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Panama Adventure

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 16 day(s)
Group Size: 12 - 22 people
Destination: Panama  
Category: Whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking outfitters
Specialty: Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting  
Season: June - August
Min Price: 4750 US Dollar (USD) Per person
Max Price: 4750 US Dollar (USD) Per person

Experience this Central American gem where the U.S. Dollar is the currency, English is widely spoken, and which received the highest ranking from the Pinkerton Intelligence Agency for tourist safety.

Our journey begins at sea level with the eighth wonder of the world, the Panama Canal. Just imagine you and your group sea kayaking along the banks of one of the most historic landscapes in the world listening to the choir of Howler Monkeys as they whoop their greetings while observing (from a distance) the massive oceanic transport ships that share the waterway. The trip is a total of 3.5 km ending at the Miraflores Locks where you will get a first hand view of a system which has not stopped operating since its inauguration in 1904.

After spending the next day snorkeling, surf kayaking, and relaxing on the beach in a small fishing village along the Pacific coast, we will then explore an area accessible only by foot or horseback, the Calovebora. Home to the indigenous Gnobe-Bugle people, the Calovebora is still much like what the original Europeans saw when they first came to Panama. We’ll spend a few days backpacking through the jungle before emerging in the town of Boquete. Boquete is not only famous for its coffee and flowers, but also for its whitewater. For the next three days, we'll raft two pristine mountain rivers amongst the monkeys, iguanas, and spectacular orchids that are found along the banks. Next, we will spend a day hiking along the flanks of Volcan Barú, the highest point in Panama. The trail takes us through some of the most beautiful high-elevation forests in Panama. To end the day, we'll relax in the hot tubs and saunas of our rustic eco-resort destination.

As with most of our trips, we like to save the best for last. From Boquete we will travel by bus and then boat to the remote islands of Bocas del Toro. It is here that we will sea kayak the translucent Caribbean waters, snorkel the amazing reefs, look for dolphins, and relax in our hammocks before we return to Panama City for our flights home. If you’ve ever want to explore Central America, then Panama is the place for you. It’s friendly people, fabulous food, and amazing environment make this a “must visit” place for all adventure travelers.

Your Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive in Panama City. You will be met at the airport by your leaders. You may also opt to fly on the same flight as your leaders. From the airport we head to a local hotel.

Day 2: After issuing group gear and getting to know each other we will head out to Soberania National Park where we will be met by a local naturalist who will give us our first glimpse into the flora and fauna that makes Panama so unique.

Days 3-4: The next two days will be spent exploring the Panama Canal. We will do this both by foot and by sea kayak. We will have the opportunity to visit the Mira Flores Locks and see them in action…it is hard to put such an amazing feat into words.

Days 5-6: Next we head to the beaches of Santa Clara here we will spend the next 2 days “hanging” with the locals as we kayak surf, play volleyball, explore the beaches, snorkel, etc. We will also “give back” to the local community by participating in a community service project, as well we will visit the local markets of El Valle which is an extinct volcano crater.

Days 7-9: We will leave Santa Clara early in the morning for the town of Santa Fe. Once in Santa Fe we will get a 4-wheel drive shuttle as far as the vehicle can go from this point we will begin backpacking along the Rio Calavebora. Our hike begins on top of the continental divide and winds its way down to the Atlantic ocean.

Day 10: Once back in Santa Fe we will head on to the mountain town of Boquete where we will explore the town, visit the markets, call home, do some laundry, etc.

Day 11: After an early breakfast we will set off to hike the LQ Trail in the Volcan Baru National Park. We will hike through coffee farms up around an extinct volcano and back down to the town of Boquete.

Days 12-13: The next two days will be spent whitewater rafting on the Chiriqui Viejo this is the ideal time to see the jungles up close as well as see howler monkeys.

Days 14-15: We then head to Bocas del Toro where we will catch a small boat ferry out to one of a hundred islands. It is here that we will close out our trip with some snorkeling, dolphin watching, and tour of other desolate islands. On the last night we will catch a small plane ride back to Panama City.

Days 16: Catch our flights home! Adios!