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InfoHub supplier since Sep 2005!
Base of operations: Brazil
M05740 - Tour Conductor and Licensed Tour Guide in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

- Specialized in custom designed tours.
- Fluent in English, German, Hebrew, Portuguese and Spanish.
- Member of the Rio de Janeiro Tour Guides Trade Union.
- Licensed by the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism as a Local, Regional, National and International Tour Guide.
- Trained and experienced in incoming operations of Large Groups and Cruise Ships.
Questions and Answers
Tour Conductor and Licensed Tour Guide in Rio de Janeiro, specialized in custom designed tours.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil practically all tour guides, including myself, are self-employed free-lancers. I’ve been in this business since 2002. At the beginning I contacted, hotels and tour operators looking for a work opportunity.

2. What is your company's mission?

As mentioned above I do not have a company. But my mission is to provide, the best possible, service quality.

3. What does your company specialize in?

My specialty is Jewish Focused Tours of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However I am not restricted to this kind of tours. I am also prepared to lead individuals, small groups and also large groups in private tours designed accordingly to the client’s interests and wishes.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Before becoming a licensed tour guide I spent most of my professional live in the import-export of spare parts for heavy machinery and also in the international transportation of goods. While doing this I had the opportunity to frequently visit many Countries and learn about their traditions and culture.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Jewish focused private personal tours of Rio de Janeiro. Because it allows me to put into perspective the different places of Jewish interest within the "Marvelous City" and the interaction of both "worlds".

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

A growing number of friends and family who hire my services after being referred by satisfied clients.

Vacation Packages offered by supplier M05740

Jewish Focused Tours in Rio de Janeiro 10% off.
Shalom. I'm a licensed Jewish (Liberal) Tour Guide. Having lived most of my life in Rio de Janeiro I will show you places of Jewish interests, as well as the traditional sites of Rio de Janeiro.

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USD 1500 / Per group
Tour Guide
Season: January - December
Rio de Janeiro
Reviews and Comments
Rating By Subject

 1  Mandy MEKLER Jewish Focused Tour of Rio de Janeiro Dec 2011
Hello Pedro:
Hope this finds you well and that you had a good rest of December. On behalf of the Merkel family, I wanted to thank you again for your thoughtfulness and excellent introduction to Rio during our visit. I have to tell you that I think you were by far the best guide we had even though the others ... view more were also good. Maria in Sao Paulo was lovely and very knowledgeable but we didn't really like the city and were glad we did not spend longer there.

Sal and Susanna in Buenos Aires were also good but I thought they were very expensive for the services we got; perhaps Brasil is better value or you should raise your rates?
Anyway, please know I would highly recommend you to our friends who might be visiting Rio.
I hope 2012 is a good one for you and your family.
Muito obrigado,

 2  Pedro Landsberg Supplier M05740 comments on Mrs Lina Haimsky review
Mrs Haimsky,

I was surprised to receive a message from InfoHub about a review with a complaint about my honesty.

My comments:

I have not read e-mails from you on this subject.

It is my policy to settle pending balances at the very end of my services. In your case, it was when we ... view more arrived at the Pier. I had my handwritten notes [no bill] over which we went detail by detail. True that it was on a public space, but there was no crowd, only a few persons passing by.

We reviewed the number of charged hours and you agreed on the used exchange rate. I showed you that the amount you paid me was U$100 short, you also had the chance to question me about the correction of the number of hours charged, or the applied exchange rate. However, at that time you seemed quite satisfied. Now, over a month later you decided to dispute it.

You forgot to say that I did not charge you for the ’no-show’ caused by your flight’s arrival delay and that even so I went to welcome you in the hotel. FYI, I had to pay fully for the car and driver because they were informed of the change with less than 48 hours.

Apparently you don’t remember but, I returned with you to meet your parents waiting by the check-in entrance. There I said good-bye. Furthermore, I remained circulating in the passengers area for at least another half hour.

I can very much understand your frustration caused by the bad weather that was a constant during the days of your visit. However, I very much resent being qualified as cheater and dishonest. You will not find, among the innumerous clients that have used my services in these nearly 7 years of activity as a tour guide, other customers who think that I cheat or am dishonest.

Although the amount you are disputing is relevant for my day to day life, it is infinitely minimal for me to even be tempted to jeopardize my hardly earned reputation.

I am considering to take legal action to search compensation for the moral damage you caused me.

 3  Lina Haimsky Dishonest Person
I arranged a 3 days tour with Pedro through the internet for four of us: myself, my husband and my elderly parents. On the 3rd day we wanted to settle our account with Pedro before leaving the hotel, but he said that we can do it later.

We ended our tour in a big crowded mess of the port for cruise ship ... view more embarkation. There was no place to get some kind of privacy, so we had to do the accounting in front of a big crowd (not pleasant). Pedro presented us with a messy scrambled bill written on a piece of paper. He grabbed cash and left even not saying “good buy” to all of us.

The amount seamed too high, so we made the calculations after he left and realized that Pedro intentionally overcharged us $156 for extra time not provided and cheating with the conversion rate. All my emails with an explanation and request to correct the bill and pay back via paypal (he has an account) remained ignored.

Be aware of this dishonest man who left very bitter taste of his services.

 4  Shelby Karpman Rio tours
Highly recommended. Extremely helpful in many ways. Very knowledgable

 5  Richard Groff Verified User Review
Mr. Landsberg was prompt and thorough in his
responses prior to our arrival, assisting in planning an extensive photographic tour with great attention to detail, and even offering creative solutions to my mobility limitations. Once we were in Rio, he was extremely helpful in accommodating my disability needs, ... view more offered excellent additional sightseeing suggestions based on his comprehensive local knowledge, and
always came up with an excellent alternative plan when traffic and weather conditions required it. I would heartily recommend Pedro Landsberg to anyone!

 6  Marilene Roder Verified User Review
Mr Pedro G Landsberg was a great guide tour. He always promplty replied to the emails I sent, had a good price and gave us a very nice tour of Rio.
He also spoke German very well, which was one of our requirements. We would recommed Pedro to another traveler to Rio.