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Mongolia Steppe To Gobi Mountain Biking
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Mongolia Steppe To Gobi Mountain Biking

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 15 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 6 people
Destination(s): Mongolia  
Specialty Categories: Bicycle Touring   Camping  
Season: June - September
Airfare Included: Yes
Tour Customizable: Yes
Minimum Per Person Price: 2210 US Dollar (USD)
Maximum Per Person Price: 2896 US Dollar (USD)

This is a chance to cycle and see 3 distinctly different landscapes of Mongolia: just outside of the capital of Ulaanbaatar there start the vast steppes with rolling hills in the background. Smooth trails and easy inclines give you a good acclimatization for the rest of cycling route. Dome shaped mountains covered in Siberian taiga, swift mountain streams and green valleys dotted with nomadic yurts make up the second stage of cycling.

The history of Genghis Khan's rise to power started in this very area which is still inhabited by nomadic Mongols who live in their felt covered tents and tend large numbers of yaks, sheep and horses. Finally take a domestic flight to the Gobi Desert and cycle its dinosaur cemeteries, grand canyons and massive dunes. A company of experienced and enthusiastic biking guides, overnights in luxurious ger/yurt camps with superb facilities.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival to Ulaanbaatar, guided city sightseeing. Upon arrival you will be transferred to a cozy 4 star hotel in central Ulaanbaatar. After short rest and showers take a guided city tour. We first visit the Natural history museum with its rich collection of dinosaur fossils. The National history with its display of traditional costumes is to follow. You will as well be introduced to the turbulent history of the Mongolian nation here. A unique show of throat or so-called overtone singing and contortion will be followed by a welcome dinner in one of best restaurants of the city. Overnight: hotel. Includes: (L), (D).

Days 2-4: Cycling the hilly steppes of South Siberia. After breakfast we take an hour drive south of UB, assemble bikes and start cycling accompanied by the guide. The support vehicle will follow and the cook will serve a delicious lunch at some scenic spot. Continue cycling, the support vehicle heads ahead to an agreed spot. In the early evening we arrive to a tented camp set up by the support team.

For 3 days we cycle on easy hard packed soils across the southern reaches of the Holy Bogd Khan Mt. Each day we will be covering 40-65km spending for that 4-5 hours depending on the terrain quality. The landscape is a mix of vast steppes and rolling hills as well as some rugged mountains. Some of the best grazing grounds lie here, therefore huge flocks of sheep and numerous herds of horses will be a common sight.

Our destination is the 13th century complex. This a new visitor attraction where the life of the 13th century Mongols is displayed in its authenticity. It consists of 5 camps: an "Educational camp" where traditional calligraphy, needlework and games are displayed and taught, "Herdsmen camp", "Shaman's camp", "Blacksmith camp" and the "King's Palace". This is a massive live show where everybody is dressed in traditional clothing, demonstrate ancient handicrafts and lead the life ways of the 13th century. We visit the complex in the afternoon on day 4 taking short rides from one camp to another. There will also be served a traditional Mongolian lunch. Overnight: tent. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 5: Cycling to Khan Khenty Strictly Protected area. We today head north to Khan Khenty Strictly Protected area. Over a million hectares of rugged mountain scenery, forests, wetlands and alpine tundra is a home to rare mammals including the endangered musk deer, and moose, brown bear, wolf, fox, roe, and elk roam in the forests. These very mountains and rivers gave shelter and refuge to the King of Mongols Genghis Khan. Then known as Temujin he went through a harsh survival competition against his rivals.

These lands as well witnessed his rising glory when he became the King of All Mongols in 1189. Ascents and descents this time are steeper as opposed to the first days. The route primarily runs on faint jeep tracks or along them on soft grassy tracks. Also a couple of knee deep streams will be crossed. From the top of Berkhiin pass at 1750 we descend to the lush meadow of Galt river to our tented camp surrounded by wooded mountains. Overnight: tent. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 6: Return to Ulaanbaatar. Back on bikes and cycle along the riverbed of Tuul river, the main water source of UB city. The valley is dotted with circular white tents of nomads who tend huge herds of yaks, goats and sheep at their summer pastures. The terrain is a slight downhill and cycling is easy with views of wide valleys and distant wooded mountains. After lunch take a 2 hour drive to Ulaanbaatar. On arrival transfer to your hotel. Prepare for a local flight to the Gobi desert next morning. Overnight: hotel. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 7: Flight to Gobi, visit Eagle Canyon. Today you will be flown down to Gobi desert. Upon landing we will drive to the Eagle Canyon. Nestled between the beautiful peaks of the Three Beauties Range the canyon shelters a small "glacier" which remains frozen even on summer's hottest days. Wild Goats roam the steep cliffs. At the entrance of the gorge is a small museum displaying samples of the area's animal world. Out of the canyon and we cycle downhill for 50km on rough jeep tracks to the Gobi Mirage camp. The Gobi Mirage camp stands out of many visitor camps scattered amidst vast plains of the Gobi desert for its comfort and welcoming atmosphere. Dinner and overnight in traditional felt covered tents locally known as gers. Overnight: ger camp. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 8: Cycling day trip to Flaming Red Cliffs. We cycle to the Flaming Red Cliffs. Here in 1923 an American expedition led by Roy Chapman Andrews discovered the first ever dinosaur nests and eggs as well as hundreds of specimen including dozens of new dinosaur species. We will walk through the sun baked cliffs of red sand and try to make our own discovery. This is a 50km travel on smooth jeep tracks. Overnight: tent. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Days 9-11: Cycling to the Khongoriin Sand Dunes. Cycle to Khongoriin Els Sand dunes, locally known as Singing Dunes. First we ascend to 2215m on smooth tracks and continue on gravely tracks of the “3 Beauties mountain range”. In places we struggle on loose soils of sand and rock. Arrive to the dunes on day 11. They stretch for over 100km and reach the height of 200m from the foothill. Alongside lies the green meadow of Khongoriin river.

On a windy day a distant propeller hum is distinctly heard from the dunes. Fine sand blown by domination NW winds builds up on crests and then collapses down the steeper slope producing the tremor of tons of sand rolling down. From the top of the last pass enjoy a 20km swift blast down to a visitor camp located next to the tallest dunes. Tented camp overnight for on day 9 and 10. The last night and all the remaining nights we sleep in gers. Dinner and overnight. Overnight: tent / ger camp. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 12: Rest day. A well deserved leisure day. You may cycle, hike or race up and along the dunes – it is all yours. In the afternoon you will have a chance to ride the 2 humped “bactrian” camels. There are many of them grazing in the area and a local camel herder will advise us and look after your safety and tack. Meals and overnight in the previous camp. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 13: Return drive to Gobi airstrip. Back in our jeeps we drive back to the Gobi Mirage ger camp and prepare for our return flight to UB next morning. Overnight: hotel. Includes: (B), (L), (D).

Day 14: Return flight to Ulaanbaatar. We catch a return flight to UB. 1.5 hours. On arrival you will be transferred to your hotel. Free afternoon and we all gather for a farewell dinner in the Mongolian Barbeque place. Overnight: hotel. Includes: (B), (D).

Day 15: Departure. This morning you will be transferred for your journey home. Includes: (B).

Note: Each departure is guaranteed to run when 2 participants sign up. Then the trip status changes from “Open” to “Guaranteed”. The trip status changes to “Closed” when the maximum number of participants is reached.

Airfare is included in the tour price.


- Hotel single room supplement: 90 USD
- Own bike discount: - 100 USD.

Price Includes:
- A mountain bike
- All itinerary related transfers, domestic flights
- English or German speaking biking guide
- 3 overnights in a 4 star hotel(TWN/BB) in Ulaanbataar, 6 tented overnights, 5 overnights in Mongolian gers
- All environmental and visits fees
- Meals as indicated (B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-dinner).

Price Excludes:
- Travel insurance
- Excess baggage fees on internal flights
- Drinks, gratuities.

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