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English Centre in Canada

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Key Information:
Class Size: 5 - 15 people
Destination: British Columbia  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: English  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: flexible
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 120 Canadian Dollar (CAD) per course
Max Price: 3300 Canadian Dollar (CAD) per course

Develop your English language skills for real situations with the help of our school's special learning system. English Grammar is taught in a communicative manner with an emphasis on using the structures orally. Communicative methodology is also used to develop English Vocabulary, Idioms and Pronunciation.

Students will learn curricula focusing on language functions in afternoon classes. Pair and group activities related to the language functions improve Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills. Everyday English is also covered in the afternoon classes. There are 16 levels. All students are placed in separate levels according to their grammar and conversation skills.

We offer you following courses:

* English Speaking Courses:

- Communication - Each level of our school’s afternoon communication classes is based on a four-week curriculum that focuses on functional English designated to the level through speaking and listening with some emphasis on reading and writing.

- Language is Culture - In this course, we study cultural similarities and differences. We look at gestures, body language, intonation and English conversation styles. You can communicate better in English if you are culturally aware. Know the culture. Know the language!

- Morning Conversation - Teachers use weekly themes in conversation classes. Pair and group activities related to the theme improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Everyday English is also covered in the conversation classes.

- Pop Culture - Learn contemporary English slang, idioms, and everyday English by watching and studying popular television shows and movies. This is the English that native English speakers use with each other. This course is fun, informative and practical. Speak everyday English like a Canadian!

- Pronunciation - Reduce common pronunciation errors and develop more natural intonation and stress patterns. You will learn about English consonant and vowel sounds, intonation, word stress, word reductions, sentence rhythm, and blending words in conversation.

- Survival English - Study the English you need to live in Canada or the United States. Learn to get through everyday activities easily, using the English language to achieve your goals. In this course, you will learn new vocabulary through practice dialogues and role plays. Weekly contact assignments help you practice what you learn in real situations.

- Word Power - The objectives of this elective course are: to teach ESL students 300 English core words and word parts indispensable for bettering reading and writing skills, to provide students with vocabulary acquisition techniques to use on their own, to give a general idea about English morphology, to provide with vocabulary from a variety of other fields.

* English Grammar Courses:

- Morning Grammar - grammar classes is based on a four-week curriculum that focuses on the practicing of grammar structures designated to the level, listening comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary development and idioms.

* English Listening Courses:

- Listening - Improve your listening skills through exposure to a wide range of listening materials, such as taped speech, songs, and radio and television shows. This course focuses almost entirely on listening skills.

* English Reading and Vocabulary Courses:

- Reading & Vocabulary - Learn specific reading skills: scanning; previewing and predicting; determining topics, main ideas, and organization patterns; skimming; inferencing; summarizing. Develop vocabulary through readings, guessing from context and practicing differentiating function words from content words.

* English Writing Courses:

- Writing - Develop essay writing skills, develop descriptive writing techniques, and increase and improve vocabulary.

* English Test Preparation Courses:

- IELTS Preparation - IELTS (test) the complete range of English language skills students encounter when studying or training in English. IELTS tests Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Academic IELTS is suitable for candidates planning to undertake higher education study.

- TOEFL Preparation - The TOEFL test evaluates the English proficiency of people who speak English as a second language. TOEFL test scores are required for admission to 2,400 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. Since October 2005, the TOEFL Internet-based Test (iBT) has been in use. We prepare students for the TOEFL test quickly and efficiently. Our Resource Development Team constantly prepares and purchases new resources, to ensure our students have the latest TOEFL preparation software and textbooks. Our TOEFL Preparation Program includes 4 levels.

- TOEIC Preparation - Our Preparation Programs help students achieve high TOEIC scores. There are three separate TOEIC Preparation levels. The Preparation Program is suitable for students who have at least an upper-intermediate English language level and want to take the TOEIC Test in Canada.

* Business English Courses:

- BC Economy - Economic concepts and vocabulary in an overview of the economy in British Columbia. Discussion topics include: Tourism, Film and Television, Hospitality, and Information Technology.

- BINT - The Business Internship (BINT) morning and afternoon classes are mandatory for all internship students. BINT am involves interview and telephone techniques, business meetings and negotiating.

- Business English - Study the key concepts and vocabulary used in marketing, the key concepts and vocabulary used in the global economy, learn on-the-job communication skills which include: program policies and procedures, North American business culture, workplace etiquette and communication strategies.

- Grammar for Business Purposes - Introductions, Job Descriptions, Business Letters, Common Abbreviations, Prepositions, Business Verbs and Nouns, Verb Tenses, Orders, Invoices, Employee Morale.

- International Economy - Study the key concepts and vocabulary used in the global economy.

- Marketing - Study the key concepts and vocabulary used in marketing.

- Professional Customer Service Program - Improve your English language skills, while learning professional customer service practices.

- Public Speaking - Learn how to plan and deliver speeches and presentations.

* Special English Programs:

- Academic Preparation Diploma Program. Prepare for college or university in Canada or the United States. After earning an Academic Preparation Diploma, you will have the skills and confidence you need to learn quickly in an English language environment. This program is suitable for all students who want to develop their academic English abilities. Improve your listening, writing and test preparation skills by earning an Academic Preparation Diploma.

- Business Internship Program: The Business Internship Program helps people develop the language skills they need to function effectively in an English-speaking work environment. Language skills are developed through stimulating, communicative activities.

- TEFL Certificate Program: Teachers with TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) training are in demand in Canada and around the world. A TEFL certificate is a passport into a career that will help you continually develop new skills and meet people from exotic places. Teaching opportunities arise frequently as the TEFL industry grows.

- Ski / Snowboard + English Program. The Ski & Snowboard Plus English Program in January and February combines morning English classes with 11 afternoon skiing or snowboarding lessons per month. This program is offered as a total package, with one fee.

-Vacation Study Program Venture Program. The Vacation Study Program combines morning classes with afternoon sightseeing and leisure activities. At least one sightseeing activity is offered each weekend. This program includes 15 hours of morning classroom instruction per week, as well as afternoon and weekend activities. Your Canadian family will help you improve your English and you will cherish your new friends and memories forever.

As well as a variety of fun sightseeing excursions, our summer activities include many sports activities, such as hiking, beach volleyball and river rafting. From December to February, our winter activities include skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing.

* Homestays in Vancouver Canada:

Enjoy immersion in the English language at Vancouver English Centre. You will make Canadian friends, enjoy sightseeing in Vancouver, and be taught by experienced Canadian ESL teachers. Learn more about Canadian language and culture living in a homestay in Vancouver Canada.

We has thousands of host families that meet the various needs of our homestay students. We will arrange a homestay to suit your personal preferences. For example, if you request a North Vancouver homestay with pets and children, we will match you with such a homestay.

* Virtual Tours of Vancouver Canada:

Watch virtual tours of Vancouver and our school. Look around our campus. Enjoy Vancouver's English Bay, or the Vancouver Art Gallery. See 164 tours of Vancouver's best attractions. Improve your English skills while exploring beautiful Vancouver. Vancouver is one of the world’s cleanest, safest, and friendliest cities. The United Nations and the Corporate Resources Group have rated Vancouver as the nicest city in the world.

Faculty Information:
We offer one of the most respected TEFL / TESL Programs in Canada. Our TEFL / TESL Certificate Program will give you all the skills you need to teach English as a foreign language. You may choose to take a TEFL / TESL Certificate Program in Canada or Mexico. All of our teachers have recognized English language teaching credentials, as well as university degrees.

Other Activities:
Improve your English skills while exploring beautiful Vancouver. Our Vacation Study Program combines morning classes with afternoon sightseeing activities. We often go to local attractions, such as the Vancouver Aquarium, the Capilano Suspension Bridge, or the UBC Museum of Anthropology. On weekends, we usually go outside of Vancouver, to places like Seattle, Victoria and Whistler. We often have clubs within the school, such as the Music Club and the Conversation Club. This program is a package, with one fee that includes Tuition, Home stay, Airport Reception, and most Activities.

Facility Information:
Our English Center is a founding member of the Canadian Association of Private Language Schools (CAPLS). VEC is also a proud member of ALTO, FIYTO, NAFSA, IATEFL, AILIA, and the CFIB.

Our school has linkages with colleges and universities in Canada and the United States. VEC also has a language school in Guadalajara, Mexico. You have many choices when planning your future education.

We have developed textbooks to complement our carefully planned curricula. Our Language Power textbooks will help you progress through your English grammar courses efficiently and methodically. Our Just Say It textbooks will help you with your English conversation courses. We have a different textbook for each level. You will receive a new textbook at the beginning of each session. There is no additional charge for these textbooks.

We have 47 classrooms, five computer labs, and a coffee shop, all in one modern, attractive building.

* Afternoon Schedule: 1 - 11 Weeks- CAD$160 per/week
* Morning or Afternoon Schedule: 1-11 W - CAD$200 per/w
* Intensive Schedule: 1-11 W - CAD$275 per/week
* Super-Intensive Schedule: 1-11 - CAD$300 per week
* Business Internship Programs: 8-week Program - CAD$1.800
* Cambridge Preparation Program: 1-11 W - CAD$275.00 per week
* Vacation Study Program: 1-W Program - CAD$1000
* Ski / Snowboard + English Program: 1-W Program - CAD$1100
* Homestay Fee: CAD$23 (per night).

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M05048 founded in 1993 has educated more than 24,000 students; It is owned and managed by Kenneth Gardner. We offer a wide variety of English language courses in downtown Vancouver, Canada. Our English Grammar and Conversation courses are divided into 16 individual levels. Over the years, we have continued to improve...

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