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Philippines Diving Sites Near Puerto Galera

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 2 - 6 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 6 people
Destination: Philippines  
Category: Scuba diving operators
Specialty: Dive boat  
Season: January - December
Min Price: 185 US Dollar (USD) Per person
Max Price: 1430 US Dollar (USD) Per person

Mindoro Island in the Philippines is recognized as one of the very best diving areas in all of Asia. You can confirm this for yourself several times a day by diving at the dozens of diving sites within a 15 minute boat trip from our dive resort at Big La Laguna Beach. The underwater visibility varies, but is normally at the positive side of 15-20 meters. One of the most unusual aspects of the diving sites around Mindoro Island is the rich mixture of hard and soft corals. Also the big difference between high and low tide gives great opportunities for some serious drift dives!

Below you'll find a selection of some of the dive sites near Puerto Galero for all Philippine Divers:

- The Kilemar Drift. Probably the most famous dives near Puerto Galera, Mindoro Island that attracts visitors from far away. At low tide, and at the time of a new moon, you will find some of the fastest water in the Philippines. Here it's not only a question of what you see, but also the exhilarating experience of "flying" with the current! A first class drift dive! Depth is 18 or 30 meters.

- Monkey Beach, Dugong Wall and West Escarcio. These three places are one continuous coral garden. A great variety of animal species are found among the many different and very colorful corals. Divers will want to return to these areas again and again. Depth is 5-25 meters.

- Laguna Wreck, Sabang Wreck,Dugong Wreck and Boulders. All these wrecks, except the Japanese wreck, have been sunk especially for the purpose of wreck diving. The wrecks are the homes for larger fish like groupers, snappers etc. The wrecks vary in size from 20 to 40 meters, and the depth from 16 to 45 meters. The Japanese wreck is a Japanese gunboat that was sunk by the Americans during World War II. It is situated at 42 meters depth and has almost disappeared. Only the engine and the propeller remain. Two huge moray eels live here. They like to eat sausages and other delicacies that divers often bring them. Often you will also find a large shoal of sweet lips around the wreck. Diving at the wreck can be combined with "The Boulders", a collection of large rocks, cracks and small holes. Many sea snakes are found here too. Depth is 6 - 25 meters.

- Deep West Escarsio. This dive is often made as a multilevel dive: 10 minutes at 35 meters, 10 minutes at 20 meters, 10 minutes at 12 meters, and a swimming stop (5 minutes at 3-5 meters). Here you will often be able to see both sharks and turtles. A real exciting and fascinating dive.

- Shark Caves. If you want a close encounter with sharks this is the place to be! Two caves at a depth of 27-30 meters are the homes of the blue-spotted stingray and the white-tipped reef shark measuring up to to meters in length. The dive can be combined with "The Atoll", a huge rock at a depth of 15-32 meters surrounded by a great variety of animal life.

- Canyons. This is a large area consisting - as the name indicates - of 3 canyons on the bottom of the sea. The current is often rather strong which attracts large shoals of tuna, barracuda, jack fish etc. On the best days, a dive at this site will show you the whole spectrum of marine animal life, from lobsters to sharks! Depth is 20 - 32 meters.

- Fishbowls, the Abyss. This is a demanding and very deep dive with strong currents. Fishbowls is a depression in the bottom of the sea formed like a bowl. Here you'll normally find large fish of different kinds, often sharks. The Abyss is a large area consisting of many small and medium-sized rocks, and a steep cliff or wall rising from a white sanded bottom. Two huge groupers, weighing about 100 kilos each, live here. They are very shy and will hide in small caves if divers approach. There are also excellent possibilities of meeting sharks! The depth of the Abyss is not - as the name implies - bottomless, but around 35-38 meters. The Mindoro Island area offers several other deep and very demanding dives of a similar kind. Those dives are only for experienced technical divers.

- Our rinse tanks. Fairly quiet and predictable, absolutely no current, for those who miss the bathtub. Max depth is 0.5 meters, but then you surely have a bottom time stretching into multiple hours.

- Night diving and other goodies! Big La Laguna Dive Resort at Puerto Galera also offer night dives, which gives the diving sites a completely different dimension! You can also to take part in day trips to Verde Island (about 45 minutes by boat), which offers outstanding tropical diving. Also, we offer all PADI diving courses from "Open Water" to "Assistant Instructor" Puerto Galera, Philippines has a lot of exciting dives.

- Bring videos home! Don't miss the opportunity to make friends and relatives green with envy when you return home! We can contract a professional photographer to accompany you when you go diving and record your underwater adventures on video.

Price Includes:
- Boat
- Guide.

- The prices are for a single dive
- Night dives are USD 10 extra
- If you rent all equipment 30 USD per dive (1 tank)
- If you only need tank and weights 25 USD per dive (1 tank).

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