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Salmon Fishing in Alaska

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 5 - 8 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 10 people
Destination: Alaska  
Category: Fishing outfitters
Specialty: Salmon  
Season: June - September
Min Price: 3800 US Dollar (USD) Per person
Max Price: 6000 US Dollar (USD) Per person

It’s a trip of a lifetime. We provide all the spinning gear. All you have to do is show up and we will handle the rest. Fly-fishermen will need to bring their own gear. It is virgin fishing in lush green valleys surrounded by beautiful mountains. Rarely will you encounter anyone else outside of your party. As a matter of fact, you will probably see more bears than people! Not to worry. The bears are much more interested in the salmon than in you! This is quite a contrast to "combat fishing" on the Kenai Peninsula! Many lodges in Alaska advertise that they have five species of salmon to entice fisherman. And yes, Larsen Bay does have all five species, if you’re counting. But in reality, there are only three that are considered desirable and avidly pursued by most fishermen in Alaska.

The three highly prized salmon species are commonly called King, Red and Silver Salmon in Alaska. You will also notice there are two names for each species - a proper name and a common name. To make things a little more confusing, all fresh run salmon are silver in color, but should not be confused with the Silver Salmon, which is actually a Coho Salmon. At our Lodge, we often refer to any fresh run salmon as a "chromer", meaning bright chrome-colored. These salmon fresh from the ocean are the best eating. The longer they stay in fresh water, the darker they get and the meat becoming increasingly soft. Because we offer both freshwater and saltwater fishing there is a greater variety of experiences.

Our freshwater fishing conducted in several rivers accessed by our own Dehavilland Beaver on floats. The world renowned Karluk River which lies within the privately owned native corporation restricts access is only a 5 minute flight. The Karluk provides the best King Salmon fishing in Alaska. The kings are not as large as those found in the Kenai River, (Karluk Kings average 20-40 lbs), but there are no crowds and the shallow Karluk yields more fish per fisherman. We have experienced days when one group of our fishermen have landed over 100 Kings! We offer raft trips on the Karluk with pick up at the end of the day down river in the Beaver for the short flight back to the comforts of our lodge. Whether you are fishing the the Karluk for Kings, Reds, or Silvers, one of the highlights of the raft trips is our "shore lunch".

Your guide will take one of your freshly caught salmon and prepare a delicious meal over a fire! In the Fall, freshwater fishing for Silver Salmon is accessed by boat across Uyak Bay to some of the most picturesque streams in Alaska. We also has the advantage of offering trolling for salmon in saltwater for variety and convenience. In September, for instance, you can be anchored for halibut and Silvers are jumping all around the boat feeding on candle-fish and other bait-fish. After you catch your limit of halibut, all you have to do is pull up the anchor, put the boat in gear and begin catching 12-20 lb. Silvers! No matter whether you are a fly fisherman or use our spinning tackle, fish freshwater or saltwater, you can’t beat the variety, convenience, comfort, beauty, and diverse wildlife found here on mystical Kodiak Island, Alaska! Experience the adventure!

- 4 Days/ 5 Nights – $3800.00
- 5 Days/ 6 Nights – $4750.00
- 6 Days/ 7 Nights – $5500.00
- 7 Days/ 8 Nights – $6000.00

Price Includes:
- Lodging
- Meals
- Guide
- Fishing Charters
- Bear and Whale viewing
- Fishing equipment
- Fish Cleaning and packaging material.

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