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Educational Route (Nature, Folks, History of Yakutia)
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Educational Route (Nature, Folks, History of Yakutia)

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 11 - 14 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 4 people
Destination(s): Russia  
Specialty Categories: Multi-activity   Cultural Journey  
Season: June - August
Airfare Included: Yes
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 5300 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 6000 US Dollar (USD)

- The best time: June-August.
- The trip duration from Moscow to Moscow takes 11 days.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival to Moscow. We meet you at the airport, accommodate in a hotel (3*+), accompany you to the places of interest (The Tretyakov gallery, Pushkin Museum, St. Basil’s cathedral, the Museums of Moscow Kremlin, and many others, we take into consideration your wishes and time). Treat you in Moscow restaurants.

Day 2: We go on with the sights in Moscow, then we take you to the airport to leave for Yakutsk. It’s a 6-7-hour flight. The flight might have a short stop in Novosibirsk (for some people who don’t like long flights it’s easier to fly with a stop).

Day 3: We meet you early in the morning at Yakutsk airport. You have rest at a hotel (3*+), then we show you the local sights: mammoths, diamonds and permafrost in city’s museums (optional). Lunch. Then we go 430 km to Khandyga. The car trip takes about 12 hours. We have to cross on a ferry two big rivers: Lena and Aldan. The road is very picturesque. On the way we visit Cherkioh museum near Yttyk-Kyol village. This is an open-air museum of political exile founded by the people’s writer of Yakutia Suorun Omollon.

The buildings of the exposition are the monuments of wooden architecture of the 17th-19th centuries brought from villages of Tattinsky and adjacent districts. The museum consists of about 12 constructions, among them urts and houses where the exiles lived, churches, the tsar’s prison, a unique trample mill, a two-storied barn-fortress, Yakut smithy, and others. In the end of the day we arrive to Khandyga – the administrative center of Tomponsky region. There you have accommodation in a bed and meals hotel. Supper.

Day 4: Breakfast, quick adaptation to the time lag (+9 hours GMT), visit to the museum of Magadan (Kolyma) road. The exposition is about the history of its construction, GULAG camps, the USA-USSR Lend Lease Program. Lunch. Departure on a crossover vehicle for Topolinoye settlement. The settlement used to be a prominent deer-breeding center in USSR. Today its population continues to bread deer on a lesser scale. First we go 100 km by Kolyma road, then 190 km more along the picturesque Topolinoye road (we will cover only half of the road this day). The road crosses the summits of Verkhoyansk Range. The view upon the valley to the west of the Range is breathtaking. There are several rivers and brooks on the way that we have to cross. This is where you can feel yourself as a pioneer. By night we’ll camp on a mountain river bank and have supper by a campfire.

Day 5: Breakfast. We continue our way to Topolinoye. On the way we meet the remnants of GULAG camps. Visit a beautiful Black waterfall. By the evening we arrive to Topolinoye, where we are greeted by a folk ensemble. Dinner in a café. Night in a hotel.

Day 6: Breakfast in a café. Visit to the deer-breading museum. A motorboat trip to the nomad camp of deer-breeders. National cuisine for lunch and dinner. A unique opportunity to sleep a night in the nomad camp.

Day 7: Breakfast. Leaving for fishing on a motorboat. Fishing. Lunch at a campfire on a mountain river bank. In the evening return to Topolinoye. Dinner. Sauna.

Days 8-9: Rafting on motorboats or rubber boats down Tompo river for 250 km to its flow into Aldan river. Wildlife watching, camping, night stays in tents, fishing, cooking on fire. Going 60 km up stream to Khandyga.

Day 10: Return to Khandyga, further transfer to Yakutsk by an automobile. If a plane schedule coincides with our itinerary, you can go from Khandyga to Yakutsk by plane. Another way to get to Yakutsk is by Aldan and Lena rivers by a hydrofoil (but it’s schedule is very irregular).

Day 11: Flight back to Moscow from Yakutsk, transfer to your home flight.

Airfare is included in the tour price.

Price Includes:
- Food
- Transportation
- Accommodation for the entire trip.

Note: If your trip starts in:
- Moscow, its price is $6000
- If it starts in Yakutsk: $5300.

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