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Base of operations: New Zealand
Come and discover New Zealand's breathtaking scenery with MoaTrek New Zealand Tours. There is so much to see in NZ - from our famous attractions to enchanting gems off the beaten track. Discover our unique Maori culture and enjoy warm hospitality and New Zealand accommodation hand-picked for quality and sense of place. Choose from our exclusive small group New Zealand travel packages - guided tours in the North Island or South Island, guided food and wine tours and independent bespoke itineraries - tailor-made tours to cater for your desires. Relax and enjoy the NZ holiday of a lifetime where one day just flows on into another. MoaTrek's director Ena Hutchinson has New Zealand at her fingertips
"I'm forever entranced by our country's magnificent scenery - the sandy beaches, the bush and the mountains. It's gives me great pleasure to create itineraries that take our travellers to places and experiences that answer their dreams. "For 17 years I've been planning and operating tours throughout New Zealand. I was on the management team of the original MoaTrek, a leading small group tour operator back in the 1970s and early 80s. In the intervening years I have worked in Auckland as a yachting and business magazine editor. When the new company was formed in 1999 I revived the name MoaTrek as the earlier MoaTrek is still remembered with affection throughout the country." MoaTrek is based in Auckland New Zealand, providing New Zealand luxury tours to visitors from all around the world.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M09915

Decidedly Different Islands Tour
Experience a colorful kaleidoscope of New Zealand life. Discover backroad places, country hospitality and nature in the wild. We cross plains, alpine basins and mountain passes.

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NZD 5976 / Per person
Tour Package
Cultural Journey
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 14 days
Season: September - May
New Zealand

Taste Temptations Wine and Food Odyssey
Experience the best of New Zealand premier wine regions with our wine and food guide. You’ll taste fine wine, meet the winemakers and enjoy gourmet dining at acclaimed restaurants.

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USD 5018 / Per person
Tour Package
Food & Wine
Duration: 6 days
Season: September - April
New Zealand

14 Days Decidedly Different Islands
Experience a colorful kaleidoscope of New Zealand life in this breathtaking 14-day Decidedly Different Islands Tour!

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NZD 2720 / Per person
Tour Package
Duration: 14 days
Season: January - May
New Zealand
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