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Mountain Hunting Expedition
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Mountain Hunting Expedition

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 11 - 16 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 6 people
Destination(s): Russia  
Specialty Categories: Hunting   Fishing  
Season: February - November
Airfare Included: Yes
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 6300 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 7000 US Dollar (USD)

Note: The round trip from Moscow to Moscow takes from 13 to 16 days.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival to Moscow. We meet you at the airport, accommodate in a hotel (3*+), accompany you to the places of interest (The Tretyakov gallery, The Pushkin museum, St.Basil’s cathedral, The Museums of Moscow Kremlin, and many others, we take into consideration your wishes and time). Treat you in Moscow restaurants.

Day 2: We go on with the sights in Moscow, then we take you to the airport to leave for Yakutsk. It’s a 6-7-hour flight. The flight might have a short stop in Novosibirsk (for some people who don’t like long flights it’s easier to fly with a stop).

Day 3: We meet you early in the morning at Yakutsk airport. You have rest at a hotel (3*+), then we show you the local sights: mammoths, diamonds and permafrost in city’s museums (optional). Lunch. Then we go 430 km to Khandyga. Depending on the season it might be a car trip by Kolyma road or a flight. A car trip takes from 6 hours in winter to 12 hours in summer because of the two big rivers we have to cross on a ferry: Lena and Aldan.

On the way we visit historical and ethnic Yakut museums (optional). In summer the road is very picturesque. (In winter it’s very dark and nothing is seen out of a car’s window). A flight takes only 1h. 20 min. or less depending on the type of a plane. Arrival to Khandyga – the administrative center of Tomponsky region, the place where the main part of your journey begins. Accommodation in a bed & meals hotel. Supper.

Day 4: Quick adaptation to the time lag (+9 hours GMT), visit to the museum of the infamous Kolyma road (materials about its construction, GULAG camps, the USA-USSR Lend Lease program). Getting ready to leave Khandyga early the next morning.

Day 5: The beginning of the hunt. Recommended duration of a hunt: 7-10 days. The hunting tour territory (hunt “Sogjoy”) lies in Tompo region of Sakha (Yakutia) Republic in Russia in the South Verkhoyansk Mountain System. The land occupies 2 050 km2 in the Tyry river (Aldan’s right tributary) basin. It lies on Skalisty (“Rocky”)Range and Sette-Daban Range with the heights from 300 to 2400 m over the sea level. The main hunting lodge “Five Lakes” is situated in the estuary of Yukhe-Igonnya river (the right tributary to Tyry river).

Hunters live by 2-3 persons in hunting lodges provided with electric generator and stoves on hard and liquid fuel. There is a canteen, sauna and lavatory. Hunters can get tourist mats and inflatable mattresses. Hunters are served three meals a day. The cuisine is generally European. The food is: fresh and canned meat, fresh fish, fresh vegetables, potato, pasta, cereals, dried fruits and vegetables, tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks, jams, crackers.

The personnel consist of a cook, camp worker, hunt officer, and huntsmen (one for each hunter). The huntsmen cook in the field and provide general security for the hunter by means of a gun. When the trophy is gained, the huntsmen skin the game, cut off the crane with the horns and prepare the trophy. The hunt officer draws up a document where the parameters of the trophy are stated.

During the tour a photo and video shooting is made. In the end of the tour the hunter gets the documents for the trophy and photo- and video materials. On a request hunters can lease a shotgun or a rifle ($200 per unit for the time of hunt). To help with long difficult trips a hunter is provided (on a request) with tamed yakut horses, motorboat, snowmobile or other all-terrain vehicles. To the hunting land hunters are delivered by a crossover or an off-road vehicle, motorboats, cushioncraft Hyvus and snowmobiles. The cushioncraft, motorboats and snowmobiles are also used to move on the hunt.

The communication is maintained by portable radios and a satellite phone. Equipment: a backpack or a bag with personal belongings, personal medicines. The clothes should be warm, light, water- and windproof and should not produce rustling noise (neither huntsmen nor animals like this noise)! The footwear should be warm and sturdy and comfortable!

The hunt for Yakut snow sheep, taiga-mountain reindeer and moose is realized mostly by methods of hunting expeditions and also by stalking and blind hunting on animal crossings and saline lands. In the spring hunt for brown bear we use the methods of blind hunting on bait and stalking. For the fall hunt for brown bear blind hunt on berry fields and stalking with paraglider surveillance are used.

The hunt for a wolf is performed with a Hunter-32 paraglider and a “Buran” snowmobile. The leisure time between hunts may be devoted to fishing for grayling in crystal clear waters of mountain rivers. Besides the main trophy a hunter can have for an extra price and additional trophy (agreed upon on the spot), such as Yakut snow ram, taiga-mountain reindeer, moose, brown bear, musk deer, and forest game birds: capercaillie, grouse or partridge.

Trophy hunting schedule:
- Yakut snow sheep, August, 20 – November, 30
- Taiga-mountain reindeer September, 1 – February, 28
- Moose September, 1 – November, 30
- Musk-deer October, 10 – November, 30
- Brown bear (on the bait) May, 10 – June, 10
- Brown bear (on the berry fields) August, 20– October, 20
- Wolf March, 1– April, 20
- Lynx, wolverine October, 5– November, 30
- Sable October, 20 – March, 1.

Additional expenses (game licenses):
- Brown bear: $2700
- Moose: $2000
- Yakut snow sheep: $2700
- Reindeer: $1500
- Musk-deer: $1000
- Wolf: $1000.

The Day of Return to Khandyga with further transfer to Yakutsk by an automobile. If a plane schedule coincides with our itinerary, you can go from Khandyga to Yakutsk by plane. Another way to get to Yakutsk is by Aldan and Lena rivers by a hydrofoil (but it’s schedule is very irregular).

The Day of Return Home Trip back to Moscow from Yakutsk, transfer to your home flight.

Airfare is included in the tour price.

- The price for the mountain hunting expedition is $7000 without license cost.
- It is an all-inclusive tour: the price includes food, transpotration and accomodation from Moscow to Moscow.
- The airfare price is included starting from Moscow.
- If your tour strarts from Yakutsk, the price is $6300.

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