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Argentina - Poitahue Hunting Ranch - Big Game & Wingshooting. More than 70,000 acres of wilderness

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Key Information:
Specialty Category: Hunting lodges
Location: Argentina
Min Price: 400 US Dollar (USD) per day
Max Price: 400 US Dollar (USD) per day

Poitahue Hunting with its +70,000 acres of free range and endless emotions offers 3 native Big Game species in between Red Deer Stags, Puma and Wild Boar plus 9 exotics Big Game options like Buffalo, Blackbuck, Mouflon, Fallow Deer, Dorset and Four Horned Sheep, Scottish Black Face, Wild Goats plus more. We own and manage a well-known family Hunting Ranch called "Poitahue", along with Hunting Ranch "El Diamante", the well-known "Monasterio" Exotic Preserve and 6 agriculture Ranches for bird hunting lovers.

"Poitahue" and "El Diamante" are located on Loventhue district, a place well known among Red Deer Trophy hunters. It is one of the most remarkable hunting regions in Argentina. Our “El Monasterio” Hunting Preserve has 7,000 acres free range section and 4,500 acres of Preserve sections that holds record class trophies of several exotic and native species. A truly Exotic Hunting Ranch with great access to Santa Rosa Local airport and Santa Rosa night Life & Casino.

We also offer High End Dove, Pigeon & Partridge hunting through our set of 6 family owned agriculture ranches suitable for these sports. A grand slam of nearby ranches specially selected and dedicated to bird hunting. We guarantee hundreds of doves and pigeons plus partridge for bird Hunters or any other hunter who wants to have a mixed hunting experience. Also, we offer one of the best water fowling Ducks option with a nearby selected lodge highly qualified for that sport.

We are proud of being one of the firsts hunting Ranches to offer premium rifle, bow or black powder guided big game hunts and also bird hunting hunts. We manage and assure native food resources year round for our wild game to ensure the best trophy quality achievable on free range animals.

Regarding Bowhunters; we can provide you with one of the best full-service bow hunts in Argentina conducted on our family owned lodges. Everyone at Poitahue will go the extra mile to assure every bow hunter gets a truly premium hunt. Poitahue Hunting Ranch maintains a premium 2,500 acres section for bow hunters; a bow only section fully dedicated to demanding Archers! A special section so as to assure you a bow friendly hunting ranch. On top of this, most stands, blinds, food plot locations and feeders are also suitable for bow hunters. Hunts are conducted by professional guides on a one x one basis with hunting techniques like stalking on foot or treestands, ground stand/blind hunting.

Property amenities:
Poitahue Ranch accommodations are world class; the lodge has been totally refurnished and prepared to accommodate more than 10 hunters plus companions. Come and stay in on one of our premium double based suite rooms specially geared up for hunting activities; Generous air conditioned suite rooms with comfortable beds. A main lodge house with 2 private suite rooms, a living room and main dining room with fireplace, 2 fully equipped bungalows each with 2 private suite rooms and private hall room for your hunting gear and preparation.

A separate club house consisting of a large living room with fireplace and a lovely bar saloon which tends to be the spot for late hours reunions and post hunt appetizers. We also have an area for gun cleaning with an office that has wireless and patch cord Internet access along with a desktop PC at no charge.

Our staff includes chefs fully dedicated to prepare delicious home-style and international meals & desserts. Poitahue´s Private Wine and Beer will be always available at no extra charge. A place expected to be a Hunting spot with personalized services, a close encounter with Argentina customs, a hunting vacations at your desired level.

Nearby attractions and activities:
- La Pampa province´s capital: Santa Rosa city.
- International level Casino at Santa Rosa.
- Victorica town. Named the capital of the "Red Deer Hunting".
- Pedro Luro National and Historic Preserve.
- Lagoon Don Tomás
- Buenos Aires city

Located in La Pampa province. At 440 miles or 2 hs flight from Buenos Aires. “Poitahue” and “El Diamante” ranches at 100 miles and “Monasterio” at 20 miles from Santa Rosa local Airport.

Hunting days will vary according to the chosen program. If overnight in Buenos Aires is needed hotel is not included in the price of the hunt. We can advice and book hotels in Buenos Aires City with preferential prices in case the hunter wants to spend some additional days at Buenos Aires. All payments must be made in US Dollar currency.

Hunt will be confirmed at the time deposit is received. The deposit will consist of pre payment of 30% of the package booked. The balance of the package cost must be paid no later than 30 days prior to the hunt date. Additional costs such as additional trophies taken or other costs not included in the booked package must be paid at the conclusion of the hunt. Payment can be made via cash or bank checks. Species available at the Ranch as per Price List attached.

Trophy Policy: If an animal is wounded, we will do our best to follow it and dispatch it humanely. In the rare and unfortunate event that this is not possible, the trophy fee must be fully paid. Evidence of wounding will mean blood or tissue traces found at or near the point of impact. We recommend both reliable taxidermists and/or shipping agents in order to assure correct handling of your trophies during or after packing, shipping, tanning and mounting.

We offer several year round packages as tailor made bundles. Our free range trophies have no extra cost on size, no size limit!

- Red Stag Rut Hunt at "Poitahue" USD 5,300: Full week with Red Stag.

- Red Stag post Rut Hunt at "Poitahue" USD 4,400: Full week with Red Stag.

- Pigeon and Dove and Partridge Full Day Hunt USD 540: Lodging and Full Day with high volume wing shooting plus partridge.

- Partridge with dogs Full Day Hunt USD 850: Lodging and Full Day with high volume wing shooting plus partridge.

- Duck and Partridge Full Day Hunt USD 950: Lodging and Full Day with high volume duck hunting plus dove.

- Red Stag Post Rut plus Dove Hunt: Red Deer or Buffalo + wild boar + management red deer + 2 short sessions Doves.

- Red Stag or Buffalo + BlackBuck Hunt: Red Deer or Buffalo + 1 blackbuck Antelope or 2 Rams + wild boar + management red deer.

- Argentina Safari 1 Special: Red Deer or Buffalo, Antelope, Ram, wild boar, management red deer.

- Argentina Safari 2 Special: Red Deer/Buffalo, Antelope, Ram, 2 Dove shooting sessions, wild boar, Management red deer.

- Post Rut Family Red Stag: Red Deer/Buffalo, boar and management red deer for companion.

- Post Rut Family Safari: Red Deer/Buffalo, Ramsx2 and boar and management red deer for companion.

- SCI South American Diamond (12 Species): 12 big game species required to complete the SCI Diamond.

Standard Hunting Packages Include:
- Reception at Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires
- Ground Transfer to and from Ezeiza, Jorge Newbery and Santa Rosa Airports
- Advisory and bookings coordination for Buenos Aires premium hotels
- Poitahue or Monasterio Hunting Lodge premium accommodation and facilities
- Food and Beverages
- House spirits, Beer and Poitahue´s special Wine (Other top quality wines at additional cost)
- Satellite Direct TV, Desktop Computer and free wireless internet access are available
- One on One guide
- Trackers, cleaning staff, tags and trophies´ documents in order to export your trophy
- Taxidermist and Trophy exportation Advisory. We recommend both reliable taxidermists and/or shipping agents in order to assure correct handling of your trophies during or after packing, shipping, tanning and mounting
- Advisory and booking coordination for shows in Buenos Aires city like tango shows
- Advisory and booking coordination for different activities like golf tours, fishing tours, etc.

Standard Hunting Packages do not include:
- Hunting Licenses (Red Stag at USD 110 - Full Big Game at USD 290)
- Items of a Personal Nature (Phone calls, Laundry, etc.)
- Guide Tips (suggested tip of aprox USD 200 per week)
- Ammunition (25 shells box USD 14)
- Gun importation fee (around USD 100)
- Trophies tags (Red Deer USD 22, Buffalo USD 21)
- Capping for shoulder mounts: USD 150/trophy
- Hard liquors on Hunting Lodge

No Hunting Companions: 250 US$ per day. We offer discounts for big groups and additional hunting options as wing shooting add-ons or additional big game species. Hunting licenses are not included and may be acquired at the lodge.