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Diving Resort in Italy

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Key Information:
Specialty Category: Diving resorts
Location: Italy
Min Price: 50 Euro (EUR) per day
Max Price: 85 Euro (EUR) per day

Our diving resort, immersed in Ustica’s beautiful green countryside set against the deep blue of the surrounding sea, is less than 2 miles from the island’s main square.

Accommodation includes independent fully equipped single and twin roomed mini apartments. Single room apartments each have air-conditioning, a small open plan kitchen and a private bathroom. All lead on to a spacious shared terrace equipped with umbrellas chairs and sunbeds that looks on to a small exclusive Mediterranean garden.

The two-roomed apartments each have an open plan kitchen, private bathroom, ceiling ventilators and either a private garden or patio equipped with outside cooking facilities.

The exception flexibility regarding board is a characteristic feature of our resort. In fact you will not be required to decide in advance as to whether you wish either half board, full board or self-catering. Guests are invited to choose on a daily basis where to dine – either at the resort club restaurant, in the privacy of their apartment or at one of the island’s many restaurants.

Given our “natural predilection” for good food and wine, ample space has been dedicated to the communal areas ‘the Tavern, the Gazebo, and our renowned Partydrome, where the pleasure of experiencing Ustica is transferred from exploring the crystal clear waters around the rocky shores to admiring sumptuously well lain dining tables.

Here adventures shared with diving companions become all the more intense between a plate of spaghetti in calamari and tomato sauce and a slice of grilled swordfish – accompanied by an excellent Chardonnay that often increases the size of the groupers seen during the dives from + 25% underwater to a good +50% over the dinner table!

The Resort’s Diving Center is organized in such a way as to guarantee our divers maximum comfort during all our activities. When you check-in you are provided with a net bag and a numbered coat hanger. On this you should hang your wet suit and stab jacket and put any other diving kit in the bag.

All the kit is taken on board and stowed for the duration of your stay. A weighted belt, which may be found on board, is tagged with the same I.D. number as the bag and the hanger so that it is easy to identify your equipment even in crowded situations.

Fresh water facilities are available on board for rinsing equipment. It is also possible to hire any and all equipment at the Center. Our dives are in the morning from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and in the afternoon from 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm 7 days a week from April to November.

All dives are guided by professional instructors and the participating divers are splitted accordingly to their level of experience. Groups are made of max. 6 divers. Night dives are organized weekly.

Our boat: Of our own design and made to measure especially for us in 2004, our 12 meter fiberglass boat caters not only for all the specific needs of our divers but also for those who accompany us aboard. Powered by a 300 hp VM Detroit Diesel engine she is fast and particularly stable.

The cockpit, galley and toilets are all to fore leaving 8 meters of open deck at diver’s complete disposal and the upper deck extends for 6 meters over the cockpit, includes a refreshments area, and is dedicated to soaking up the sun.

The stern diving deck is almost at water level and has two easy ladders that make getting back on board with all your diving gear on child’s play.

There are also two hot and cold freshwater showers on deck which are handy for a healthy post diving shower and also to rinse off regulators and camera equipment.

One thing that is particularly appreciated by our divers is the decompression bar. This is a 4 meters wide rigid bar that is lowered to a depth of 3.5 meters to provide a convenient place to perform a safety stop during ascent. Four second state regulators are attached to the bar and connected to a Nitrox gas cylinder on board. Those who wish may therefore decompress at the bar while breathing 32% Nitrox.

Our diving resort is open from April till November.

Property amenities:
Since its establishment in 1986 the reserve has been managed by Ustica’s local board of councilors. The success and consolidation of the reserve within the Ustican community has been integrated into the wealth of the island's population and is the main key to the island's promotion and development.

The number of scuba divers that visit and explore the waters of Ustica evidences the positive effect of the marine reserve. During every dive along the coast it is quite normal to see various species of marine life of size, quantity and color that are rare in other parts of the Mediterranean Sea.

The extensive and unique structure of the volcanic abyss of the island and the purity of the coastal waters favor the abundant presence of a complex variety of fauna that at only a few meters below the water's surface offer an exceptional range of colors and textures.

The Reserve is subdivided into three zones:
- Zone "A" Strict Conservation Area: Delimited by 5 large yellow buoys 350 m from the coast, this stretch of sea reaches from the small bay (Caletta) to the Sidoti Bay (Cala Sidoti) and is the most protected area of the Marine Reserve.

Thoroughfare and mooring of all water craft is prohibited in this area, as is fishing and any other activity might harm or disturb the environmental characteristics. Access to bathers is only permitted from the shore in the Caletta and Cala Sidoti areas.
- Zone "B" General Conservation Area: This area of the Reserve is delimited by the lighthouses at ‘Punta Cavazzi’ and ‘Punta Omo Morto’ on the northern coastline of Ustica and extends for three miles out to sea. Pleasure boats are allowed to navigate these waters; line fishing is permitted as is scuba diving but underwater fishing is not allowed.

Organisms, whether animal, vegetable or mineral may not be taken from this area. Professional fishermen residing on Ustica may operate in this zone if they have been issued with a permit by the municipality.
- Zone "C" Partial Reserve: This area concerns the whole southern coast of the island from Punta Omo Morto to Punta Cavazzi and extends three miles seawards. All marine activities allowed by current Italian legislation are permitted in this area. As of the year 2000, underwater fishing is also prohibited in Zone C. A permit is necessary for commercial fishing and may only be requested by local resident fishermen.

Nearby attractions and activities:
Although scuba-diving is its premier attraction, the small island of Ustica offers a range of interesting, alternative activities including:
- Excursions by bicycle along quiet country roads that wind around the island’s coastline. Along the western coastline, when you reach the Bourbon Tower at Punta Spalmatore, a guided tour in the company of the Reserve guards can be organized to the "Pink" grotto (Grotta Rosata), so called because of the pinkish color of the walls which are covered in an algae, reflecting the color from the light which filters through the vault from the open sky at sunset.

Close to the "Punta Spalmatore" light-house, you can relax and be refreshed with a swim in the natural pools; mirror like still waters surrounded by rocks but connected to the sea by an underwater passageway.
- For those who enjoy biking or hiking along mountain trails, the track that passes through the magnificent maritime pine woods, rising until it reaches the peak of mount "Guardia di Mezzo" at a height of 248 mt. above sea level, provides superb views before descending along the "Spalmatore" coast.
- As a variation on the hiking theme, it is possible to go by mule along the old trail that skirts the southern side of the island that was once used by farmers to transport grain to the mill. Here too the views are quite breathtaking.

Not to be missed are visits to Fortress, reconstructed by the Bourbons on a Roman base, dating back to 1763, and to the archaeological museum where artefacts found on the island, and dating back to various ages, are displayed.

Ustica can only be reached by sea. From Palermo hovercrafts run up to 3 times a day during the summer season (1 h-15'). From Naples between June and September 4 times a week(4 h-30').

- Deposit: min. Euro 100 for booking. Deposit is not refunded in case of cancellation
- Minimum stay: 3 nights
- Pets: small pets only
- Children under 2 years: free of charge
- Childcare: available on request.

Special prices quoted for groups (> 10 pax). Non-divers are welcome too.

1 week accommodation + 6 dives:
- double room: from Euro 365 to Euro 490 per person
- two-room apt.: from Euro 560 to Euro 815 per person.

1 week accommodation + 10 dives:
- double room: from Euro 480 to Euro 605 per person
- two-room apt.: from Euro 675 to Euro 930 per person.
* Supplement for single use: from Euro 150 to Euro 275 per week
* Prices vary according to season.

Prices vary according to high or low season and are referred to accommodation only. Dives are quoted separately. Package accommodation + dives can be quoted on customer's personal needs.

Price Includes:
- Independent fully equipped single and twin roomed mini apartments
- A net bag and a numbered coat hanger
- Professional instructors.

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Our diving resort, immersed in Ustica’s beautiful green countryside set against the deep blue of the surrounding sea is less than 2 miles from the island’s main square. Accommodation includes independent fully equipped single and twin roomed mini apartments. Single room apartments each have air-conditioning, a...

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