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Arctic Charr Fishing Camp

Arctic Charr Fishing Camp

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 4 - 8 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 2 people
Destination(s): Yukon  
Specialty Categories: Bicycle Touring   Multi-activity  
Season: May - October
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 1600 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 1820 US Dollar (USD)

Trip Details:
- Dates: Early October or late May next year
- Length: 4 - 8 days (customized to the customer's needs)
- Group Size: Maximum 2 clients : minimum 1 clients
Price: Custom pricing available upon request (dependent on group size)
- Trip Type: canoeing, hiking, participation arctic charr commercial fishing
- Skill Level: beginner canoeing.

Mountain biking and multi-activity adventure offer immense flexibility for riders of varying ability and energy. Our support vehicle, which leaves camp each day last, and ensures that clients ride, also allows us to drop off riders at different spots along the route. Because of this we can create an infinite range of daily riding distances. Combine this with a wide-array of included excursions, available for participation based on your energy level, and you have a recipe for individualized perfection!

Tour Itinerary:

Day 0: Hopefully you enjoyed your travels and have arrived safely in Whitehorse, the Yukon’s capital city, nestled among the wilderness. Please arrive in Whitehorse in time for an orientation meeting at 8:30 pm the night before our departure. Guests are responsible for accommodation and meals while in Whitehorse. Whitehorse is a splendid little city and we recommend booking some additional time at either the beginning or the end of your trip to see Whitehorse. If you wish to fish on your trip but, have not had a chance to purchase a Yukon fishing license, you should do so this evening. Your guides will let you know where they can be purchased.

Day 1: Adjustable distance today up to 25km (15.5 miles) with up to 458m (1500 ft) climb. Our staff will pick you up from your hotels starting at 7:00 am. articipants need to have finished their breakfast (not included) by this time. Any final details will be dealt with and we will depart by 8:00 am. We will travel southeast along the Alaska Highway towards our cycling wilderness area. At Johnson’s Crossing we will turn north off the Alaska Highway and on to the South Canol Road. Here we will part way with our support vehicle and stretch our legs on our mountain bikes. As we cycle north away from the Teslin River Valley, we begin to climb into a sup-alpine area rich in moose and bear habitat. This rolling terrain of dwarf birch is characteristic of areas of the Yukon much farther north, and has a lonely northern character. That night we will make our first camp on the banks of a small Yukon stream just north of the summit of this mountain pass. Includes: (L), (D).

Day 2: Mountain Biking: adjustable distance today up to 56km (34.8 miles) with up to 140m (460 ft) climb. After a scrumptious breakfast we will continue on our way, coming to Quite Lake by mid -to-late afternoon. Here we will make camp for the day and spend the rest of the afternoon fishing, and canoeing on Quite Lake. (All equipment included but those wishing to fish will need to purchase a Yukon Fishing license before leaving Whitehorse). Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 3: Mountain Biking/Fly-Fishing: adjustable distance today up to 57km (35.4 miles) with up to 458m (1500 ft) climb. After breakfast we will continue north towards the Pelly Mountains. As the valley closes in on us and the Pelly Mountain grows up around us, we will stop for the night on the shores of the Rose River, a swift flowing river with excellent populations of Arctic Grayling fish. This campsite provides a perfect opportunity to learn the basics of fly-fishing and a lesson will be provided to those who are interested. (use of fly-rods and tackle included) Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 4: Mountain Biking: adjustable distance today up to 35km (22 miles) with up to 458m (1500 ft) climb. Arrival at Lay-Over Camp: Today we continue to climb into the Pelly Mountains in the Rose River Valley, crossing this playful river several times before passing the source of its waters, the quaint Rose Lake. Now we are firmly in the sub-alpine, just a few hundred feet below the tree-line. Shortly past Rose Lake, we cross the height of land and begin to descend the Lapie River Valley. We will camp that night on the shores of Lapie Lake. This small chain of three lakes all bare the same name and are collectively known as the “Lapie Lakes”. Our camp is surrounded my fantastic fishing, stunning mountain scenery and great grizzly bear, moose, and sheep habitat. After making ourselves a comfortable base camp, we will spend three nights here. A scrumptious dinner and pleasant conversation about the days to come will round out our day, or perhaps you still have energy to fish for an alpine lake trout, which the lakes are famous for. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 5: Day Hike. Today our adventure continues. After a hearty breakfast we will take a short 15-minute ride in our shuttle vehicle to our road-head for our alpine day-hike. We call it a “road-head”, instead of a “trail-head”, because in the Yukon there are almost no organized hiking trails. The region is so vast and the usage so low, that trails do not form. You simply stop you vehicle along the road and hike off into the wilderness! We will climb through the forest out of the Rose River Valley and reach a large alpine bowl by early afternoon to enjoy a well-deserved lunch, mountain views and wide-open spaces. Those that are more adventurous may push on to reach the mountain summit; a 490m (1600 ft) climb from our starting point. We return in late afternoon to our base-camp to relax, canoe, or fish.

Day 6: Alpine Mountain Bike Descent: adjustable distance today up to 16km (10 miles) with up to 610m (2000 ft) descent. Today after breakfast we will get out our bike helmets, pack our small back-packs with a trail lunch and begin a shuttle up a long-since abandoned mining road that climbs high into the Pelly Mountains. Here we will be dropped off in a high-alpine saddle and begin our down-hill journey of 16 km, descending 610m (2000 ft) back to the base-camp below. Along the way we will stop to examine wild-life tracks, and learn about the effects of elevations and topography on the local vegetation. After a trail lunch we should be back in camp by mid afternoon, with time for a little relaxation. Please note: Of course, sleeping in late and reading your novel by the lake, taking lots of pictures or journaling in camp are all options too. The day-trips are optional and you can partake in as many or as few of them as you wish. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 7: Canoe Trip: Today we will work continue to perfect our fly-fishing technique as we pursue the arctic grayling and lake trout the lake is known for. We believe in a balanced approach to our fishing. We keep some of the fish to provide food for a fresh wilderness meal, and let the others return to the river to continue on their way. After lunch we will paddle our canoes down the upper Lapie River. This small watercourse is twisty, intimate and home to wildlife such as moose, beavers, and muskrats. A short shuttle will return us to our base-camp. Dinner and hotel not included. Includes: (B), (L).

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Often our guests choose to come to the Yukon several days early, or to depart several days after their wilderness vacation. Therefore we don't include accommodation in Whitehorse in order to provide flexibility for our guests. If you prefer, we can easily arrange your hotel accommodations in Whitehorse and add these details to your itinerary.

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