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Archery and Muzzleload Elk & Deer Hunts
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Archery and Muzzleload Elk & Deer Hunts

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 9 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 6 people
Destination(s): Colorado  
Specialty Categories: Hunting   Horse Riding  
Season: September
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 3780 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 3780 US Dollar (USD)

Due to the fact that bulls are in the peak of the rut, their bugling makes this hunt an exceptional experience. During this season we enjoy a high success rate of trophy animals. The muzzleload hunt has been our most productive hunt. The past six years we have had a 100% shot success rate and the past four years we have had 90% harvest. Most of our shots have been taken at 40 yards or less.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Meet at the Ranch, weigh & balance loads, then we truck to the trailhead. From there we load the horses and pack in approximately 15 miles into the wilderness to our base camp. The ride takes about 5 hours, taking our time to enjoy the ride. (L) (D)

Day 2: Guides are up about 3am to gather horses. We roust you about 4am to have breakfast. Then leave camp, horseback, to get to our hunting grounds. Once there we start our hunt on foot. Depending upon what happens in the morning will dictate what we do for the evenings. (B) (L) (D)

Day 3: Up again at 4am. We usually alternate areas that we hunt, so that everyone gets to see the spectacular country that we hunt in. We may or may not come back to camp during the middle part of the day. Depends upon where we are hunting and what the weather is doing. (B) (L) (D)

Day 4: Up again at 4 out by 5am. Good day to come back for the middle part of the day to shower. We are generally back out in the field by 4 in the afternoon to catch the elk coming out for the evenings hunt. We then ride back to camp after dark. (B) (L) (D)

Day 5: Some folks will take this morning off to recharge the batteries. Take in the sights around camp and maybe fish during the middle part of the day. Then get ready for an evening hunt. (B) (L) (D)

Day 6: Up again at 4 and out by 5am. Love to hear the ringing of the horse bells coming into camp. The meals that we serve are great. So far we have had steaks, stuffed Cornish hens, Navajo Tacos all with excellent desserts. Breakfasts have also been great. Lunches are pack your own with plenty of meat, PB&J sandwiches, along with candy bars, granola bars and fresh fruit. (B) (L) (D)

Day 7: During the archery hunts some folks opt for a 7 day hunt. This would be the day they pack out. For those that have chosen a 9 day hunt, the hunt continues. (B) (L) (D)

Day 8: Up again at 4. This is the last day of the hunt. Have to shoot a bit straighter today. Have seen moose right in camp along with a bunch of does. The elk hunting has been great! Normally we run about a 100% shot success for the archery and muzzleload hunts. Actual harvest rates can vary with years. (B) (L) (D)

Day 9: Up around 6, have breakfast. Then pack the gear for the ride out. We try to be back at the trail head around 5pm. Then back to the ranch around 7pm. Most folks are ready for a good long hot shower. (B) (L)

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

A seven day hunt is $3490.00. Longer hunts and one on one hunts are also available.

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