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InfoHub supplier since Dec 1999!
Base of operations: Botswana -- Number of InfoHub client requests accepted: 145
The company M07833 was registered and has been operating since 1992. The present Director and Manager have been operating the company since the beginning of 1999. Our main objective is to provide our clients with an African safari that is both unique and memorable. To further achieve this goal, the combined knowledge and experience of our team, gained over many years involvement with nature and the tourism industry, not only in Botswana but in other Southern African countries as well, serves to ensure the visitor to Botswana or other destination an adventure of a lifetime.

The method that we operate our safaris has also been carefully selected so that by partaking in a mobile, camping style safari you become one with your surroundings where we are then best able to share our love and understanding of the African bush with you. We endeavor to provide you with the best service, creature comforts and food, in these circumstances, thereby enhancing your safari experience. Hence our slogan: Bringing you closer to nature!

Do you need a good vacation? Do you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life? Let us take you on safari in Botswana, Southern Africa, where you will soon forget that you were part of such a lifestyle. What you will experience is the serenity, tranquility and vastness of the African bush and all it has to offer. Our mobile safaris can provide this adventure experience in relative comfort and safety.

The safaris we offer are informal, non participation, camping style, eco-tourism safaris. As our camp sites are serviced you will have optimum time for bird and wildlife observation and where you can enjoy your safari without partaking in camp chores.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M07833

Botswana Safari: 14 Day
This camping style safari visits most of the major attractions in Northern Botswana. You will visit the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve, Savuti, Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls in Zambia.

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USD 4000 / Per person
Tour Package
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 14 days
Season: April - November

Okavango, Moremi, Chobe and Victoria Falls Safari: 10 Day
This 10 day safari highlights Northern Botswana with the best game viewing, offering you to visit the Okavango Delta, the Moremi Game Reserve, Savuti, the Chobe National Park and Victoria Falls.

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USD 3100 / Per person
Tour Package
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 10 days
Season: April - November
Reviews and Comments
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 1  Lynne Murray Verified User Review
Great people to tour with especially their field staff!

 2  Laurence Coekelberghs Verified User Review
i will take a few minutes to give you some feedback as requested.
we took the '14 day botswana safari' with bushcamp safaris.
it's actually very simple; i have to rate the service of the tour 10 on all
the categories !!!

- i received prompt and honest information and answers every ... view more time.
- they were helpful, very friendly and accurate.
- the guide on the tour was very sufficient, his knowledge about the bush,
the animals, birds, plants and do's and dont's was really amazing ! i heard
stories about guides litterally running away leaving their customers when
they ran into game (elephant!!!) unexpected!!! we had a youngster bull
approaching the camp (moremi) too close, actually right next to the tent and
our guide got up in the middle of the night to chase him away... that's the
difference if you know what you're doing.
- we were picked up at the airport, driven all over , stayed in audi camp
little bit away from maun town, so eric birkenstock (director) picked us up
in the morning, brought us back , had dinner with us, we enjoyed his company
very much.
- after the safari finished, we had 5 more days left, so again he arranged
an amazing fishing trip with one of his friends in shikawe area were we had
an amazing time (again )
- the food during our trip was very nice, the girl who cooked was so good in
preparing the best meals with everything we packed for several days. even
when we were travelling long distance, snacks, sandwiches and more goodies
were provided at lunch hour . picnic was nicely arranged when going on a
full day tour..
- when we requested a BBQ eric came up with the best botswana meat ...
- locations were very nice , especially in the delta (home to our guide) so
he picked the nicest spots, usually where the other safari tours not really
- we had 2 vehicles, an open safari jeep for game vieuwing, but also the
'rebuild' landrover that carried most of the equipment and food, but when it
was too cold (early mornings) and we had to take a few hours drive, we were
able to travel in the closed vehicle.
- luckily there were only us and another couple participating the tour so
they had plenty of time to be present all the time, very different from
certain arrangements we met on the way having 10 to 20 participants!!!!
- we were almost the first ones at game sights, we saw lions every day,
lioness with cubs, roam, wild dogs twice (one with impala kill !!!) african
wildcat, and then the overall game which is to be seen everywhere.
we had a phantastic driver, the one with good stories in the evening around
the campfire.
- our tents were cleaned every day, water was brought to us in the morning
to wash , the bushtoilet was clean and maintained and every request we had
was taken care of.
- we had the opportunity to charter a little cessna to make a beautiful
flight over the delta, even though it was a last minute decission...
- eric came to visit us when we were out in the delta, bringing his guitar
which lead to an unforgettable night , you can imagine...
- we learned a lot more ( it was our third trip into southern africa) about
the behaviour of wild animals, also about survival in the bush eg; what
fruits and berries you can eat, how to hide from game and more interesting
- our guide was very conceirned about animals as we were in the kalahari
desert we got the company of 47 goats (deception pan) and he drove all the
way back to the gate to inform the rangers when we were limited on fuel .
we managed to get them all on trucks ( fun thing !!) and brought them back
in safety . the farmer reported them lost over 2 weeks earlier!

there are probably another 100 things i can tell you about that made our
stay one of the best ever , and believe me , i've been travelling for over
17 years!
all i can say is to recommend this organisation to everybody who wants to
experience the bush in all his beauty!!!
not for a thousand dollars i would have wanted to be in one of these packed
vehicles , squeezed like sardines, and return to your fancy, upmarked 500
usd/day lodges. these were the guides with radios, arriving at the scene
after the best had already
i hope to have you informed properly,
best regards from 2 very happy customers !
laurence and bert / belgium

ps we have booked our tickets for december as we are going to explore
namibia this time !

 3  Karin Fricker Verified User Review
Yes, we participated the second request, a camping safari through Botswana with Bush Camp Safaris. One of the first reasons was, that they were the only ones, who answered personally and not just with offer of ready-made tours we had already checked in the internet.

It was a very interesting tour and they ... view more made it tailored for us.