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Peru Travel Tips

Peru travel tips on money saving, personal safety, sightseeing, and enjoying your trip to the fullest from InfoHub suppliers and community members.
Peru Travel
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Peru’s southern hemisphere location dictates that its dry summers are from December to March and its wet winter months run between April and November. Its dynamic landscape means there are regional variations to ... view more consider. The coastal region is hot and sunny during summer, while the winter period is characterized by cooler temperatures, though still humid, and a hazy mist is a frequent occurrence. Year-round the waters are cool to cold and only get comfortably warm in the most northern coastal areas.

In the Andes, the best time to go trekking is from June to September when the area is at its driest though the nights can get distinctively cool. The Amazon jungle is at its best from May to September after the heavy rains have subsided and the water levels have dropped making it easier to access remote areas by boat and catch sight of rare wildlife.

Peru Climate
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The best time to travel Peru is during May to late October the dry season. Due to different elevations during our visit the weather will vary from warm to cold at night. The sun shines in the afternoon and the ... view more temperature is between 68 – 75 degrees during the day and 45 – 50 degrees during the night.
Peru Altitude
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Lima is at see level. Cusco 3 500m, Arequipa 2 400m, Lake Titicaca and Puno are approx. 12 500 feet and the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu are approx. 9000 feet. Altitude is a nervous system stimulant and adding anything ... view more with caffeine including aspirin may keep you awake.

Altitude pills are available without prescription at drugstores in Peru, but many doctors say that hard candy is equally as effective. To guarantee a smooth acclimatization to the Andean altitude, it is wise to eat lightly, walk very slowly and drink coca tea (mate de coca) provided at check in at most hotels.

Safe Travel in Latin America
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7 Tips for A Safe Latin America Vacation
1) Get your body ready
2) Overcome the language barrier, medically speaking
3) Something could go wrong...but that’s OK! Just have it covered
4) Send your travel itinerary ... view more to friends or family.
5) Get to know your destination
6) Travel with common sense!
7) Take things slowly if you can, don’t cram absolutely everything in!

Avoiding visa problems
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Avoiding Visa Nightmares. Visa rules are changing all the time, so check out requirements for your specific vacation destination on your government’s website. It is also worth getting in touch with the embassy of your ... view more vacation country to check the latest requirements.

Check the requirements for your destination country before you book anything! Time-frames vary for applications, and with thousands of people applying each week in some cases, your application could be delayed in a paper-storm. Apply for the visa in good time.

Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of return from your trip. If the expiry date is too close to your vacation date, apply for a new passport. Make sure that you allow a few weeks for that application as well.

Some countries go beyond needing a visa. Check requirements for all accompanying paperwork with the relevant foreign embassy. Hot topics to affect your entry could include:
requiring an onward flight ticket from the country you are entering stamps from previous visits abroad affecting travel to new countries medical conditions and taking medicines into a country previous criminal convictions affecting entry eligibility
traveling with children of whom you are not the legal guardians. Get the maximum duration for your visa to avoid any problems - you can check this maximum with the relevant foreign embassy before applying. Make sure that the visa fits with your dates of travel!