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Trophy Hunting in South Africa

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 7 - 21 day(s)
Group Size: 1 - 4 people
Destination: South Africa  
Category: Hunting outfitters
Specialty: Antelope, Buffalo, Lynx  
Season: January - December
Min Price: 450 US Dollar (USD) Per day
Max Price: 1400 US Dollar (USD) Per day

We are specialized in the Big 5 but also offer a wide diversity of plains game trophies to the discerning hunter. As we offer hunting in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Tanzania, our clients have the choice of where they would like to hunt, knowing that their hunts are taken care of by people with the experience to give them a hunt of a life time. We are in a unique position to offer our clientele a wide variety of game species in spectacular hunting locations. A classic hunting safari with us is an experience that you will never ever forget.

We are obsessed with good service. Our personal attention with emphasis on detail has become somewhat of hallmark envied by many competing outfitters in an increasingly competitive industry. Our experience and excellent references spanning over two generations sets us apart from other outfitters. Couple that with quality trophies and our high standard in ethics and it soon becomes apparent why. Conservation and hunting are closely related and we advocate the intelligent utilization of wildlife and natural resources. The motto "Hunters pay for conservation" is evident in everything that we do.

Words simply fail to capture the excitement and thrill of taking down your first Cape Buffalo. The only way to really experience it is to take the next step and actually go and do it yourself. So what are you waiting for? Why not contact us for more information? We would love to hear from you, even if just for a friendly chat. We are passionate about what we do and are always available to answer any questions you may have. Our e-mail link is at the top right side of the page and our telephone number is on the contact us page so send us an email or give us a call and take the first step to your unforgettable African safari. When you book your safari we will make sure you receive all the necessary documentation for your hunting trip, including rifle import permits for the country that you will be hunting in.

If given enough time we will even arrange these permits to be issued ahead of time. We will also arrange the necessary charter flights for remote hunting locations. Imagine dramatic African landscapes teaming with wildlife. Imagine the deep reverberating roar of the king of the beasts as the sun sinks into the horizon while you sip on a G and T. Imagine looking up at a star studded sky, the southern cross still twinkling as brightly as it did on explorers of centuries ago, now imagine your heart pounding away in your chest as you stalk up to a Cape Buffalo, your cross hairs focused on your target, the smell of the beast thick in your nostrils, so close you can almost reach out and touch it.

Tariffs for trophies:
- Blesbuck Common: $500
- Blesbuk White: $1,500 (Eastern Cape)
- Bontebok: $5,000 (Eastern Cape)
- Buffalo Cape: $15,000
- Bushbuk: $1,000
- Bushpig: $500
- Duiker Grey: $300
- Duiker Red: $2,500
- Eland: $2,500
- Elephant: prices on request
- Fallow Deer: $2,000 (Eastern Cape)
- Gemsbuk: $1,500
- Giraffe: $2,000
- Grysbuk Cape: $2,500 (Eastern Cape)
- Grysbuk Sharpes: $2,000
- Hartebees Red: $1,500
- Hyena Spotted: $2,000
- Impala: $400
- Klipspringer: $1,750
- Kudu Greater: $2,000
- Lechwe: $5,000 (Eastern Cape)
- Leopard: $7,500. Subject to CITES permit availability
- Lion: prices on request
- Lynx: $2,000 (Eastern Cape)
- Ostrich: $1,500
- Nyala: $2,750
- Oribi: $4,000
- Reedbuck Common: $2,000
- Reedbuck Mountain: $800 (Eastern Cape)
- Steenbuck: $300
- Springbuck Common: $500 (Eastern Cape)
- Springbuck Black: $1,500 (Eastern Cape)
- Springbuck White: $2,500 (Eastern Cape)
- Suni: $5,000
- Warthog: $300
- Tsessebe: $7,000
- Waterbuck: $2,500
- White Rhino: prices on request
- Wildebees Black: $1,500
- Wildebees Blue: $900
- Zebra Burchell's: $1,500.

Price Includes:
- Experienced professional hunter
- Tracker
- Support team
- Vehicle
- Accommodation
- Meals
- Soft drinks
- Beer and wine in moderation
- Daily laundry service
- Field preparation of trophies
- Transfers by road from Polokwane or nearest airport to camp.

Price Excludes:
- All air travel before, during and after the contracted period of the safari
- Accommodation and travel charges incurred before and after the contracted period of the safari
- Licenses and hunting permits as required
- Trophy fees for animals taken or wounded
- Air charters
- Hire of rifles and ammunition
- Gratuities to professional hunters and other staff
- Preparation, packing, documentation and export of trophies from South Africa
- Leopard permit prices on request.

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M15505 is a Closed Corporation. It is a second generation hunting and safari business with in excess of fifty years experience in the field. Hunting is offered in South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique and Tanzania for all the species which are endemic to those countries, including the Big 5. Photographic tours to the...

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