommodation at M05228's Bournemouth: Student residence in the town center (approx. 15 minutes’ walk from school). Facilities include private bathrooms for all bedrooms, kitchen corners in twin bedrooms, communal kitchens, terrace, laundry, 24-hour security. The price includes clean bedding on arrival. Thereafter the student is responsible for washing their own bedding and for cleaning their room. Please bring your own towels.

* Hotels and Apartments: If you would like to stay in a hotel or self-catering apartment, please contact the school for a list of local hotels, bed and breakfasts and apartments.

* Welfare, Medical and other Problems: Our Accommodation Officers are trained in all areas of student welfare and are always available to help if you have a problem.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M05228
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English at Bournemouth English at Bournemouth

- Contact Supplier

Study English at Bournemouth, famous for its long sandy beaches, beautiful public gardens and vibrant international atmosphere.

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Vacation School
GBP 149 England

English in London English in London

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Our school is a welcoming school which combines a relaxed atmosphere with excellent teaching and high academic standards.

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Vacation School
GBP 155 England

English Oxford English Oxford

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Our school in Oxford is famous for its high academic standards and prestigious university foundation course.

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Vacation School
GBP 159 England
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