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Russia - Altay Region (Maral and Ibex)

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 12 - 15 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 6 people
Destination: Russia  
Category: Hunting outfitters
Specialty: Elk, Goat  
Season: August - December
Min Price: 7000 Euro (EUR) Per person
Max Price: 12000 Euro (EUR) Per person

The hunting territories are located in the very heart of Altai, nearby the Belukha mountain (4506 m). Various and magnificent landscape will follow you during all your trip, but you’ll get the best impressions when see such wild animals as maral, ibex, roe, bear and wolf.

Ibex is the grandest species of goats. It is a rather massive animal of stout complexion. Chest is deep, neck is short and strong. Head is broad in forehead, but narrow below, proportional: he-goats have big brown or black beards under the mandible. He-goats are bigger than females. Adult and old persons are showed up first of all by big horns and darker fir coloring.

In the mountains in the south of Western Siberia marals are well-known from ancient times. The subspecies of noble deer is the largest representative of the real deer, living in the territory of Russia. Maral has a slender, proportional build. Bucks are rather more massive than hinds. A stag’s antlers are big, powerful, and symmetric; all points are well developed, their ends are sharply turned up. Average trophy size is approximately 100 – 110 cm. Trophies up to 130 ñm can be met. Ibex horns have big size, which let the trophy look more pucka.

Usually professional guides obviously can roar as a Maral on the so called Maral's trumpet, this is a traditional method of hunt in Gorno-Altaisk. The sizes of the big marals are between 10 and 16 kg. The hunting is carried out in totally wild mountainous area, approximately 2500 – 3000 meters above sea level; it is tiresome and demands good calisthenics. Removals between hunting places are done by horse or on foot.

Hunting area: District of Barnaul town and Gorno-Altaisk town. Transfer: 4 hours flight Moscow-Barnaul (or direct flight from Frankfurt (Germany) to Novosibirsk, then 200 km by car to Barnaul town), then about 700 km by car to the hunting area. The flight on helicopter to the hunting area is possible. Accommodation: Hunting lodges and heated tents.

Price Includes:
- All transfers at hunt
- Accommodation
- Meals
- Field preparation of the trophies
- 1 Maral trophy not bigger 12kg.
- 1 Ibex trophy not bigger 105cm.

Price Excludes:
- Flight Moscow - Barnaul - Moscow
- Transfer to Lodge and back to airport
- Paperwork for export/import rifle or trophies
- International flight to Moscow.

Booking of the tour per hunter - 50%.

Additional Trophy / Season
Bear - May-June, September-October
Maral - September-October
Ibex - August - November
Roedeer - August - October
wolf - Whole year

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