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Rome Visit

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Key Information:
Group Size: 1 - 14 people
Destination: Rome
Season: January - December
Languages: English
Minimum Cost: 240 Euro (EUR) Per group
Maximum Cost: 800 Euro (EUR) Per group

Let us help you to see Italy through our eyes. An unforgettable car and walking tour to explore the secrets of the Eternal Roma city and the historical periods of this fascinating world; Classic, Christian, Baroque and Jewish.

The tours


1. Rome full day tour (7 hours)

- Piazza Venetia that in its present form dates back to the late 19th century dominated by the gigantic monument to Vittorio Emmanuelle II, disrespectfully nicknamed “the wedding cake”.

- Capitol Hill and the Roman Forum - the center of political, religious and judicial life in Ancient Rome.

- Spectacular Piazza del Campidoglio commissioned by Pope Paul III and designed by
Michelangelo for the visit of Emperor Charles V.

- The Jewish ghettos were we have the chance to explore the absorbing history of the Jewish community in Rome, where at the time of Pope Paul IV the community was obliged by the Church to reside within the high walled enclosure and forced to wear distinctive insignia on their clothing to be identified as Jews.

- Piazza Navona where we can see the fountains of the Baroque master Bernini and the church of St. Agnes from his rival Borromini.

- Pantheon, the best preserved and most fascinating building of Ancient Rome.

- From the top of Aventine Hill, Rome’s panorama is laid before you, The Circus Maximus, where the famous chariot races in Imperial Rome were as bloody in reality as they are in the classic American movie Ben Hur.

- Coliseum the glory of Rome, it could have accommodated 50,000 spectators to watch gladiatorial contests, animal hunts and naval battles.

- Appian Way, known in ancient times as the main road of the roman legions.

- Catacombs of the early Christian communities were carved out on various levels for kilometers, with the spread of Christianity in Rome, resulting in an extricable spider web in which it is easy to loose your way.

- The Spanish Steps and Trevi fountain - where throwing a coin into the fountain you’ll assure your return in Rome…

2. Rome half day tour (4 hours)

- Saint Peter Basilica, the greatest church in Christendom rises in the grandiose St Peter’s square.

- Acqua Paola, commissioned by Pope Paul V.

- Piazza Venezia, one of the major traffic junctions; Via del Corso, Via dei Fori Imperiali and Via del Teatro di Marcello are
among the main roads that converge there.

- Spectacular Piazza del Campidoglio commissioned by Pope Paul III and designed by Michelangelo for the visit of Emperor Charles V.

3. Rome by night (2 hours)

- Piazza del Popolo and Vatican City, view of San Peter’s Basilica.

- Gianicolo hill an unforgettable panoramic view through the monumental ancient Rome on the other bank of the river Tiber.

- Piazza Navona, once populated by Romans, the best choice in town for tasting excellent pizza and traditional glasses of good Italian wine.


1. Vatican Museum (3 hours)

Nothing in the world compares to being lead into the ecclesiastical state for a walking tour to the discovery of art, history and religion of the smallest state in the world. The whole complex comprises: the papal apartments of the medieval Apostolic Palace decorated with frescoes during the Renaissance, the Sistine Chapel, the exhibition rooms of the Apostolic Library and the museums themselves.

2. Forum Romanum (4 hours)

3. Borghese Gallery (3 hours)

Borghese Gallery is a place where you are guaranteed total access to the Bernini masterpieces displayed in this marvelous Villa-Museum. Nephew of Pope Paul V, Scipione Caffarelli Borghese built the Villa in 1613 in his family vineyards outside Porta Pinciana. It contained Scipione Borghese’s fabulous collection of paintings and antiquities, to which Flaminio Ponzio constantly and enthusiastically added.

4. Domus Aurea and San Clemente (3 hours)

Emperor Nero's structure that was a huge complex of villas erected on the Esquiline Hill by the architects Severus and Celer, completed in A.D.68, it seemed more like a town than a home, and went by the name of Domus Aurea (Golden House).


1. Trivoli (6 hours)

- Famous roman Villa Adriana known as the summer residence of Emperor Hadrian.

- Renaissance Villa D'Este.

2. Ostia antica and E.U.R. (5 hours)

Tour through the ruins of the ancient Ostia, to see how the noble and the normal citizens lived in Rome's military outpost and Roman supply port at the time of the Caesars. Discover the architecture of the imperial Roman art inspired by Mussolini during world war second.

3. The Etruscan tour (6 hours)

Tour through the main villages of the Etruscan civilization to admire the mastery of funerary architecture. Cemeteries, tombs, and frescoes give you a glimpse into the lives of these fascinating people who thrived in this region almost 3000 years ago.

4. Bracciano Lake and its towns (5 hours)

Tour around the Lake villages: Bracciano, Trevignano and Anguillara are the most picturesque and best preserved territories of Lazio region.


Enjoy an unforgettable and exciting vista overlooking the ancient and modern urban planning of the Eternal City, with its countless monuments, churches, sights, domes, piazzas and fountains.No other view point can match the view from an airplane. You can even decide whether to fly over the city of Rome or exploring the area of the Roman Castles veering by the summer residence of the pope known as Castel Gandolfo.

Let us make your vacation dreams come true.

(1 - 6 people; Minivan and Driver Guide) – 60 Euro/hour (8 hours - 480, 00 Euro)
(7 - 9 people; Minibus and Private Guide) – 98 Euro/hour (8 hours - 780, 00 Euro)
(10 -15 pax; Minibus and Private Guide) - 108 Euro/hour (8 hours – 860, 00 Euro).

Price Excludes:

- Meals,
- Site tickets.