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Cayman Amazonia Nature Lodge

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Key Information:
Specialty Category: Eco lodges
Location: Peru
Min Price: 100 US Dollar (USD) per day
Max Price: 150 US Dollar (USD) per day

The lodge is a private enterprise created to protect the ecology and environment in harmony and comfort. Experienced guides will lead you on early morning nature walks informing you about the uses of the medicinal plants in the pristine jungle. After dinner the adventure of a night walk should not be missed as the nocturnal creatures come out of hiding and will amaze and surprise.

The Amazon Rainforest of Peru’s Tambopata National Reserve: Cayman Lodge Amazonia is the perfect location to explore the many wonders of the Amazon Rain forest. Here, the brightly colors Macaws and parrots congregate at specific locations along the riverbank. These Clay Licks, called a Kolpa, provide minerals essential to the bird diets. It is possible to observe rare groups of animals here, such as giant otters, tapirs, anacondas, jaguars, harpy eagles, boars, and capybara. The park's bird life is amazingly diverse with 590 species.

Property amenities:
Cayman Lodge Amazonia lodges are built here in typical wood with big bay windows protected by mosquito netting and roofs thatched with palm leaves. These installations are in harmony with the rain forest and will allow you to live an unforgettable dream. The bungalows have matrimonial chambers and individual bedrooms with two double beds, a bathroom and running water at room temperature. All the lodges have a table and armchairs outside to relax on.

Facilities include a living room, dining room, Peruvian-style rooms, a kitchen, storage room and hammock room. The electricity, candles and kerosene lamps are sometimes used to create a romantic and natural ambiance. The main entry has a living room and a big covered dining room protected with metallic mosquito netting. Coffee, hot water, herbal tea, fruit and cookies are available around the clock 24 hours a day. There is also a bar for socializing, games and books next to the dining room. The hammock room has a view up and down the Tambopata River and is perfect for relaxing.

Meals are prepared by our cooks with quality traditional products: some are Peruvian, others are vegetarian and still others have international flavors. A generator is only used during meals to charge the batteries that are used for radio communication and to prepare meals. Cayman Lodge Amazonia is a private project created to protect the ecology and environment in harmony and comfort. The natural beauty of this site is crying out to be known and experienced. Everything is recycled to protect nature as much as possible and minimize the effects of our installation in this protected zone.

Nearby attractions and activities:
This vast region which is located in the Madre de Dios department, only 30 minutes by plane from Cuzco, is the most well-preserved zone of the Amazonian rain forest in South America. The amazing biodiversity encountered in this protected area is the result of its location between the "skirts" of the Andes Alps, the low floodable forest and the plain. Even a short visit to this reserve guarantees a moving and colorful experience.

The Cayman Amazonia Lodge is located in the heart of the Tambopata Reserve Amazon Rain forest.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Flight to Puerto Maldonado and trip out to Cayman Lodge Amazonia. After your morning arrival in Puerto Maldonado, you will be met at the airport by your guide who will take you to the main harbor where you will catch a boat to the lodges. You will be going up the Tambopata River for approximately two hours. When you arrive you will be given a welcome cocktail to cool down and meet the staff. Then you will be given a short visit of the lodge installations. You will go on a walk in the jungle around Cayman Lodge Amazonia, dominated by Brazilian nut trees, in the afternoon. The mammals that you will often see on these trails are tamarinier and Capuchin monkeys, as well as anujes or agouti rodents, the pacas or snakes from Cuba, the blue "morphos" butterflies, toucans and many other bird species. After the evening meal there will be a night time outing to see the animals or insects whose particularity is having shiny eyes. Then you will spend the night in your lodge. Meals included: (L).

Day 2: Macaw Clay Lick, called a Kolpa. Get back in the boat to continue your trip up the river for 4 ½ hours towards Tambopata National Reserve where you will find the kolpa with the biggest surface area in this region. After lunch your guide will take you to explore the network of trails and build a camp site on the beach near the kolpa. Most of the equipment you will need to camp out will be provided. You will spend the night here camping under the stars of the Amazon Rain forest. Meals included: (B), (D).

Day 3: Early in the morning we arrive at the kolpa before the birds do and can see the fairytale-like show of their arrival. They come to find a special clay lick that contains salts and minerals. There are on average several hundreds of parrots and Macaws that visit the kolpa on a daily basis. Some are red, others are blue, yellow, red and green, have a brown forehead or a blue head. This kolpa is considered to be one of the biggest in the world. Late in the morning you will go on a long walk on the trails looking for the 9 species of monkeys that exist in this region: spider-monkey, squirrel-monkey, wistiti as well as tapir, capybara, pecari and jaguar. After lunch you will go for a canoe ride up the river to discover a small stream of clear water where you can swim. This stream is located in the jungle interior. You will camp out on the beach near the Kolpa. Meals included: (B), (D).

Day 4: Morning show of Macaws and parrots and then return to Cayman Lodge Amazonia. In the afternoon you will walk along the banks of lake Condenado where you will see another type of ecosystem. This one was created over a period of one hundred years when the river changed its course. It is rich in aquatic plants and birds like herons, egrets, "jacanas", prehistoric birds called "shanshos" with a special call and the noisy "danocobios". Back to the lodges. Tonight you will go looking for caymans and capybaras and will be sung to sleep by the symphony of the jungle. Meals included: (D).

Day 5: Start the trip back to Port Maldonado. You will have an amazing view of the sunrise on the Tambopata river. Your guide will take care of everything you need right up to your departure from the airport. Meals included: (B).

- 3 days/2 nights: 250-280 USD (per person based on double occupancy)
- 4 days/3 nights: 325-425 USD (per person based on double occupancy)
- 5 days/4 nights: 470 USD (per person based on double occupancy).

Price Includes:
- All meals and conveniences (camping equipment) from lunch on the first day to breakfast on the last day
- Transportation from your arrival at Puerto Maldonado until you return to the airport
- All guided tours described on the itinerary (including additional days if you wish)
- A night time outing on the river to look for caymans.

Price Excludes:
- Your plane tickets
- Airport taxes
- Tree-climbing equipment
- Drinks you may order in the bar
- Tips.

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