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Family Trips

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 1 - 4 day(s)
Group Size: 3 - 14 people
Destination: Manitoba  
Category: Whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking outfitters
Specialty: Canoeing, Kayaking  
Season: January - December
Min Price: 90 US Dollar (USD) per person
Max Price: 495 US Dollar (USD) per person

Manigotagan River:

The Manigotagan River received its name many years ago when some hunters calling game were answered by an old bull moose with what they thought was a bad throat. Since that time the river has been called Manigotagan, meaning "bad throat". Paddle quiet, picturesque stretches of water that snake through boreal and deciduous forests. The silence is punctuated by the sound of fast water as we approach the spectacular rapids and falls that dot the river. This trip is ideal for those who want to experience the peace and beauty of a Canadian Shield river but have restricted time. Those with limited canoeing experience can develop their skills with easy portages around all obstructions.

Assiniboine River:

A classic prairie river, the Assiniboine meanders almost 850 km from the Manitoba/ Saskatchewan border to it's confluence with the Red River in Winnipeg. You can paddle downstream from one to three days, floating past the sites of old Hudson Bay and North West Company trading posts, past southern Manitoba's only remaining cable ferry and entering Manitoba's Spirit Sands Desert and Spruce Woods Provincial Park.The Assiniboine River, southern Manitoba's prairie hideaway, will surprise you with it's beauty and majesty.

Flatwater Paddling:

If whitewater/river paddling is not what you have in mind for a summer holiday you may want to join us on a beautiful Canadian Shield Lake system. We will glide past ancient rock outcrops as we paddle crystal clear lakes to some of the Canadian Shield's most scenic spots. These quietwater trips are ideal for families of all ages and abilities.

Manigotagan River - $600(Can), $600(US) plus 5% GST
Assiniboine River - $135/day/person $135(US)
Flatwater Paddling - $540 (Can), $540(US)

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