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Aconcagua Climbing Expeditions
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Aconcagua Climbing Expeditions

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 19 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 10 people
Destination(s): Argentina  
Specialty Categories: Mountain/Rock Climbing  
Season: November - April
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 1930 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1930 US Dollar (USD)

The Normal Route of Mount Aconcagua, also known as the North-West Ridge, is a non-technical climb that should not be underestimated; extreme altitude (6,960m / 22,840ft) and weather (-20C / -30C) make this a challenging climb. Proper acclimatization, personal equipment and physical fitness are a must.

Our programs include all of the services necessary to complete a successful expedition. Services begin from the moment our customers arrive in Mendoza. We are proud to know that ours are the best-supported climbs that you might find.

Expeditions include two extra days in case of bad weather or for proper acclimatization of the group (not for an individual case since this may delay to the rest of the group members). Reserve days come with all meals included and take place in either the altitude camps (Plaza Canada, Nido de Condores or Berlin) or even at Base Camp (only before starting the climb). These days can be taken only on Aconcagua. If they are not necessary such days are not exchanged by nights in any other place (e.g. Mendoza, Puente del Inca).

Your Itinerary

Day 1: Mendoza. An Aconcagua Adventures representative will greet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel in Mendoza. At the hotel, we will check your equipment. Arriving in the morning will give you some time to tour the city. Mendoza is a wonderful and safe city, with friendly people, sidewalks cafes, shopping malls and thousands of trees.

Day 2: Hosteria Puenta del Inca. 182 km / 113 miles separates Mendoza from Puente del Inca. Early in the morning our mountain guides will pick you up at the hotel and drive to the Park Permit Office and then to Puente del Inca (2,275m / 8,890ft). After we cross the Andes, it is about a two-and-a-half hour drive to Puente del Inca. Mountain guides will organize mule loads in the evening. Hosteria Puente del Inca offers private rooms with hot shower and good food. There we will spend our first night on the mountain.

Days 3 - 4: Confluencia Base Camp. We will drive to the Normal Route’s trailhead (Horcones). Here you will register your entry into Park Aconcagua with the climbing permit purchased on Day 2. Mules will carry the expedition equipment to Camp Confluencia, so you will only carry a day pack. It takes 4 to 5 hours to trek to Confluencia (11,450ft / 3,500m). We will spend two nights at this campsite to let you acclimatize properly before getting to Plaza de Mulas.

A day hike to the impressive South Face Base Camp (Plaza Francia) is one of the activities scheduled. To make your stay more comfortable, our Confluencia base camp includes a dining tent, as well as a toilet tent.

Days 5 - 8: Plaza de Mulas Base Camp. The group will leave Confluencia for Plaza de Mulas after breakfast. An easy but long hike, the trek will take 7 to 9 hours before arriving at Plaza De Mulas Base Camp (14,000ft / 4,370m). The group will spend a total of 4 days at the Base Camp for proper acclimatization and rest (6 days for Extended Expedition members). Our permanent Plaza de Mulas Base Camp is led by its own manager and also has a dining tent and a toilet tent.

Mountain guides will give our customers instructions about crampons use. An exploratory trek in the surroundings of P. de Mulas is scheduled for acclimatization, as well as a carry of equipment to Camp 1 (returning to Base Camp the same day).

A digital oximeter will be used to check your acclimatization. The last day at Base Camp prior to the climb, mountain guides will take a look at your personal equipment and suggest what you can leave behind to lighten your load. You will only carry your personal equipment, about 10-12 KG (22 – 26 lbs).

Day 9: Canada Camp. 3-4 hours to Canada Camp (16,100ft / 4,910m). Set up camp. The terrain here will not present any trouble. Typically, there is no snow here, but the ice we find allows us to stock up on water.

The altitude, as well as the climate, can cause dehydration. On the mountain, therefore, it is necessary to drink large quantities of water daily. From this campsite on, our mountain guides will melt ice to provide the group with a constant supply of hot water.

Day 10: Nido. We typically depart for Nido in the mid-morning. After a 5-6 hour hike, we reach Nido (17,600ft / 5,380m), a large flat area. Some rocks will be a wind break for our tents. The porters have left all the equipment for the expedition at this camp.

Day 11: Nido. Rest / acclimatization day at Nido. From here, you have a magnificent view of the last stretch of trail to the summit.

Day 12: Camp Berlin. It is a steep but short climb (4 hours) up to Camp Berlin (18,900ft / 5,780m). We will get to our last altitude camp at approximately 2:00 pm. Again the porters will carry the equipment. Set up camp and rest.

Days 13-14: Extra days in case of bad weather. These days can be taken at any of the altitude camps, or even at Base Camp.

Day 15: Summit / Camp Berlin. This is our summit day. It will take 12 hours or more to reach the summit and return to Camp Berlin. We will begin at 4.30 AM. Mountain guides will check each climber’s personal equipment before leaving Camp Berlin. At this altitude temperatures are well below freezing.

We will go over the Travesia, then the Canaleta (moderately steep terrain with loose scree), and before finally reaching the Summit.
From the roof of the Americas you will be able to look down on the expansive plains to one side, and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Spare some time for pictures and phone calls to those who supported you! Return to Camp Berlin to spend the last night at these altitudes.

Day 16: Plaza de Mulas Base Camp. Return hike from Camp Berlin to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp (about 6 hours). Porters will carry the group’s equipment.

Day 17: Mountain guides will organize mules loads for the 8 – 10 hour journey to Puente del Inca. We will be driven from the trailhead to Puente del Inca. This is a good opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved hot shower before enjoying the last dinner on the mountain.

Day 18: After breakfast a mini van will be waiting for the group to take us back again to the hotel in Mendoza City. Farewell dinner at a restaurant in downtown Mendoza to celebrate the climb.

Day 19: Transfer from the hotel to the airport.

End of the adventure of a lifetime.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Services included:
- Transportation to and from the Mendoza airport.
- One night of lodging at 4* hotel in Mendoza before after the climb (two nights).
- Hotel includes breakfast.
- Welcome lunch.
- Farewell dinner at a restaurant in Mendoza.
- Assistance in obtaining the Aconcagua Climbing Permit.

Not included:
- Air tickets to and from Mendoza.
- Aconcagua Climbing Permit.
- Extras, food and beverages out of regular supply in Mendoza, Puente del Inca, Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas.
- Abandon of itinerary expenses.
- Sleeping bag and personal gear.
- Trip cancellation and/or travel insurance.
- Porters to carry climber’s personal equipment.
- Additional hotel nights if for reasons beyond our control (e.g. weather) the group returns early.

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