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12 Day Jewish Heritage Exploration January 2013
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12 Day Jewish Heritage Exploration January 2013

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 12 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 50 people
Destination(s): Israel  
Specialty Categories: Film/Film History   Cultural Journey  
Season: January - December
Airfare Included: No
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 2059 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 2642 US Dollar (USD)

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1, Wednesday: Arrive in the Holy Land. Welcome at Ben Gurion Airport. After clearing passport control a M20661 representative will be waiting to welcome you, assist with luggage, and escort you to your waiting chauffeur. Arrive in Tel Aviv. Stretched along the beautiful beach strip of the Mediterranean, Tel Aviv is Israel’s largest city and biggest commercial center. It is a busy metropolis, which inspires its visitors with a unique energetic atmosphere of excitement and fun.

Dizengoff St., Shenken St. & Rothschilde Ave. Filled with unique vendors and funky coffee shops along with simple kiosks and local Falafel and Shawarma stalls - it is enough to bring out a little “Bohemian” in anyone who walks down these streets.

Tel Aviv – Jaffa Promenade: The Jaffa Promenade goes from Jaffa all the way to the Old Port in Tel Aviv. The promenade gives tourists an amazing view of the skyline of Tel Aviv as well as a new perspective of the beauty of the city, set to the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Tel Aviv Port: This port holds a world of leisure and entertainment along the beautiful shoreline, including live performances, art exhibitions, shopping, weekend markets, and an amazing culinary experience brought to you by some of the best restaurants and chefs in Tel Aviv. Overnight: Tel Aviv Hotel Options.

Day 2, Thursday: Tel Aviv – A Nation is Born. Independence Hall: This multi-disciplinary museum is a must-see attraction for everyone who loves Israel and wants to learn more about the country. Be a part of the momentous day in Israel’s history and experience the emotional moment when Ben Gurion established of the State of Israel with the signing of the Declaration of Independence at this very site.

Mini Israel Park: Ever want to feel like a giant? Well, now you can! This park is a 35,000 square meter extravaganza where you can see all the most important historical, cultural, architectural, and religious sites in Israel at eye level. It also includes a large aquarium with fish bigger than the size of your hand!

Ayalon Institute Museum: Enjoy a slice of early Israeli history when you visit this fascinating museum which was built by the Hagana during the final years of the British Mandate. In order to hide the bullet production from the British, the factory was disguised as a kibbutz. Explore mysterious rooms and travel down secret staircases as you learn about how the factory was hidden.

Kibbutz Yad Mordechai: Next we will visit the kibbutz named for Warsaw Ghetto fighter Mordechai Anilewicz. Yad Mordechai was the site of an intense fight against the Egyptians during the 1948 War of Independence. Overnight: Tel Aviv Hotel Options.

Day 3, Friday: Tel Aviv – Picturesque Ports and Promenades. The Diaspora Museum (Beit Ha-Tfutsot): Explore unique displays that showcase the Jewish experience from the exile after the destruction of the first Temple 2,600 years ago to the present. Pass through the six themed “gates” of Family, Community, Faith, Culture, the Jewish people among the nations, and the return to the land of Israel, and immerse yourself all aspects of the Jewish people’s story.

Rabin Square: Visit the place of assassination of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin at the famous square in Tel Aviv and learn about the prime ministers impact on the state of Israel.

Old Jaffa Port: One of the most attractive places on Israel’s coast, this spot is full of biblical and historical references. It also serves as a hub for artists, galleries, and individualistic shops where you can find just about anything your heart desires.

Neve Tsedek Neighborhood: Walk through one of Tel Aviv’s earliest settled areas, today a charming district full of rich culture and interesting history. This character-filled neighborhood boasts art galleries, cafes, and cultural centers.

Nachlat Binyamin Arts & Crafts Fair: Every Tuesday and Friday, this average street comes alive with the work of over 200 artists. Displaying Israeli made crafts, including jewelry and other interesting one-of-a-kind gifts, this fair is a great place to buy gifts, pamper yourself, and people-watch. Overnight: Tel Aviv Hotel Options.

Day 4, Saturday: Tel Aviv – A Day at leisure. The Carmel Market: If you want a great place to experience local culture and get some great deals on household items and fresh foods, visit the largest bazaar market in Tel Aviv. Exotic aromas, beautiful colors, and some of the freshest produce around, the Carmel Market is a must-see.

Jaffa Flea Market: For a unique experience we’ll head to Jaffa to browse antiques and second-hand treasures from around the world. Here you’ll find a vibrant atmosphere, exotic aromas, and lots of sounds as you try your luck bargaining with the sellers for that amazing vintage purchase!

Tel Aviv – Jaffa Promenade: The Jaffa Promenade goes from Jaffa all the way to the Old Port in Tel Aviv. The promenade gives tourists an amazing view of the skyline of Tel Aviv as well as a new perspective of the beauty of the city, set to the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. Overnight: Tel Aviv Hotel Options.

Day 5, Sunday: Israel's Coast – Ancient Ports of Conqueror's. Ancient City of Caesarea Ruins: After breakfast we’ll say farewell to Tel Aviv and head north along Israel’s coast. We will travel to the Caesarea National Park which contains an impressive Roman Amphitheatre, the Hippodrome- a 20,000 seat horse racing arena, and the Roman Aqueducts.

National Maritime Museum: Head towards Haifa and take in the breathtaking view from the famous Mount Carmel along the way. Next, you’ll relive Israeli and international maritime history at this incredible museum. Its unique collection includes thousands of artifacts which enable visitors to gain a true understanding of maritime history, including mythology, ship architecture, naval battles, ancient to modern seafaring, and ethnology of seafaring societies.

Acco Fortified Walls: Next we’ll head to one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world- Acco, dating back to the time of the Pharaoh Thutmose III (1504-1450 BCE). A walk along the land wall and along the sea wall is a unique experience, which illustrates the military strength of the protected city. You’ll also have an opportunity to explore the local market!

Rosh Hanikra Grotto’s and Cable Car: Next stop is Rosh Hanikra to see the beautiful grottoes made from waves hitting the soft chalk rock. Ride from the mountain top down to sea level via cable car to explore the Grotto’s formed over thousands of years – truly a wonder of creation. Dinner & Overnight: Kibbutz Lavi Hotel, Northern Israel.

Day 6, Monday: The Northern Galilee and Tzfat – The City of Kaballah. Tzfat – Safed - the Holy City of Air: Begin your day in Tzfat, the City of Air; one of the four holy cities in Israel. It has been a spiritual center since the 1600’s when it was the center of Kabbala (Jewish mysticism). One of Israel’s holiest cities awaits soul-seekers, nature enthusiasts, and historians to its cobblestone, art-lined streets, majestic mountains, and Kabbala-infused atmosphere.

Jeeping in the Golan Heights: Take an exhilarating ride through the Golan Heights via jeep! With the sun on your face and the wind in your hair, you’ll venture up, down, and all around the luscious green hills of the North. Keep an eye out for bright and blooming fields of flowers and wild animals grazing!

Tel Facher Abandoned Syrian Base: Learn about one of the fiercest battles of Israel’s history, the Six Day War, as you explore this Syrian base. Discover the valor of the Israeli soldiers who bravely conquered this territory in 1967. Survey the remnants of the base and wander through the trenches in the 50 year old footsteps of the heroic Golani soldiers who captured this mountaintop.

The Banias Falls: This archaeological site was formerly known as the city of Caesarea Philippi, located at the foot of Mount Hermon. Today, it serves as a nature reserve full of luscious green and beautiful flora and ancient ruins- a sight to see!

Tel Chai Court: Here you’ll step into the exact room where the battle of Tel Chai to learn about the heroic battle of Josef Trumpeldor and his comrades in 1920. In the summer months, you can experience the interactive museum tour and view an incredible audio-visual presentation. Overnight: Kibbutz Lavi Hotel, Northern Israel.

Day 7, Tuesday: Tiberias and the Jordan Valley - Timeless Sages. Tiberias – the City of Water: Learn about Tiberias Old & New, the ancient city founded in the 1st century sits on Israel’s main source of fresh water, the Sea of Galilee. We will also discuss the famous sages Rambam & Rabbi Akiva, who are interred in Tiberias.

Beit Shean National Park: Go back in time to the Roman and Byzantine eras at this monumental history site! Fight fierce gladiatorial battles at the excavated amphitheater, or relive biblical times as you stroll down a colonnaded street along the ruins of ancient buildings.

Beit Alfa Ancient Synagogue: Built during the Byzantine era, this excavated synagogue is most known for its magnificent mosaic filled with intricate artistic detail. This stunning piece of art was created in the 5thcentury and is miraculously still very much intact. Enjoy an attention-grabbing film that tells the story of how the mosaic was made.

Gan HaShlosha National Park: Chosen by Time Magazine as one of the world’s 20 most beautiful parks, here you’ll get a chance to relax and rejuvenate at one of the natural pools or Jacuzzis that are idyllically situated below a flowing waterfall. It is the perfect place to visit year round, as the water temperature never goes below 82 degrees Fahrenheit!

Ascent to Holy Jerusalem – the Eternal Capital: End the day with a beautiful drive through the Jordan Valley towards Jerusalem. You’ll stop at Mount Scopus as you enter the city to say the blessing of “Shehechiyanu” to celebrate the joyous occasion of entering the holy capital. Overnight: Jerusalem Hotel Options.

Day 8, Wednesday: Jerusalem Old City – The Holy City of Fire. King David’s Tomb: First stop is Mount Zion to view the tomb of Israel’s famous king. Jews have come here for centuries to recite psalms written by King David, whose life teaches many lessons about human nature. King David conquered the Jubesite fortress to established Jerusalem at the eternal capital of Israel. His sone King Solomon would go on to build the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Old City Jewish Quarter: Steeped in both ancient and modern Jewish and cultural history, here in the Jewish Quarter you’ll venture through the Cardo, a colonnaded style street that was the heart of a major Roman city built atop the rubble of Jerusalem. Today, you can experience the Cardo much as it was in ancient times with shop-lined streets as you combine modernity and history into one!

Four Sephardic Synagogues: Located deep in the heart of the Jewish Quarter, these synagogues are hardly visible to the naked eye due to the need for secrecy during Muslin rule beginning in the late 1500’s. Restored to their magnificence in 1967, these synagogues shed light on ritual items used by the Sephardic Jewish community hundreds of years ago.

Western Wall Tunnels: Descend into these infamous tunnels that are enriched with thousands of years of history. These tunnels tell the story of the ancient Jews living during the period of the two temples. Stand on the original Roman Street from the times of Herod the Great and watch as the hidden layers of the Western Wall are revealed before your eyes.

Jerusalem Archaeological Gardens: Visitors to the Park follow events spanning some 5000 years, beginning with the Canaanite (Bronze) Age and continuing through the days of the Israelite monarchy in the First Temple period. The splendors of the Second Temple and the impressive architecture of King Herod, dating to the second half of the first century BCE are a key element in the park

Tower of David Museum: At this one-of-a-kind museum, visitors travel back in time and walk through 4,000 years of Jerusalem’s beautiful history. Travel from the 1st Temple period to the 2ndTemple period in a matter of minutes and marvel at the many exhibits that feature the atmosphere of Jerusalem under its various rulers and periods of its history.

Night Spectacular at the Tower of David: In the stunning courtyard of the Citadel, become a part of this epic nighttime extravaganza of sight and sound projected onto its ancient walls. Through the combination of twenty projectors, scores of original music composed for the event, and the romantic environment of archeological remains, the story of Jerusalem unfolds through giant, breathtaking virtual reality images. Overnight: Jerusalem Hotel Options.

Day 9, Thursday: Jerusalem New City – The Modern Capital. The Kotel (The Western Wall): Here stands one of the most sacred sites in all of Jerusalem; the remnant of the ancient Jewish Temple. Jews come from all over the world to pray at the wall and feel its strong spiritual presence. While you’re here, write down your biggest wish and place it in the wall, following the tradition of thousands of years of the Jewish people who come here and pour their hearts out in prayer.

Israel Museum & Dead Sea Scrolls: Ranked among the world’s leading art and archaeology museums, here guests are able to truly experience Israel’s rich artistic history. Explore Second Temple Judaism with the pre-destruction Temple model and visit the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit at the Shrine of the Book.

Mount Herzl Memorial & National Cemetary: Memorialize the political figures who built the modern State of Israel and the IDF soldiers who died fighting for its creation by visiting Mount Herzl, Jerusalem’s national cemetery.

Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum: This museum presents the story of the Holocaust from a unique Jewish perspective, emphasizing the experiences of the individual victims through original artifacts, personal possessions, and survivor testimonies. The museum will help re-instill the powerful message that Holocaust museums all over the world embody: Never forget.

1967 War Trenches & Memorial - Ammunition Hill: Here you will learn about the lives of those who fought and died at the site of one of the fiercest battles fought during the 1967 Six Day War. Explore the heroic lives of the Israeli soldiers who gave their own lives for the victory and reunification of the holy city of Jerusalem.

Nachlaot Neighborhood Night Tour – Additional Walking Tour Options: Discover hidden nooks and crannies in the historic alleyways of the quaint neighborhood of Nachlaot. Hear personal accounts of individuals who left the comforts of the Old City Walls in the 1860s, determined to set up a new, multi-cultured community. Experience and meet the contemporary crowd; a younger generation of artists with a unique energy all their own.

Thursday Night at the Machne Yehuda “Shuk” (Market): This bustling outdoor marketplace, with its 250 plus vendors, is considered the heartbeart of downtown Jerusalem. You want it, the shuk’s got it; clothing, Judaica, fresh produce, meats, diamonds, restaurants, and random musicians playing throughout. It’s a free world out there; try your hand at haggling and see what types of bargains you come home with! Overnight: Jerusalem Hotel Options.

Day 10, Friday: The Judean Desert – Masada Fortress and the Dead Sea. Masada Mountain Fortress & Cable Car: Ride via cable car to the top of Masada and explore what remains of King Herod’s palace, imagining what it was like to live there as you view the well preserved baths, cisterns, barracks. It was here that Eleazer Ben Yair and his followers kept the Roman Legion at bay for three years.

Dead Sea Float, Mud, & Lunch - Private Spa Entrance Optional: Enjoy a relaxing, therapeutic day in this oasis of warm, buoyant water and mineral-rich mud in the middle of the Judean Wilderness! Read the paper while floating on the dense, salty water, and lather yourself with the nutrient-filled mud—an all-around luxurious day!

Friday Night Tour to the Western Wall - Optional Night Tour (Summer only): On the eve of Shabbat Jerusalem transforms in to a different place. Stores shut down, the streets and alleyways are silent and all are in anticipation for the weekly Shabbat. In this atmosphere come explore the Jewish Quarters alleyways and hear stories of generations who never forgot and yearned to return to Zion.

The Kotel (The Western Wall): Here stands the most sacred site in all of Judaism; the remnant of the ancient Jewish Temple. Jews come from all over the world to pray at the wall and feel its strong spiritual presence. Get ready for an evening you’ll never forget as you head down to the wall of the Kotel, Get swept up in lively dancing and festivities in the heart of Holy Jerusalem. Overnight: Jerusalem Hotel Options.

Day 11, Saturaday: Shabbat in Jerusalem – Day at leisure. Shabbat Morning. Enjoy a morning at leisure and reflecting on the busy week of touring!

Old City Jewish Quarter – Additional Walking Tour Options: The Jewish Quarter, haRova haYehudi, remains one of the single-most visited spots in all of Israel. Nestled within one square kilometer of land lays millennia of ancient history, it dates back to the 8th century BCE. Twisting and turning through this historical maze, visit synagogues and museums along the way to learn the story of the Jewish people in this area.

Yemin Moshe Neighborhood Sunset Tour; Standing in front of the King David Hotel itself, you’ll meet the different personalities from the founding of the State of Israel and their fight to win independence from the British. Overnight: Jerusalem Hotel Options.

Day 12, Sunday: Farewell for now. After breakfast, transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for your temporary departure from Israel…We’ll miss you!

Hotels Included:
- Enjoy your stay at some of Israel’s finest hotels
- 4 nights in a beautiful hotel in Tel Aviv, The Modern City
- 2 nights in a lovely Kibbutz Hotel in Northern Israel
- 5 nights in a wonderful hotel in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Tour Sites Included: Explore Israel’s myriad of historical and modern sites, Independence Hall, Mini Israel Park, Ayalon Institute Museum, Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, Diaspora Museum (Beit Ha-Tfutsot), Rabin Square, Old Jaffa Port, Neve Tsedek Neighborhood, Nachalat Binyamin Arts & Crafts Fair, Ancient City of Caesarea, National Maritime Museum, Acco Fortified Walls, Rosh Hanikra Grottoes, Tzfat – Safed the City of Kaballah, Tzfat Artists Quarter, Jeeping in the Golan Heights, Tel Facher Abandoned Syrian Base, The Banias Falls, Tel Chai Court, Graves of Holy Sages, Beit Shean National Park, Beit Alfa Synagogue, Gan HaShlosha National Park, King David’s Tomb, The Old City Jewish Quarter, The Four Sephardic Synagogues, Western Wall Tunnels, The Davidson Center Archeology Gardens, The Tower of David Museum, The Kotel (The Western Wall), Meah She’arim Neighborhood, The Israel Museum, Mount Herzl Museum, The Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, Ammunition Hill 1967 War Memorial & Trenches, Qumran Dead Sea Scroll Caves, Masada Mountain Fortress & Cable Car.

Airfare is not included in the tour price.

Prices range from 3 Star to 5 Star.

Price Includes:
- Ensuring that your visit is easy, comfortable, and fun!
- Welcome at Ben Gurion Airport Airport
- Arrival & Departure Transfers to/from Ben Gurion Airport
- Touring in an Air-Conditioned Coach & Professional Guide
- Tour Guides for this Israel Tour are certified by the Israeli Ministry of Tourism
- Shalom Israel Hats, Tour Maps, and Water Bottle Carriers.

Meals Included:
- Get a taste of authentic Israeli cuisine
- Authentic Israeli-style breakfast buffet every day!
- 2 delicious dinners at your northern hotel!
- Dead Sea Hotel Lunch Buffet.

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