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Mester Spanish Language Course Granada
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Mester Spanish Language Course Granada

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Key Information:
Class Size: 1 - 10 people
Destination: Spain  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: Spanish  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: 48
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 141 Euro (EUR) per course
Max Price: 3260 Euro (EUR) per course

All our schools use the same teaching methods too so it is possible to divide your stay between several cities without disrupting your studies. We also make sure that our schools are never too crowded. The maximum number of students at each school is 300 in the summer months and 150 in the winter. This means that we can offer each student a great deal of personal attention, so that any problems can be dealt with as they arise, to ensure optimum progress and satisfaction on the part of the student.

The majority of the people who come to study with us do so through the recommendations of former students. Clearly then we are dedicated to giving every one of our yearly 5,000 students a positive and memorable experience, for their enthusiasm serves as the greatest advertisement for our schools.

We make sure that every course is stimulating, up-to-date and above all effective. To this end we have put together a team of highly qualified and committed teachers, all enthusiastic about Spanish culture and language and eager to help students to appreciate them fully. Along with our own work we use carefully selected modern teaching materials from the most prestigious Spanish publishers. Above all we place great emphasis on enjoyment , ensuring that our students not only learn the language but do so in a friendly and open environment.

Our Client Services Department is available for consultation before, during and after your enrolment on our courses. It is of the utmost importance to us that you clearly understand all the information provided and we work hard to evaluate and apply student feedback to resolve problems and complaints and to constantly improve our teaching performance.

We understand and appreciate that Spanish is a living language and, more than anything, we want to show you a Spain beyond simply the walls of the classroom. We offer daily Spanish films, conferences on aspects of Spanish culture, sports matches and a whole host of other activities for you, your classmates and your teacher to enjoy. We'll take you off on tapas tours and sightseeing trips. We even give classes in salsa, sevillana, Spanish guitar and cookery…all to help you to have a totally Spanish and international experience at the same time.

Methodologies constantly reviews the methods and materials used in our classes to ensure that the standard of excellence is maintained. Through the initial placement exam and the daily observations of our teachers we try to identify the specific needs of each student, taking into consideration the layout of the class, in particular the student’s motivation for learning Spanish, be it cultural, professional, or simply preparation for an exam.

Communication is more than the principal objective of our programs. It is our very philosophy.With this in mind, should you have any questions about our courses, study locations or any other element of the program, please don´t hesitate to contact us. We can put together a program that meets your needs, adapting the course content depending on your objectives and the time available. We´re always ready to help you choose the right course, find the kind of housing you’d prefer or answer any question to ensure you get the most out of your program.

In our programs we guarantee that:
Courses will be given throughout the whole year, regardless of the number of students.

Our general language courses are of eight different levels of knowledge: Inicial, Elemental, Intermedio, Intermedio Alto, Avanzado, Avanzado Alto, Superior and Perfeccionamiento and are always on offer.

Those with some previous Spanish can begin their course on any Monday of the year. If you are an absolute beginner, from March through October you can also start on any Monday and from November to February you can start on the first Monday. Check with us to verify your preferred dates are available.

You can change groups in the first two days of the course if you think that the level is not appropriate. This can be done by talking to the director of studies at your school, who is always at your disposal.

If you decide to divide your course between different schools, the pace of your learning will not be affected, as the same teaching method is followed in all schools.

The maximum number of students in a regular class is ten. The maximum number in reduced groups is five.

The general characteristics of the programs are as follows:

Our method aims to ensure that the lessons are as enjoyable as possible while still following a carefully prepared program with set objectives (grammatical, communicative, vocabulary based and cultural) for each unit.This means that even if your level is ´beginner´ you’ll be encouraged to speak and understand as soon as possible. If your language is of a higher level our method will introduce you gradually and naturally to the complexities of successively higher levels of the language until you master them.

The classes take place from Monday to Friday.They are orientated towards practical communication with even grammar being taught in a practical way. The conversation classes use videos, CDs and DVDs to ensure a high sound quality.This is of utmost importance when it comes to understanding scenes from films, documentaries or the news. Through our immersion method we help you to learn the Spanish language as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At the end of every level segment an exam is given to measure your progress. At the end of your program, based on the result of these exams we give you a Diploma which certifies your knowledge of the Spanish language.You must have 90% attendance to be entitled to sit the exam. If required we can also provide a Certificate of Attendance.

With four or five lessons in the morning, the program of activities in the afternoon, and the practice you gain at home with your host family or in the cafe with your new Spanish friends, we are sure that you will make rapid progress.


- Intensive Spanish Language (A1)
A course of twenty lessons per week with a maximum of ten students per class at eight different language levels. Students can choose to study anything from one to thirty-six weeks.This course is available at all our schools. We have become convinced over time that in order to speak a language well a solid grammatical base is imperative. Every day the classes begin with a presentation of a structural element of Spanish grammar and go on to illustrate its use by applying it to situations that you will encounter in real life.

- Super Intensive Spanish Language (A2)
A course of twenty-five lessons per week in groups with a maximum of ten students per class at eight different language levels. Students can choose to study anything from one to thirty-six weeks.This course is available at all our schools except Tenerife. The main focus of this course is to help students to develop fluency in Spanish, a major problem at all levels when studying a foreign language.

- Reduced Size Groups (B1 y B2)
This consists of either Intensive Spanish (B1) with 20 lessons per week or Super Intensive (B2) with 25 lessons per week. Groups have a maximum of five students and the course is taught at eight different language levels. Students can choose to study anything from one to twelve weeks.This course is available at all our schools.

- Individual Spanish Language (C)
Flexibility is the main feature of this course.As the only student in the class you can decide how many hours you would like to study per week with the timetable and the content of the course being up to you. Content can include grammar, conversation, economics, literature or any other subject… it´s up to you.

- Academic Year (I)
This course is 40 weeks long and consists of 25 lessons per week for 33 weeks and 10 lessons per week for the last 7 weeks. Groups have up to a maximum of ten students and are at eight language levels.This course is available in all centers except Tenerife.

This is a complete program with classes in language, culture and business Spanish. The idea is to maximize your study time. Through our experience teaching Spanish to foreigners we have learned that the best results are obtained over time. A program of long duration such as this is simply the most effective way to master the language.

Whether you start the course at beginner, elementary or intermediate level you will reach a level of fluency that will allow you to communicate perfectly in both social and professional circles. You will be completely immersed in Spanish language and culture. Over time you will gain the knowledge and confidence to effectively handle any situation that may arise.Additionally, you can back-up your knowledge with two of the most prestigious diplomas awarded in Spain: The Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (D.E.L.E. or Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language) and the Certificado de Español de los Negocios de la Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Madrid (Certification in Business Spanish of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid).

The program consists of 895 lessons divided as follows:
For the first fifteen weeks there are 5 lessons per day.The first and second lessons focus on grammar, while the third, fourth and fifth lessons are devoted to conversation.

For the next eight weeks there are also five lessons per day.The first and second lessons focus once again on grammar and the third and fourth on conversation. The fifth lesson is devoted to culture.

For the following ten weeks there are again five lessons per day. During this period the focus is to prepare you for the D.E.L.E. The first and second lessons each day are used to work on conversation, while the third, fourth and fifth lessons are devoted to grammar and to preparation for the D.E.L.E. The fee for the D.E.L.E. exam is not included in the price.

During the last seven weeks, there are two lessons per day. These lessons are designed to prepare you specifically for the Chamber of Commerce exam. Taking the exam is optional and the exam fee is not included in the price of the course.

The majority of our students begin this course of study on the first Monday in September and end on the last Friday in June. There are four weeks of holiday during the course: one in September, two over Christmas and one over Easter. It is always possible to join the course at a later date and if you plan to do so, please contact us in advance.

Combining different study centers over the academic year can play a fundamental role and is without doubt the best way to achieve maximum language and cultural immersion. At the same time, of course, it gives you a chance to explore Spain.

Faculty Information:
Our Team is totally committed to helping our students really live Spanish. It’s clear to us this can´t be done simply from behind a desk in a classroom, so we make sure we have a hand ourselves in all the goings on and activities.

We're young, open, dynamic, motivated and our wide-ranging and solid experience makes us experts when it comes to teaching Spanish to foreigners. We work together to develop all the teaching materials and techniques and regularly attend courses designed to update and improve our teaching skills.

Our programs are designed to give our students the chance to learn Spanish and at the same time experience life in the most attractive cities in Spain. We want their time here to be unforgettable, so we place as much emphasis on culture as we do on language. We find that this helps our students approach the course itself in a more positive way. Moreover, we are always at their side to answer questions and to help resolve potential problems. Our philosophy is without a doubt to watch out for our students' well being at all times.

Other Activities:
The language study policy also covers any travel that may occur before or after enrolling in the study program. This holiday travel coverage is limited to one month, however, so if you're planning on traveling for a longer period you might want to consider getting normal travel insurance from ISIS as well.

We plan our activities so that you not only practice your Spanish in class but also in your free time! We have carefully designed a wide selection of extra curricular activities, the majority of which are free of charge.

Each day our cultural coordinators and your teachers will detail the activities which we provide. You will get to know the rest of the students from your school whilst enjoying an international atmosphere and, most importantly, practicing Spanish. Detailed information is available in ”La Voz “, our own student publication.

Additionally, each school organizes activities that reflect the culture of that particular city. In Granada and Seville, the popular festivals such as the “Feria de Abril” “El Rocío” or “El Día de las Cruces” provide a unique opportunity to interact with Spanish people, to participate in some traditional street festivals and to be exposed to Spanish traditions 24 hours a day.

Some of Spain’s most important bull farms are dotted about the plains surrounding Salamanca so studying here means that you can really get to know these animals that form such an integral part of Spanish culture. In addition, you can take full advantage of the wild and beautiful countryside on your doorstep and go horseback riding, hiking or engage in any number of other outdoor activities. A minimum number of participants is sometimes required and a list of sample activities includes:

A guided visit of the city
On your first day of school we show you around your new town, to help you feel at home straight away. With your fellow students and teachers you will get to know the main monuments, places of interest and those important for your daily life.

Additionally, on each Friday we offer a program of specialized visits to various sites around the city. Accompanied by a teacher, you can get to know the history, the artistic details and the behind - the scenes secrets of the most well known monuments and buildings.

Spanish is very much á la mode in world culture, a fact reflected by the enormous number of Hispanic productions produced each year. At the school we´re keen to introduce our students to many of the most popular and successful directors in Spanish cinema and to this end we hold regular film showings.

This is one of the really strong points of our program, and is always very popular among students keen to learn about Spanish culture. In our annual series of conferences we take a close look at the many different aspects of social and cultural life in Spain, its origins, its history and literary background.

One of the most popular pastimes in Spain is sport and we offer you the chance to play your favorites. Each week we organize tournaments and competitions in tennis, volleyball, table tennis and basketball, to name a few. All of the equipment needed to play these different sports is provided by the school.

Our excursion program takes students off to visit the rich tapestry of towns and cities dotted all over Spain. In addition, a cultural teacher will be on hand to guide the students about these locations, highlighting their importance in Spanish culture and history and pointing out the monuments and landmarks that are all too easy to miss. We guarantee that these excursions will make your visit to Spain one that you will never forget.

Tapas Tour
This is one of the most interesting and of course fun Spanish social customs. Tapas are small snack foods served with coffee, soda, beer, wine or other drinks and add a new dimension to your understanding of Spanish hospitality and social life.

We occasionally organize concerts either in the schools or in a local café or bar. These may feature classical, traditional Spanish acts, or perhaps pop or other styles of music.

Depending on the school, we also offer classes in photography, drawing, salsa or sevillanas dancing, cooking, Spanish guitar, radio announcing, video production and more.

Facility Information:
Each of our schools is situated in the heart of the city in air-conditioned buildings specifically designed for teaching purposes. The one refreshing exception to this is Malaga, where the school is located in a quiet residential area just a stone's throw from the beach. Each school is equipped with spacious modern classrooms, reference, libraries, computer rooms with Internet access, assembly halls and common rooms for private study or meetings.

We also make sure that our schools are never too crowded. The maximum number of students at each school is 300 in the summer months and 100 in the winter. This means that we can offer each student a great deal of personal attention, so that any problems can be dealt with as they arise, to ensure optimum progress and satisfaction on the part of the student.

Prices depend as well on the course, the city, the length of the stay and the accommodation. The minimum cost is for one week course A1 and the maximum cost is for 36 weeks course A2.

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Spain is a country rich in linguistic and cultural diversity, and we at Mwe believe this makes studying here a very rewarding experience indeed. To this end we offer you the opportunity to learn Spanish in a number of locations throughout the country, from the friendly university towns of Granada, Leon and Salamanca to...

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