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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 1 - 3 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 6 people
Destination: Philippines  
Category: Scuba diving operators
Specialty: Diving instructor  
Season: January - December
Min Price: 60 US Dollar (USD) Per person
Max Price: 540 US Dollar (USD) Per person

If you don't have a diving certificate already, just take your first dive when you're visiting us at Big La Laguna Beach. Our dive course instructors have many years' experience in teaching a wide selection of PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) courses taught in English, Danish, Dutch, and Chinese. The beginning dive course where you receive certificate is called an open water dive course. Big La Laguna Beach is a wonderful beach to learn scuba diving and take lessons with our beginning Open Water Dive Course.

Tune Up Dive Lesson:

Many people don't get to dive regularly, just when they're on a holiday or vacation. So you can forget some of the diving basics. This tune-up course is for those that haven't been diving for a while and who want to refresh the important points and practices of safe diving.

- Dive course duration: 2 hours
- Price: 60 USD.

Discover Scuba Diving:

This dive course takes only two hours to complete: this is an introduction to diving, a little theory, and then a dive in the ocean. After completing the course you get a "vacation certificate" which is valid for 21 days, during which time you can do follow-up dives (which must be accompanied by an instructor and to a maximum depth of 12 meters). This dive course can be used as the first part of an Open Water Diver course if you decide your ready for more.

- Dive course duration: 2-3 hours
- Price: 60 USD.

Adventure Diver:

You must have completed the Open Water course before taking the Adventure Diver Course here at Big La Laguna Beach. This course includes three dives. Two of these - Navigation and Depth - are the required dives. The last dive is your choice between Night, Current, Multi-level, Wreck, and Naturalist dive (where you learn about corals and fish). If you are under 15 years the certificate is called Junior Adventure Diver.

- Dive course duration: 1 day
- Price: 240 USD.

PADI Advanced Open Water:

After you've passed the Open Water Course you can go on to the advanced course. The dive course is focused on five parts. The first two - depth is down to 30 meters (juniors max 21) and navigation - are required. For the remaining three you can choose between the following:
* Altitude Diver
* Drift Diver
* Dry Suit Diver
* Multilevel Diver
* Peak Performance Buoyancy
* Underwater Naturalist
* Underwater Photographer
* AWARE Fish Identification
* Boat Diver
* Deep Diver
* Dive Propulsion Vehicle
* Night Diver
* Search and Recovery Diver
* Underwater Videographer
* Underwater Navigation
* Wreck Diver.

- Dive course duration: normally 2-3 days
- Price: 300 USD.

EFR (Emergency First Response):

Be ready in an emergency, take this program. The Medic First Aid program covers basic training for cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and emergency care. It’s a medically based program covering primary and secondary care. Treatments follow the national consensus guidelines. The program is designed for divers and non-divers, and meets the CPR and first aid prerequisite for earning your Advanced Plus PADI rating and PADI Rescue Diver. This course is a prerequisite for taking the PADI Rescue Diver (if you haven't taken a first-aid course within the last two years). If you’re seeking CPR/first aid training to meet a diving program requirement, this program is for you.

- Price (if part of rescue course): 85 USD
- Price (if stand-alone): 145 USD.

Rescue Scuba Diver Course:

We can make an accident prevention and management course fun. Its called the PADI Rescue Diver program! The PADI Rescue Diver program gives you knowledge and develops your skills so you can perform diver assists and rescues effectively, help to manage diving accident situations and render needed first aid. The program is an important in expanding your knowledge and experience as a diver. The Rescue Diver Course that we offer from PADI (or the equivalent) certification is also a prerequisite all PADI leadership programs that we offer here in Puerta Galera at Big La Laguna Beach Dive Resort.

To get into the PADI Rescue Diver program, you’ll need to be certified as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent) and completed more than 20 dives. You’ll need to have successfully completed the Medic First Aid course or a recognized program in CPR within the past two years and provide us a copy of your certificate.

The PADI Rescue Diver program covers:
* Self-rescue and diver stress
* Diving first aid
* Emergency management and equipment considerations
* Swimming and non-swimming assists
* Panicked diver response
* Underwater problems
* Missing diver procedures
* Surfacing an unconscious diver
* In the water artificial respiration
* Egress (exits)
* First aid procedures for pressure related accidents
* Dive accident possible situations.

- Price: 540 USD.

Discover Nitrox Scuba Dive Course:

This is a short introductory scuba dive course for diving with Nitrox, an enriched air mixture that gives you the ability have longer dives and get into the water again sooner after a dive.

- Dive course duration: 1 day
- Price: 70 USD.

Nitrox Specialty Scuba Dive Course:

This dive course is an in-depth Nitrox scuba dive course. With Nitrox you can save time, stay under water longer, do another dive again much sooner. You will feel less tired during your diving stay here in Philippines for more dives or relaxing at our resort here on Big La Laguna Beach. The Dive course requires only that you already have an Open Water certificate. This dive course takes approx. 12 course lectures and dives spread over 2 days here at our dive center.

- Dive course duration: 2 days
- Price: 320 USD.

Specialized Philippines Dive Courses Puerto Galera:

The following scuba dive courses require that you've already completed as a minimum the Advanced Open Water Diver course:

Scuba Dive Course/number of dives:
* Deep Diver/4
* Peak Performance/2
* Naturalist/2
* Wreck specialty/4
* Drift specialty/2
* Multilevel/2
* Night specialty/3
* Search and recover/4
* Underwater navigator/3.

- Price: 60 USD per dive.
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