10-Day Otaku Tour: Japanese Pop Culture Experience
10-day tour of Japan featuring traditional and modern Japan. Become immersed in modern-day Japan and its eccentric interests from Harajuku Fashion and animated characters to historic traditions such as tea ceremonies and the intricate dress of Japan’s notorious geishas.
7-Day Prague Spring Tour
7-Day tour to the geographical heart of Europe, during which you’ll discover the historic City of Spires, stroll the lanes where Smetana, Mozart, and Dvorak walked, thrill to their music in the majestic concert halls where their compositions premiered decades, even centuries ago.

10-Day Cape Town and Kruger Safari
10-day safari tour including 5 days guided tour of Cape Town prior to heading to Kruger National Park for a five-star guiding (ranger) safari for 5 more days! Discover the place where breathtaking scenic beauty contrasts with the harsh rugged conditions of the African continent.
8-Day Self Guided Cycling Holiday in North West Cyprus
An 8-day tour in Cyprus featuring self-guided cycling holidays staying at 3 different locations in the beautiful north-western part of the island. Explore unspoilt Cyprus, accept the challenge to find your way around the myriad of trails and quiet back-roads around the Polis area

Grampians National Park Day Tour, Australia
One day tour to the Grampians National Park. During the tour you will enjoy the amazing tranquility of Silverband Falls, spectacular panoramic views from Reeds Lookout and over the mountain range from Boroka Lookout, explore the Grampians township of Halls Gap and more.
Andes​ ​Heli ​Assisted Ski​ ​Touring​ ​Package, Chile
A ski touring package, featuring 6 full days of Heli-Skiing / Heli-Snowboarding. Discover the magnificent Andes at a slower pace earning turns, using helicopter power for the approach and then your own power to ski through the most amazing wilderness the Andes has to offer.

Weight-Loss & Fitness Holidays in Antequera, Spain
An intensely active, but incredibly enjoyable programme for weight loss and fitness holidays in Antequera, hometown for remote and spectacular areas for outdoor activities. You will not only leave fitter, stronger and leaner, but also refreshed, relaxed and feeling great!
Seasonal Woodland ​Tour:​ ​Heidmork, Iceland
A half-day Seasonal Woodland ​​Tour to ​​Heidmork, a tour offered all year round, while changing through spring, summer, autumn and winter. Travel by car or bus to woodlands at the outskirts of Reykjavik and enjoy light hiking, plant identification, and nature appreciation.

10-Day Siwandu, Jongomero and Ras Kutani Tour, Tanzania
A 10-Day tour featuring best value luxury of the South, the “Holy Trinity”: Siwandu, Jongomero and Ras Kutani. The tour combines two Safari parks, remote beach and beautiful lodges: gorgeous tents tucked amongst palm trees offering every luxury in a truly authentic style.
Island Peak Climbing Tour, Nepal
A 20-day tour with a well planned route with the best acclimatization designed to detail with awesome Himalayan scenery and trekking to Island Peak featuring an assorted feast of rock scrambling, roped glacier travel, and more, to get the adrenaline pumping on top physical gear.

Touch of the Best Program, Italy
A program, allowing travelers to truly experience the real soul which is the "Spirito Italiano". Whether you are after luxury and flamboyance, the unique or the simple, the rustic or the comfortable, the program has the whole of Italy covered, from honeymoons to getaways.
Marais Tour, Paris
A half-day tour allowing you to take an insider’s stroll through the lovely Marais, one of the oldest areas of Paris. The tour features breathtaking historic buildings and private mansions, beautiful manicured parks, the city’s chicest home and clothing boutiques, and more.

Crossing​ ​the Antarctic ​​Circle ​​Tour
11-day tour, featuring only the best scenery and wildlife experiences of the Antarctic, flying and then cruising south of the Antarctic Circle. Prepare yourself for a sensory overload, as you will be overwhelmed by the sheer beauty and dramatic landscapes of the White Continent.
Ecuador Baños Cloud Forest in 2 days Tour
2-Day Tour to Ecuadorian rainforests featuring a unique jungle experience combined with first class facilities and gourmet meals. Travelers who love nature can make their dreams come true in this fascinating land getting to know the wide variety of species met in the Amazonia.

15-Day ​​Fascinating ​Tahiti on​ ​Aranui ​Cruise Tour
A 15-Day tour featuring no less than 3 different archipelagos of Tahiti. This is a unique cruise for a unique experience during which you will have the opportunity to discover the treasures of Tahiti and Her Islands on board of a ship that embodies the spirit of “Mystery”.
Moreton ​ ​Island, ​ ​Dolphin ​ ​& ​ ​Snorkel ​ ​Cruise, Australia
A tour to Moreton Island - the tropical island where Bottlenose Dolphins play, Dugongs feed, and Loggerhead Turtles nest. Experience the adventure of a realm of vibrant tropical fish and coral, relax on soft, sandy beaches and enjoy a relaxing swim in clear and calm waters.

Sofia Communist Tour by a Trabant Car
A perfect tour by a Trabant Car for retro enthusiasts, during which you will hear stories never heard before and you will dive into another world - the world of the communism. The tour will take you back to the time when Bulgaria was behind the so-called “iron curtain”.
White Shark Volunteer Project in Gansbaai, South Africa
A volunteer trip to South Africa, dedicated to the exploration and conservation of the world’s greatest predator, the Great White Shark, and its environment. During the trip you can observe these magnificent creatures and help to avoid their potential demise and save them!

Cycling Istrian Wine Roads Tour, Croatia
7-Day to Istria featuring cycling through the breathtaking landscape, visiting the medieval towns of Motovun, Grožnjan, Poreč, Rovinj and local winemakers, tasting wines and food specialties. Take a break, treat yourself to tasty delicacies and experience the charms of Istria.
Brazil Forests 4 Water Project
Atlantic Forest restoration pilot project, including not just planting trees, but also education, advocacy and growing community involvement. Volunteer to help to scale it up, get involved in restoring the forest and helping the planet, save the world!

Angola - Kwanza Giant Tarpon Quest Tour
A tour featuring the finest tarpon destination off the African coastline, in the warm waters of Central Angola. Experience world class fishing for giant Tarpon and massive Jack Crevalle, as the thrill of the experience is unbelievable highlighting an anglers’ fishing career.
15-Day Southern Africa Signature Safari
A 15-Day tour featuring Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Chobe National Park in Botswana, prior to heading to South Africa where you can explore Cape Town, the Garden Route, the scenic Panorama Route, Kruger National Park, and finally the famous Sabi Sand Game Reserve.

Greece Wine Tour 201 – Santorini & Crete: Islands of Wine
7-Day Wine Tour to the two islands known for their stunning beauty and outstanding wines. Crete will greet you with its unique cuisine and remarkably wonderful wines that wine lovers need to experience, while Santorini’s wines, especially the Assyrtico, will make you swoon.
Freshwater Fishing Charter, Australia
A freshwater fishing charter operating from the Gold Coast Broadwater to Moreton Bay. This trip is a wonderful opportunity to exercise one’s fishing passion. Some boats will also work impoundments, including Hinze Dam, Wivenhoe Dam, Maroon Dam and Moogerah Dam.

12 Days Spectacular Tanzania Safari Combination With Zanzibar Beach Holiday
A 12-Day spectacular tour combining safari adventure with quality time with nature. Beyond any doubt, teeming with wildlife and beautifully vibrant, this trip to one of the most exciting locations on earth will truly leave every traveler with some wonderful memories.
Great Ocean Road Tour
2-Day Tour along the Great Ocean Road featuring Tower Hill, Logan’s Beach, 12 Apostles, Apollo Bay, “Round the Twist” Lighthouse and more, giving you the chance to admire the Bay of Islands, Bay of Martyrs, the Grotto and London Bridge, and various animals, swim and have fun!

14-Day Uganda and Rwanda Safaris Tour
A 14-Day Uganda and Rwanda Safari Tour, during which you can see primates and gorillas, travel through local towns and villages and learn about the lifestyle of the people living in these areas, visit parks, volcanoes, Bujagali falls, Bwindi, Kibale and many more.
11-Day Ultimate Tour to Copper Canyon, Mexico
11-Day fully escorted tour to Copper Canyon, featuring one of the world’s most spectacular train rides, hiking and exploring this remarkable area, taking majestic views of the Canyon during dinners, visiting the Basaseachic Waterfall, Chihuahua City, and many more.

10-Day Namibia Exploration Tour
A 10-day exploration safari through the diverse landscapes of magnificent Namibia. You will experience a true adventure, taking in the Sossusvlei dunes and the Namib Desert, the life-filled Atlantic Ocean, the ancient Damaraland plains, and Etosha’s famous wildlife.
10-Day Hike to the Rwenzoris Tour
10-Day Hike to the so-called “Mountains of the Moon”, during which you will have the chance to climb to altitudes up to 4,000 meters, admire Elena glaciers, marvel at the beauty of the Bujuku and Kitandara lakes, follow the ridges through the forests and more.

Kenya Amboseli / Mara Safari Tour
6-Day Safari tour through Amboseli National Park, Masai Mara Game Reserve and Lake Naivasha, with game drives, amazing views of endless Savanna and Masai walking and herding their cattle on the way, and opportunities to explore the vast flora and fauna of the region.
Cape Town Art Tour
7-Day tour combining world class contemporary art with outstanding natural beauty, food, and drink. This is a rare opportunity to get to know Cape Town and its surrounds, while at the same time experience Africa’s dynamic contemporary art scene, at a key point in its development.