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Armenia Hunts

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 7 - 10 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 2 people
Destination: Armenia  
Category: Hunting outfitters
Specialty: Goat, Sheep  
Season: January - December
Min Price: 650 US Dollar (USD) per day
Max Price: 750 US Dollar (USD) per day

We organize the Bezoar Ibex hunt in two areas which are considered best in Armenia, in the Jeregijsk Valley, where one can also hunt in autumn, and on the Urcasar Mountain. The Ibex hunt is done on the steep rocks that are very frequent in these mountains, about 120 km from Erevan, while the Muflon sheep hunt is organized on the Urcasar Mountain in the Megri area, about 500 km from Erevan.

The hunt is done by waiting in the proximity of water dens or by stalking at about 2000–2500 meters of altitude. Normally one can get a very good trophy in 3 to 5 days. Lodging is provided in small hotels with private bathroom in the hunting areas or in tents for the Muflon Sheep hunt or combined.

Daily Rates:
- 1 Hunter, 1 Professional: USD 750
- 2 Hunters, 1 Professional: USD 650
- Observer USD 350
- Trophy Fees:
* Armenian Muflon Sheep: USD 6.800
* Bezoar Ibex: USD 5.600
* Caucasian Bear: USD 4.900.

Price Includes:
- Airport assistance
- Gun clearance
- Ground transportation
- Meals and lodging during the hunt
- Professional hunter
- Skinning, salting and trophy care
- Hunting permit
- Insurance.

Price Excludes:
- Trophy fees
- Hotel and meals before and after the hunt
- Trophy packing and shipping
- Taxidermy
- Export permits
- Veterinary certificates and legal order (USD 500 per box)
- Airline tickets
- Visa payment
- Hunting license:
* Ibex: USD 150
* Muflon sheep and Bear: USD 200
* Contribution for local development of USD 500 for every trophy
- Phone calls
- Tips.

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