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Rock and Jam (Summer Camp for Ages 13-14 and 15-17)

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 14 day(s)
Group Size: 10 - 22 people
Destination: Virginia  
Category: Rock climbing and mountaineering outfitters
Specialty: Mountain, Other, Rock  
Season: June - August
Min Price: 1870 US Dollar (USD) Per person
Max Price: 2000 US Dollar (USD) Per person

Summer Camp for ages 13-14 & 15-17. For two weeks you’ll learn what it’s like to live a life as a traveling and adventuring rock climber and river runner. Designed as a skill-based progression into the high angle realm, you’ll get inducted into the school of hard rock with talented, experienced and devoted climbing instructors and trip leaders.

Never been to the greatest rock climbing paradise of the east coast? How about rafting down Class IV through the finest whitewater this side of the continent? The New River Gorge (NRG) in West Virginia - considered by many as the outdoor capitol of the east - has been the pinnacle of eastern outdoor pursuits since the beginning of outdoor sports themselves. Despite being one of the oldest gorges in the world (cutting through 325 million year old rock!), its rapids and incredible climbing walls are far from tame and ranked among the best in the world. An opportunity to see this first hand as a climber and river runner is an adventure not to be missed.


* Rock Climbing through Virginia and West Virginia
* Rafting Class IV Whitewater
* Exploring the incredible climbing walls of the New River Gorge
* Trail Work in association with the New River Alliance of Climbers & the National Park Service
* Learning and using the Basics in safe and effective climbing techniques

Trip Details:

50’ Climbing Wall:
- Basic Climbing Techniques (Top Rope Only)
- Movement
- Developing Mental Control/Stability
- Efficiency and Resting
- Visualization
- Using Holds (real and artificial) efficiently and correctly
- Finger, muscle and injuries associated; warming up
- Knots – simple climbing knots
– Figure 8, Bow Line, Prussic Munter, etc

Anatomy of:
- Harnesses
- Shoes
- Rope structure, strengths, types
- Rappelling
- Belay Check and Backups

Lignite Rock site Day:
- Basic Top Rope Set-Up
- Anchors (trees, rocks, Basic Use of Trad pro, bolts & hangers, Carabiner Loading)
- Ropes
- Webbing
- Knots – Double 8, Clove, Friction Wraps, Girths, Water, Double Overhand, Fisher mans, Butterfly, Inline 8, etc.
- Equalization and Directional
- Sharp Edge Protection
- Real Rock Technique Application
- Learning to read the rock
- Smearing, Heel hooking, Toeing
- Checking holds before pulling
- Spotting
- “Shifting sands” method
- Blindfolded
- Belay Checks and Back-ups
- Second Week
- Bozoo Rocksite (to be covered in 2 days):
- Walk the crag
- Basic Geology of the area (type of rock)
- Assess trail damage
- Sport route vs. Trad route
- Using Trad Gear
- LEAD climbing/belay discussion and observation
- Lead climbing on top-rope (participants will never lead climb without top rope during entire trip)
- Pick up Trash

New River Gorge rock sites (4 days):
- Guide book understanding and use
- 1st day instructor will choose climbs and area
- 2nd & 3rd day participants will choose as well as climbs within determined abilities
- Climbing for 2 days
- 1 day trail work with NRAC
- Anchor building clinic and ground testing
- Climbing and relaxing at Summersville, low height deep water bouldering/soloing
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