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3stan program with horse trek in Kyrgyzstan
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3stan program with horse trek in Kyrgyzstan

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 30 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 10 people
Destination(s): Uzbekistan   Kazakhstan   Kyrgyzstan  
Specialty Categories: Cultural Journey   Photography and Videography  
Season: June - September
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 3000 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 5000 US Dollar (USD)

Day 1
Arrival. Transfer to the hotel. Sightseeing tour in Tashkent: Kukeldash Madrassah, Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum, Barak Khan Madrassah, Mosque on Khasty Imam Street, Visit to Chor-Su (handicraft bazaar), Museum of Applied Arts. Alisher Navoi square. Amir Temur Monument and Square, Independence Square. Overnight in a hotel in Tashkent.

Day 2
Flight to Urgench
Upon arrival transfer to Khiva (30 km).
Sightseeing of Khiva: Kunya-Ark fortress, including Kurinish Khana (17c); Mohammed-Amin-Khan(19c) Madrassah, Islam Khodja Minaret; Palvan-Kari complex, Abd Al Bobo complex(18c), Rafanek Madrassah, Mohammed Rakim Khan (19 c), Amir-Tur Madrassah, Sho-I-Kalandar Bobo Mausoleum. Uch Avlioli («three saints») Mausoleum, Jami Mosque(18c), Kutluq-Murad Inaq (19c) Madrassah, Pakhlavan Mahmoud Mausoleum, Tash Hauli («stone yard») Palace, Alla-Kuli-Khan (18c), Arab Mohammed Khan(18 c) Madrassahs. Overnight in a hotel in Khiva.

Day 3
Khiva – Buhara
After breakfast transfer to Bukhara (470 km). On the way, view Amu Darya river (also called Oxus and Amu River), stop for taking pictures. The Republic of Uzbekistan is located between the rivers Amu Darya and Syr Darya. Amu Darya river's total length is 2,400 kilometers. Upon arrival accommodation and overnight in a hotel in Bukhara.

Day 4
After breakfast sightseeing tour of Bukhara with visits to Ismael Samani mausoleum (9-10c)-vault of Bukhara rulers' dynasty, Chor-Minor, Chashma-Ayub Mausoleums (14 c), Visit to Old Bukhara: Poli-Kalon ensemble including Minaret (12c) , Mosque (15c), functioning Madrassah Miri-Arab (16 c), Amir-Alim-Khan Madrassah (14c), Taqi (trading domes), Kukeldash Madrassah (16c), Lyab-i-Hauz (17c), Nadir Divanbegi (17c), Magoki Attari (16c), Ulug Beg (15c), Abdul Aziz (17c) Madrassahs. Visit to Registan Ensemble, Ark Fortress (16c) and Bolo-Hauz complex (18 c). Enjoy dinner and Traditional Folklore Show at Nodir Divan Begi Madressah. Overnight in a hotel in Bukhara.

Day 5
Transfer to Shakhrisabz. Sightseeing in Shakhrisabz: Ak -Sarai Palace, Kok - Gumbaz Mosque, Dorus-Siadat: the Djekhangir Mausoleum, Timur’s vault. Transfer to Samarkand (360 km). Accommodation and overnight in the hotel in Samarkand.

Day 6
Sightseeing of Samarkand:
Shahi-Zinda necropolis (14-15c), “Stars above Samarkand” - Ulugbek observatory (15c), “Ruines of Afrosiab” - the excavation and museum of the ancient

Day 7
Drive to Termez (380 km).
Overnight in a hotel in Termez.

Day 8
Uzbek-Tajik border “Sariosie” - Dushanbe
Drive to Sariosiyo border (220 km)
Meeting at the Uzbek-Tadjyk border “Sariosie”. Transfer to Dushanbe. Accommodation in a hotel. Half day sightseeing tour: historical museum of Tadjykistan,
Ethnography museum, visit medrese mosque Sariosie and Botany Garden. Visit Somoni and Rudaki monument, national park named after Rudaki.
Dinner and overnight in a hotel.

Day 9
Dushanbe – Kalaihumb (380 km).
After breakfast transfer to Kalaihumb. Lunch en rout in Kulyabe.
Accommodation in a guest house.

Day 10
Kalaihumb – Khorog (240 km).
Breakfast. Transfer to Horog. Accommodation in a guest house. Lunch. Visit Botany garden, national park, museum. Dinner and overnight.

Day 11
Khorog-Garm chashma-Isjkashim (150 km).
After breakfast, drive to Garm chashma.
Garmchashma is one of the most well-known thermal springs in the region. The water is coming out from more than350m below earth. Free time for bathing in the healing waters. Lunch at a local restaurant. Transfer to Ishkoshim. Accommodation at the guest house. Dinner and overnight.

Day 12
Ishkashim-Langar (115 km).
We will keep driving along the Panj river exploring mountainous Pamir and seeing typical Afghan houses just on the other side of the river. On the way, we will visit Yamchun fortress which dates to the 3rd-2nd.centuries (B.C) and private museum Sufi Mubarak Kadam in Yamge .You will also have an opportunity to visit thermal healing spring of Bibi Fatima (6TH-7th centuries A.D) Transfer to Langar. Accommodation at guest house. Exploring the village of Langar and visiting the petroglyphs carved into rock, with images of mountain goats, horses, and caravans of riders and the handprint symbol of the ancient Ismailis. Dinner and overnight.

Day 15
Achick Tash BC
Full day hiking around the area of base camp.

Day 16
Achik Tash BC (Lenin Peak) – Osh city (280 km).
Morning enjoying the views of Lenin Peak.
Transfer to Osh city. Lunch in a local café in Osh city. Half day sightseeing tour. Visit Sulaiman Mount, one of the main shrines of the Islamic world in Central Asia. On the mount first you visit historical museum, located right in the main cave. After excursion in the museum you follow the way of all pilgrims up to the top of the hill where you watch a little mosque of Babur, The Great Mogols Dynasty founder, and take a bird eye’s view of the city.
Dinner in a local family. Overnight in a hotel.

Day 17
Osh city – Arslan Bob valley (175 km).
Today you precede your travel from Osh city to Arslan Bob natural reserve.
On the way excursion to the ancient minaret and mausoleums in Uzgen town (54 km from Osh).
Arslanbob Valley is located at the south of the Kyrgyz Republic and contains one of the most beautiful health resorts. Arslanbob is a unique creation of nature and is situated at 1,600 meters above sea level. The main treasure of these southern forests is the walnut tree. Upon arrival, after rest, walking to the nearest waterfall.
Dinner and overnight in houses of local families.

Day 18
Arslan Bob valley – Kyzyl Oi village (515 km).
Today, we start our travel towards Son Kul Lake. After breakfast, full day transfer to Kyzyl Oi village. Lunch en route. Overnight in local family house.

Day 19
Kyzyl Oi village – Kyz Art Pass (80 km).
In the morning transfer from Kyzyl Oi village to Kyz Art Pass, where you will start your trekking program on horses. Your guiding team will welcome you with ready prepared horses. Start your horseback tour with crossing the Kyzyl-Kiya jailoo, an enormous, relatively flat sea of grass. Continue over the Chaar-Archa Pass (3 061 m) into the Chaar-Archa Valley and eat a tasty lunch by the racing river, with views of holy 4400 m Baba-Ata Mountain. Sated, ford the river and follow the trail over verdant hills to Kilemche Jailoo. The name means “like a carpet,” and this swathe of grass covers whole mountain ranges, with shadings as subtle as any shyrdak (shyrdak is a Kyrgyz felt carpet). Dine and sleep in a yurt, naturally. Horse time: 6 hours.

Day 20
Horse trek
After breakfast at Kilemche, spend the morning climbing to Jalgyz Karagai pass (3400 m), over the Song-Kol Mountains and into the lake’s basin. The morning climb affords wonderful views of Kilemche jailoo, and the pass itself is rocky and exciting. From the pass, Song-Kol is still distant, but as you traipse down the slopes, it gets larger and larger; the mountains on the other side get higher and higher, until finally the lake fills most of your field of view and the southern mountains tower above it. After lunch at Jaman Echki, follow the lakeshore west to the yurt at Tuz-Ashuu. Upon arrival meet your host family of Kyrgyz shepherds. Meals and overnight are in a yurt of shepherds. Horse time: 5 hours.

Day 21
Horse trek
After breakfast take a horse way to west part of the lake along the lake shore. This day you will check your horse riding skills on the Song Kol flat open valley. Upon your arrival lunch time to Tulpar Tash jailoo, after lunch time for rest and participating to shepherd’s everyday life. Dinner and overnight in Tulapr-Tash yurt. Horse time is 4-5 hours.

Day 22
Horse trek
Today we will finish our horse trek at Tash Dobo yurt camp. The road going along the Son Kul Plato, around the lake to another side. Trekking time is 4 hours. Upon arrival lunch in yurts. Free time till the evening. Dinner and overnight in yurts.

Day 23
Son Kul Lake – Karakol town (390 km).
After breakfast we drive to Karakol town. Our way goes via Kochkor village where you can watch or even participate in felt production demonstration. After lunch, we continue drive to Karakol town along the south shore of Issyk Kul Lake.

Day 24
Karakol – Djety Oguz gorge (30 km).
Morning short sightseeing tour in the town – Dungan Mosque, Russian Orthodox Cathedral, Prjevalskii Memorial Complex.

Transfer to Djety Oguz gorge located in the Northern slopes of Terskei Ala Too some 35km west from Karakol town. There is a chance to see the well-known red sand rock formations – “The Broken Heart” and “Seven Bulls”. The slopes in the gorge are covered with the world-famous Tien Shan blue spruce for about 25km along the fast mountain river. The road goes along the river (five log bridges to cross). This is the narrowest part of the way. Later it opens into so called “Flower Meadow” (Kok Jaiyk). The upper part of Djety Oguz valley is blocked by a long Djety Oguz wall with a fabulous Oguz Bashi peak (5165m) in the central part of it.
Dinner and overnight in “Djety Oguz” tent camp at 2600m.

Day 25
Trekking program
Trek to the tent camp at the foot of Telety pass. It is not a difficult trek, about 6-7 km along West Telety river. 6-8 hrs.
Dinner and overnight in “Telety” tent camp at 3000m.

Day 26
Trekking program
Going up the pass is not very difficult, mainly the route goes along a narrow path with a slight ascend. There are only two rather steep slopes, which require some efforts.
From the top of the pass at 3800m asl we enjoy the views of the surroundings.
Descent is rather simple, along a wide slope covered with talus, across alpine meadows with various herbs and flowers, along East Telety river. Later we hike through the wood along a trail covered with roots. 6-8 hrs.
Dinner and overnight in “Karakol” tent camp at 2500m.

Day 27
Trekking program
Descent along the gorge about 3 km, later we cross the river over a bridge and the trail leads us into a forest.
Rather long ascent finishes at a steep slope covered with grass, the trail turns into a serpentine, passes by a river overflow, and arrive to an unusual place which is called “Sirota” mountain hut.
It is a log hut. There is a table, benches, fireplace inside. We can find a number of sculptures of animals and idols carved in wood around the hut. It looks like a fairy tale place. It is a nice place to sit down, rest, and have a snack.
Later the trail goes up higher, leaving the forest behind we hike along the river and reach a beautiful waterfall, flowing down from Ala Kol Lake. 6-8 hrs.
Dinner and overnight in “Ala Kol” tent camp at 3200m.

Day 28
Trekking program
During the ascent we enjoy wonderful views of the lake. Arriving closer to the lake we see the main range of Terskei Ala Too with a number of peaks – Aksu, Djigit, Karakol, Oguz Bashi, etc. From the lake edge it will take us another hour and half to the pass.
Descent from the pass along a talus slope, and later across a wide valley of Keldike with picturesque landscapes, herds of cattle and flocks of sheep grazing.
Later the trail brings us into a forest again and descends into Arashan valley. 6-8 hrs.
Upon arrival to the tent camp you may use an opportunity to relax in the hot springs. There are thermal baths (up to +50C) in the valley.
Possibility to take thermal baths.
Dinner and overnight in “Altyn Arashan” tent camp at 2600m.

Day 29
Altyn Arashan – Bishkek city (450 km).
Special military car will pick you up at Altyn Arashan gorge. Transfer to Karakol. Change the car. Lunch in a local café. Transfer to Bishkek city. Long drive without significant stopping. Upon arrival to Bishkek accommodation in a hotel.

Day 30
Bishkek city – airport (30 km).
Morning transfer to the airport. Departure.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Optional shows/events:

Yurt setting show at Song-Kul– 70 USD per group
Folk show during dinner in Bishkek – 100 USD per group
Horse back riding national games at Song Kul lake – 100 USD per group

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