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Base of operations: Mexico
Established in 1959, we are proud to be the first Spanish Language school in San Miguel de Allende to specialize in teaching Spanish as a second language. The Academia is located in a magnificent 18th century building located 3 blocks from the main square.

We have been accredited by over 300 American colleges and universities and presently serve as an extension to Chapel Hill Institute for Cultural and Language Education in NC; State University of New York at Potsdam, NY and Mount Hood Community College at Gresham, OR.

Our school year is divided into 12 four-week Sessions that roughly correspond with the months of the year. At the start of every Session we begin anew in 5 levels of Spanish studies and a series of afternoon workshops & seminars on Mexican literature, sociology and history. Students of all abilities are welcome to begin their studies in any Session in the year and take from one to four weeks of Spanish.
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Academia Hispano Americana
Established in 1959, we are proud to be the oldest destination language school in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, specialized in teaching Spanish as a second language.

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USD 4200 / Per course
Vacation School
Season: January - December
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