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7 Ancient Egyptian Initiations to Personal Ascension
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7 Ancient Egyptian Initiations to Personal Ascension

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 14 day(s)
Group Size: 10 - 18 people
Destination(s): Egypt  
Specialty Categories: Yoga & Spiritual Experience   Pilgrimage/Spirituality  
Season: May - June
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: No
Minimum Per Person Price: 3333 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 3333 US Dollar (USD)

Healers and Advanced Mystics ~ this is your soul's dream come true!

Tour Dates: May 19 - June 1, 2011.

Private Early Morning Accesses for our group only into the:
- Great Pyramid ~ Kings Chamber
- Grand temples of Abu Simbel
- Magical Isis Temple

Special Temple Visits, the Red Sea and the Open Desert Trekking Experience to the:
- Mystical Dendara Temple
- Powerful Abydos Temple
- Transformational Red Sea
- Open desert with the Bedouins, including a visit to a Healing Hot Spring and the Magic of the Crystal Mountain!

Read more on the itinerary below for details on the ascension process done on location! Travel with the power our group encompasses ~ One. The "Gathering" supportive of a group transformation to reach the highest frequencies possible to take our ascension to space beyond our imagination! As a group we all play a part in anchoring in all Egypt has to offer us and we will feel the transcendence take place in a tangible way.

Working together in:
- Thoroughly cleanse our light bodies and increase our vibration through ascension
- Focused trance-state meditations
- Sacred geometry
- Music and chanting
- Healing
- Ancient Egyptian essential oils
- Reach deeper channeling states
- Explore skills in Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming
- Identifying your personal Triads
- Along with our amazing 7 Ancient Egyptian Initiations for Personal Ascension

Note: We participate in the most dynamic experiences resulting in a journey that surpasses our imagination, dreams and goals for personal ascension.

The 7 Ancient Egyptian Initiations for Personal Ascension:
- Sacred Geometry
- Wisdom and Planetary Knowledge
- Ancient Magic and Spiritual Alchemy
- High Priest/Priestess
- Ancient Egyptian Healing Frequencies
- Ancient Manifestation
- Divine Ascension

See itinerary below for specifics on the 7 Initiations! This is the preliminary itinerary. We are in the process of finalizing everything and if any changes are made we will update soon.

7 Ancient Egyptian Initiations for Personal Ascension: Areas of focus through out the journey, in addition to additional focus on the preliminary itinerary. Concentration on anchoring in the highest frequencies available to us in each location to support our ascension, enhance our life purpose and to accelerate our healing abilities, manifestations and/or whatever intention is most important to each person. Strengthen and increase our connections with the powerful Egyptian Dieties, including by not limited to: Osiris, Horus, Isis, Sekhmet, Hathor, and Ancient Scribes

Sacred ceremony to work with the deities and Egyptian guides in clearing our paths of enlightenment, and attaining the highest level ascension available to each person. Various discussions will be provided by Mohamed and Cindy to enhance knowledge for a better understanding of the Dieties, initiations and ascension process. Imagine being with a group of spiritual journeyers with the same focus and vision of ascension, and that are excited about working in a group energy to create the highest vibration and ascension possible!!

The ULTIMATE in Expansion and Pure Bliss!

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Cairo. Overnight. Arrival at the Cairo International airport, meet our representative at the passport area. Assist and transfer to Hotel. Check in. Welcome dinner at Nile view Restaurant. "The Gathering of One". Introductions and Intentions for our Sacred Journey. Included Meals: Dinner. Included Transportation: from Cairo Airport to your Hotel. From your hotel to the restaurant.

Day 2: Pyramids. Overnight Abu Simbel. Early morning Private Access into the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid. 1st Initiation: Working with Horus, we receive our "Sacred Geometry Initiation" Meditation, Sound healing and chanting in our private access inside the Great Pyramid to awaken through toning the very core of our body, mind and souls to kick start the vortex energy setting us up for the journey.

Return to hotel for breakfast, check out and group meditation and discussion on our morning Pyramid experience. Egyptian Museum for lectures and to connect further with the Deities, energy and imprints the monuments hold of Ancient Egypt. Lunch. Khan el Khalili Bazaar
Felucca Ride: Explore modern Cairo from the Nile. Evening transfer to Giza Train Station for overnight train to Aswan. Included Meals: Breakfast at your hotel, lunch and dinner. Included Transfers: from your Hotel to Giza pyramids and the day tour then to Giza station.
Included Entrance Fees: private access to the Great pyramid. Included train Tickets: sleeper Cairo Aswan.

Day 3: Aswan. Overnight Abu Siimbel. Arrive to Aswan. Private Coach to Abu Simbel. Check in to hotel: Enjoy the beautiful pool that overlooks the gorgeous Lake Nasser and have a peaceful relaxing afternoon. "The Gathering of One" to discuss our Initiation in the majestic Abu Simbel Temple. Included meals: breakfast and dinner. Included yransfers: from Aswan station to Abu Simbel.

Day 4: Abu Simbel. Overnight Aswan. 2nd Initiation: Working with each of our Ancient Scribes receive our "Wisdom and Knowledge Initiation". Early morning Private Access to Abu Simbel - Meditation and utilizing our new Sacred Geometry Light Bodies in learning to channel more deeply and connect with the ancient scribes of Egypt to enhance our wisdom and knowledge. Open to receiving personal and planetary guidance, healing and upgrading your intuition.

Breakfast and check out of hotel. Private coach to Aswan. Check into hotel in Aswan. Included meals: breakfast, lunch an dinner. Included Transfers: from Abu Simbel to Aswan. Included Entrance Fees: Private Access into Abu Simbel.

Day 5: Aswan. Overnight Luxor. 3rd Initiation: Working with Goddess Isis receive our "Ancient Magic Initiation". Early morning Private Access inside Isis Temple on the Island of Philae. Enjoy the silence in the Temple of Goddess Isis. Meditation, Ancient Essences of Egyptian Oils, and Past Life Regression to learn about the most important past life that will help you move forward on your path right now.

Breakfast and check out of hotel. Discussion and healing on Past Life and Initiation experience. Private Coach to Luxor. Check into hotel
Included meals: breakfast and dinner. Included transfer: from your Hotel to Isis Temple, then to Luxor. Included entrance fees: private access to Philea temple.

Day 6: Dendera and Abydos Temples. 4th Initiation: Working with the 7 Hathors to receive our "Egyptian High Priest/Priestess Initiation". Morning meditation to get ready for another day of self-discovery and true ascension. Check out of hotel. Dendera Temple: Visit and connect with Goddess Hathor. This temple is sure to amaze you. It brings you back to times as a healer and supports the energy of ancient initiation and keys to unlock your soul.

We will enjoy sacred ceremony to celebrate our coming home and remembering lifetimes of being in our healing power and 3rd eye insight. This temple has crypts that hold many secrets and mysteries. Enjoy the wonder as we tune in and find the story that feels true to us. You will surely touch your soul deeply in this frequency and ancient wisdom.

5th Initiation: Working with Osiris (Horus and Isis) to receive our "Ancient Egyptian Healing Frequencies Initiation". Abydos Temple: With Osiris, receive Initiations with important goddesses and gods. Have an experience that takes them out of this world into dimensions of healing and wonder. Wait until you see the carvings on the walls that shows Light Activation Healing Techniques that will give you a whole new understanding for this amazing ancient healing modality and its connection with Egypt. Receive healings from the Masters: Osiris, Isis and Horus to name a few. This is going to rock your world!

Private Coach to Hurghada. Check into hotel. Included meals: breakfast, dinner. Included transfers: from your hotel to Dendera, Abydos and then to Hurghada. Included entrance fees: Dendera and Abydos.

Days 7-10: Hurghada. 6th Initiation: Working with the Ascended Masters to receive our "Manifestation Initiation". Free days in Hurghada enjoying relaxation and cleansing at the Red Sea. Integration, meditation and cleansing our body, mind and spirits at the Red Sea. A night with the Bedouins in the desert: Enjoy dinner and entertainment with the roaming nomads of the desert. Enjoy the fun of celebrating their culture as they take us on a journey of their traditions and lifestyles.

Optional lecture(s) and meditation(s): At this point we like to allow all the frequency upgrades and initiations to soak in. To assist in the process we will hold meditations to work with the energy and to cleanse our energy in order to be able to hold our new frequencies. Lectures and discussions will give us more insight and realizations of our experiences. Choose any optional extra activities you may want to participate in: massage, sunset horseback riding, snorkeling and other activities. Included meals: breakfast, dinner at the hotel.

Day 11: Hurghada. Overnight Cairo. Breakfast and check out. Private Coach to Cairo and check into hotel. Included meals: breakfast, dinner. Included Transfers: from your hotel in Sharm to your hotel in Cairo.

Day 12: White Desert. "7th Initiation: Working with the Divine to receive our "Divine Ascension Initiation". Closing the journey with a trip through the White Sand Desert where we will be taken to remote desert areas and be surrounded only by the awe of nature. Included will be a special trip to the Crystal Mountain where we will meditate and bring even new and higher vibrations and energies into our beings, set our new clear intentions for moving forward and working with our upgraded vibrations and deeper connections with the Egyptian Dieties, we will receive clear guidance and a boost to accelerate us on our paths.

Private Van to Bahariya. Arrive Bahariya and depart by 4x4 Jeep to the White Desert: Visit the Black Desert and dune area. Lunch in El Heiz Oasis. On route to Farafra we visit the Crystal Mountain ~ the area of the wonders with the desert roses. Visit El Akabat and then the White Desert: Explore sand formations and wind carved sculptures.

Visit the New Desert. Evening barbeque dinner and sleep in tents under the stars in the vast quiet desert: We will enjoy meditation with the stars that evening. To connect with our brothers and sisters of light in the star realms. Included meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Included transfers: from your hotel to White Desert.

Day 13 White Desert - Cairo - overnight Cairo. Breakfast and private transfer to Cairo. Check into hotel. Included meals: breakfast and dinner. Included transfers: from White Desert to your hotel in Cairo.

Day 14: Cairo. Departure. Transfer to Cairo airport to catch your flight back home. Included meals: breakfast at your hotel. Included transfers: from your hotel to Cairo airport.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Payment in Full - Holds Your Space.


These rates are for double occupancy in 5 star accommodations. If you would like a roommate, we will do our best to assist you with this, however, we cannot guarantee it.

Price Includes:
- All transportation within Egypt (such as: train, boats, Jeeps, and private motor coaches)
- Tour site fees, private accesses to pyramid and various temples, two experienced tour leaders, all accommodations, 7 Ancient Egypt Initiations, meditations, lectures, ceremonies, planned group activities and materials, and most meals.

Price Excludes:
- Round-trip airfare to Egypt and back to your home country
- Some meals
- Tips for drivers
- Egyptian tour leader and outside porters and services (to be collected as a group on Day 1)
- Hotel and cruise staff tips, and any personal items you wish to purchase.

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