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Spain Hunts

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 7 - 10 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 4 people
Destination: Spain  
Category: Hunting outfitters
Specialty: Chamois, Goat  
Season: September - March
Min Price: 650 US Dollar (USD) per day
Max Price: 750 US Dollar (USD) per day

Spain is a very important country for the European game species. There are four Spanish Ibex subspecies and two Chamois subspecies. Hunting is through stalking on private hunting grounds on in national wildlife reserves. Lodging is provided in small hotels close to the hunting ground or in hunting houses when they are present, with excellent food and vines.

Daily Rates:

1 Hunter, 1 Professional - US $ 750
2 Hunters, 1 Professional - US $ 650
Observer - US $ 350

Trophy Fees:

Spanish Ibex (all subspecies up to 225 points)- US $ 7.900
Spanish Red Stag - US $ 4.800
Muflon Sheep - US $ 3.900
Cantabrian Chamois - US $ 5.900
Pyrenean Chamois - US $ 4.900
Fallow Deer - US $ 3.700
Roe Deer - US $ 3.900
Wild Boar - US $ 1.900
Barbary Sheep - US $ 5.000
Feral Goat - US $ 2.800
Feral Goat (gold medal)- US $ 3.900
Balearian bok - US $ 5.900

Rates Include:

Airport assistance, gun clearance, ground transportation, meals and lodging during the hunt, professional hunter, skinning, salting and trophy care, hunting license, hunting permit and insurance.

Rates Don’t Include:

Hotel and meals before and after the hunt, VAT, trophy packing and shipping, taxidermy, export permits, veterinary certificates and legal order (USD 500 per box), airline tickets, phone calls and tips.


50% of the total value of the hunt is necessary for booking; the remaining 50% is due one month before the hunt starts.


• Minimum 4 days of hunt.
• The hunting program must include a minimum of 2 trophies.
• 22% taxes of final invoice will be added to the total cost (IVA).
• Traveling days are included in the duration of the program.
• When all trophies booked are collected the hunt is considered over.
• The trophy fees should be paid if the animals are wounded and not found.
• Non hunter fees are USD 350 if no extra vehicles are required.
• Ibex over 225 points USD 350 per point.
• For Ibex: Due to game department regulations only two chances are possible to collect the trophies, trophy fees should be paid if missed both times. Two hunting days are the maximum duration of the hunt for one trophy when hunting in national parks due to game department regulations.
• The airport of arrival should be Madrid or Barcelona.
• All prices are based on 1 EUR = 1,25 USD exchange rate. In case the rate varies over 3% of the one stated, prices will be re-calculated based on the daily exchange rate.
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