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British Museum Private Tours

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Key Information:
Group Size: 1 - 30 people
Destination: London
Season: January - December
Languages: English, French
Minimum Cost: 145 Pound Sterling (GBP) Per trip
Maximum Cost: 250 Pound Sterling (GBP) Per trip

The British Museum: I have many years' happy experience of conducting entertaining and tailor-made tours for discerning individuals and cortporate clients. Recently I guided VIPs around the highly successful First Emperor Exhibition about the Chinese Terracotta Army. The British Museum is one of the world’s most famous museums, incomparably rich in collections from Ancient Cultures and brimming with treasures of world historical importance.

Treat yourself to a personalized tour of some of the most fascinating objects on display; have the cultural context, background and history explained and listen to some entertaining – and sometimes controversial – anecdotes that you will not find in any guidebook. Explore the largest indoor piazza in Europe – The Great Court – an extraordinary architectural “tour de force” inaugurated for the Millennium and view the restored Reading Room while hearing about the intellectual giants who were its most celebrated users. In short, enjoy a very “civilized” and illuminating tour with a passionate expert.

Highlights of the British Museum: A tour of your selection of the most famous objects including the Rosetta Stone, the Elgin Marbles (Sculptures from the Parthenon Temple), the Portland Vase, the Egyptian Sculpture and Funerary Galleries (including the mummies), Assyrian Palace reliefs, the Royal Graves of Ur, the Hotung Gallery of Oriental Antiquities, the Lewis Chessmen, Lindow Man, the Sutton Hoo Treasure, Celtic and Roman Britain etc.

Greece, The Parthenon and its Legacy: A tour devoted to all things Greek with focus on the world famous Parthenon Sculptures. Hear of the background, construction, meaning and most importantly the legacy of this 5th century BC architectural and sculptural masterpiece. And what happened to the temple afterwards, when the Athenian empire waned? Hear also of the adventures of Lord Elgin, the British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, responsible for the removal of many sculptures and their arrival in the UK. We will also look at some wonderful Greek vases, other sculptural highlights and later works inspired by ancient Greek ideas.

Egypt of the Pharaohs – A Traveler’s Tour: This tour was reviewed most successfully by Adrian Turpin in the Sunday Times on 19th November 2006 in an article entitled “Temple Worship”. Focusing on Egypt this is an ideal tour for anyone planning to travel to Egypt or anyone who is dreaming of doing so one day. Discover the world of the ancient Egyptians and their belief in the afterlife, hear about the decipherment of ‘hieroglyphs’, their rulers and Gods and of course mummification ritual. Centred on the Egyptian galleries including the Rosetta Stone, the mummies, Nebamun’s funerary chapel, Rameses II and much more including anecdotes of course to spice up the journey!

The King's Library and The Enlightment Gallery: In the 18th century, people in Europe began to look at the world in a new way while questioning “old” knowledge. Objects belonging to the founder of the British Museum, Sir Hans Sloane, illustrate the curious mind of the 18th century scholar and the search for classification systems as the basis for all scientific progress. A collection of Greek vases led to an extraordinary academic break-through and items from Australia and Tahiti, collected during “voyages of discovery” developed new trading opportunities demonstrating the ultimate power of knowledge. An insider’s tour of the oldest surviving and beautifully refurbished part of the museum.

Murder in Mesopotamia: The life and unusual times of the famous crime writer Agatha Christie is the theme of this fascinating tour following her journeys through the Middle East when married to one of Britain’s’ most successful archeologists, Max Mallowan, whom she met in the Iraqi dessert. Many books were indeed written there and this tour combines archeological revelations with criminal investigations. The tour includes highlights from Ur, Assyria, Egypt and Syria etc.

Belzoni, Elgin and Charles "Hindoo" Stuart: Archaeologists, Benefactors, and Collectors. View the museum’s key collections through the eyes of the very colourful, enterprising and quite exceptional individuals who brought the items here. ‘Behind every item is a story’ was never more true than when discussing these amazing life stories. This tour naturally takes you through the museum’s Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, Roman and Oriental galleries etc. This is just a selection and I'd be happy to prepare a completely personal tour for you if requested. A relaxing coffee break in one the museum’s own cafés can be included in any tour in order to digest all the impressions! Welcome to the British Museum, the world in one building!

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- Reserve your date and tour easily with a verified Paypal deposit. - Credit cards accepted.
- Last minute bookings will be accommodated if possible.
- Tours normally last 2 to 3 hours but can be shortened if required.
- Morning tours start between 10:00/11:00 and afternoon tours 13:30/15:00.
- Private evening tours can be arranged Thursdays and Fridays from 18:00.
- For small parties of up to 4 people the price per tour is from £130.00 - £160.00 including the Infohub discount.

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