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Base of operations: Canada -- Number of InfoHub client requests accepted: 29
We are located in Edmonton Alberta and do most of our big game hunting in the northern and central parts of the province. For moose hunts we use a number of techniques to be successful. During the rut we will typically hunt around swamps and wallows and call the bulls into us. Our late season hunts are done by covering a lot of ground to find the animals and then concentrating on the areas they are feeding in using a spot and stalk method.

Deer hunts are conducted using spot and stalk or stand hunting to intercept the deer coming to and from the bedding and feeding areas. If the hunt is during the rut we will do some of the same as well as setting up on an active scrape line we know the bucks are using. We also watch groups of does at this time of year waiting for the bucks to show up. In some instances depending on the hunters desire we may hike into the high country to find some of the large bucks before they are pushed down to lower elevations by the snow.

Black bear are hunted primarily using spot and stalk as they are feeding in the late evening and early morning. Some areas allow for baiting and this method may be used where authorized. Extensive scouting allows us to ensure your hunt will be a success for all types of game being hunted. We utilize comfortable tent camps with excellent food for all of our big game hunts.

Our goal is to provide you with the hunting adventure of a lifetime. We specialize in working with you to fulfill your hunting dream. We use a wide range of new modern equipment and strive to make your adventure a success. If you do not see exactly what you want, please do not hesitate to contact us as I am sure we can work together to make your hunting dream a reality.

We specialize in making you as comfortable as possible. Should you decide to book with us you will be contacted to find out your exact expectations and needs. You will also receive a package by mail outlining the itinerary of your hunt as well as all pertinent information you will require including a detailed equipment list.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M06238
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Waterfowl Bird Hunting in Alberta Waterfowl Bird Hunting in Alberta

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Enjoy an unforgettable experience of hunting waterfowl birds, which takes place in the heart of Alberta farmland taking in the Central Flyway.

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USD 1100 Alberta

Moose Hunting in Alberta Moose Hunting in Alberta

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This one week Moose hunts take place in the forests of Northern Alberta about 3 hours north of Edmonton.

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USD 4500 Alberta

White Tail Deer Hunting in Alberta White Tail Deer Hunting in Alberta

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This 6 day White Tail Deer hunt takes place in the boreal forests of Alberta, on the area which has an excellent deer population with a very high trophy potential.

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USD 5500 Alberta

Black Bear Hunting in Alberta Black Bear Hunting in Alberta

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During this 6 day hunting tour you will have the opportunity to hunt the majestic black bear in the dense woods of Canada.

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USD 3000 Alberta
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