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Alaska Caribou Hunting

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 5 - 7 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 15 people
Destination: Alaska  
Category: Hunting outfitters
Specialty: Caribou / reindeer, Other big game  
Season: January - December
Min Price: 1150 US Dollar (USD) per person
Max Price: 10500 US Dollar (USD) per person

Bristol Bay

This outfitter will provide you with experienced, dependable guide service and excellent big game hunting opportunities in some of Alaska's most scenic and pristine wilderness. From their camps near the salmon choked streams and lakes of Bristol Bay, to the high arctic sheep valleys of the Brooks Range, this Alaska outfitter will work hard to ensure a memorable and rewarding experience. Clients have consistenly been successful in taking good trophies of their desired species, in a fair chase and sportsmanlike manner.

Their exclusive guide area in Southwest Alaska (Bristol Bay) is located in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge (TNWR). The area covers over 3,000 square miles. Also utilized is the Wood-Tikchik State Park in conjunctionn with a friend and fellow guide/outfitter. The Wood-Tikchik State Park has thirteen lakes that drain the Killbuck Mountains and feed two major river systems. This area offers excellent opportunities for spring and fall brown bear as well as, caribou and moose.

They have two exclusive ares in the northeast corner of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), often called the last great wilderness remaining in North America. The area is 100 miles by 60 miles. ANWR is excellent sheep habitat, as well as home to healthy grizzly and moose populations. It is also the seasonal backyard for the Porcupine caribou herd. The major valleys have thin strands of spruce and willow below 2,700 feet and rise to 7,000 foot peaks, mostly rock and tundra meadows.

Cairn Mountains

Nestled at the base of the Cairn Mountains in the Lime Hills, west of the Alaska Range, this hunting lodge is located in prime, secluded hunting country. Its remoteness is hard to duplicate; it's scenery unmatched. Accessible only by airplane, this area is remote to man, but home to an abundance of game. A short one-hour flight via turbo jet twin engin aircraft, across the Cook Inlet and the Alaska Range will deliver you to the lodge's doorstep. The lodge sits in the heart of eighty acres of land homesteaded in the 70's.

Your hunt will begin from the lodge's front door, or one of the many nearby spike camps. Lodge owned aircraft (and pilots) are always available at the lodge. Diverse hunting locations, combined with the flexibility to change camps provide you the best opportunity for a successful hunt. Another plus is that the owner of the lodge has been guiding in this area for over thirty years. You will find game plentiful as this is home to superb habitat for moose, caribou, and black bear.

In addition to the remoteness of the lodge, you will find many comforts of home. The lodge is equipped with a wood-fired sauna, as well as modern plumbing. The on site, experienced chef prepares meals. A huge walk-in freezer provides proper storagefor your meat and trophies. At the end of a perfect day, your warm cabin awaits. Rest assured you will be provided a quality and memorable trip.

Drop Camps

This outfitter utilizes high performance floatplanes to ensure you access to the best trophy areas Alaska has to offer. They pride themselves in providing the most complete hunt possible, and constantly scout productive areas with high game concentrations, which in turn gives us an excpetionally high success rate. They have pioneered the use of float equipped Super Cub aircraft to hunt area with very little or no hunting pressure. Their years of experience flying Alask's backcountry enable them to provide you with the edge you need to bag your Alaska big game trophy.

The second drop camp option will begin in a spike camp. Upon bagging an animal the hunter will return to the lodge. Everything is provided in this package except for the hunters firearm, personal gear, hunter's license and tags. The price inlcudes boning, boxing and freezing of meat. Trophy preparation is done by the hunter. You will fly from Anchorage in a chartered turbojet twin engine aircraft. The lodge has several weekly flights leaving Anchorage. These flights are scheduled the months of Augsut and September. Each hunter will be limited to 55 pounds of gear coming out on the chartered flight. That 55 pounds includes the hunters firearm and any beverages. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game considers the 20-06 an adequate firearm while hunting big game animals in Alaska. It is of equal importance to use a caliber the hunter is familiar with and one of which the hunter feels comfortable. Firearms can be sited-in at the lodge, however, they recommend the hunter be proficient in the use of the firearm before arriving at the lodge.

5 Day - $1550 per person
Brooks Range - $10,500 (with moose)
7 Day 2x1 - $3,800 each

Licenses, tags and gratuities extra.

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