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Bhutan - Land of Thunder Dragon; Jhomolhari Trek

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Key Information:
Tour Duration: 7 - 15 day(s)
Group Size: 2 - 20 people
Destination: Bhutan  
Category: Hiking and walking outfitters
Season: January - December
Min Price: 990 US Dollar (USD) Per person
Max Price: 1050 US Dollar (USD) Per person

The Kingdom of Bhutan is an exotic land of the high mountains and lush valleys, snow clad peaks and clear running springs, a pristine ecology and an incredible wealth of wildlife. Hidden in the eastern Himalayas between India and Tibet, this sparsely populated country of six hundred thousand people is the last surviving Mahayana Buddhist state.

Known to the natives as Druk Yul, Bhutan is regarded as the last paradise on earth. The Kingdoms isolation, spectacular mountain terrain, varied flora and fauna, and its ancient Buddhist Monasteries, vibrant culture and mystic aura have made it so.

Nestled deep in the eastern Himalayas between India and Tibet, Bhutan, with its magnificent mountains, dense forests, delightful people, pure air, imposing architecture, mystical religion and interesting art and culture, is certainly a privileged land. The simple pleasure that this country offers gives a sense of kinship with the people and a love in the mountains make Bhutan a true shangrila, a mythical country exuding charm and casting its spell around those visiting it. Over the last three decades modernisation has been in an extraordinary pace and rapid. An extensive network of roads, hospitals, telecommunication and power projects provides basic services throughout the kingdom.

For those willing to discover this unique country, destination Bhutan offers many attractions of varied type. Whether you enter by Phuntsholing road or by air from Paro airstrip, Bhutans enchanting beauty encompasses you right from the first moment you set foot on its soil. The diversity of its landscape comprising of high mountains and lush valleys, snow clad peaks and clear running streams, springs, pristine ecology and innumerable species of wild life, apart from the festivals, culture, religion and historical sights that are unique to Bhutan are waiting to be discovered.

The power and the beauty of the mountains is more impressive on foot then any other form. Whether you take a two night trek around the Bumthang Valley or walk for three days to Paro from Thimphu or take the eight day trek to the base of Mount Jhomolhari. The views, villages, people and experience will be unparalleled.

Awakening at dawn to the sound of the cockerel and a warming mug of tea, trekkers at higher altitudes are invariably greeted by a breath taking mountain landscapes. Few sites on earth can equal the first sunlight hitting a Himalayan mountain. Trekking during April and May in the Himalayas brings the deep reds and oranges of the rhododendron blossom. Earlier in the year the light is sharper but the nights are very cold. In autumn, after the rainy season, the skies clear and the leaves begin to turn yellow.

All trekkers are accompanied by a guide, a cook, and usually at least one horseman. Provisions and luggage are carried by mountain horses. With the surest footing, they lead trekking groups across the passes.

Treks vary from a short three days walks across low altitudes to the three week Snowman Trek that covers 356 kilometers and climb three of the Kingdoms highest passes. Inexperienced trekkers are recommended to do the trek from Thimphu to Paro or vice versa. Called the Druk Path, and other treks.

Cost Includes:
Fully Catered Camping Trek, hotels on twin sharing on BB Plan.

Cost Does Not Include:
- Cancellation Insurance,
- Emergency evacuation costs,
- Airfare,
- Toy Train costs,
- tipping and porterage & Cancellation refund.

Darjeeling: Hotel Deekiling (Run by Tibetan Family)
Pemayangtse: Hotel Norbugang (Best view of Mountains)
Yuksom: Hotel Tashigang (Premium Property)
Gangtok: Hotel Mintokling (Great views, placid and close to the Palace of Sikkim)