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Private Tour Guide of Hong Kong

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Key Information:
Group Size: 1 - 8 people
Destination: Hong Kong
Season: January - December
Languages: English
Minimum Cost: 85 US Dollar (USD) Per person
Maximum Cost: 400 US Dollar (USD) Per person

Hello there. We are a team of English-speaking full-time private tour guides. We know you probably hate spending money on travelling only to realise that you have failed to experience the country for what it really is.

"Hey, why didn't I do that when I was there?"

"Is that really it?"

"Honestly, I don't know where I should go."

Time and time again, you spent a huge amount of effort researching and following guide-books for the "must-go" and "must-eat". Or you would join group tours that bring you to common tourist attractions, together with 20 other strangers, like kids on school excursions. Later on, when you speak to your new friends from overseas, you find that they typically say: "No, we don't do that in our home country. That's for tourists. Let me know when you get to my country, I'll bring you around to do what the locals do."

Urgh. A little too late, isn't it? That'll be another trip and another expense. We know you yearn for that local friend whom you can count on every time you head out to a country. You want to travel and get to know a country in depth. You want to be more than a tourist. If it is fine with you, let us be your local friend in Hong Kong.

We would love to bring you around. Simply let us know what you wish to get out of the tour and then leave us to do the work for you. Based entirely on your interests, we'll bring you to local sights and scenes, point you to delicacies that you have to try, as well as share with you interesting stories of Hong Kong. We'll show you what Hong Kong truly is, beyond commercialism and the usual tourist attractions!

Member discount:
10% discount for InfoHub customer. Request a free gift certificate.

Price Excludes:
- Food (if any)
- Transport costs (if any)
- Entrance fees (if any) to museums, parks and tourist attractions.

- Price listed here is for a 4-hour tour.
- Payment will be made securely via PayPal.

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Hello, my name is Ski Yeo, the founder of a top-rated private walking tour company in Hong Kong. Together with my team of licensed tour guides, we bring to you your real Hong Kong tours. Do you want to travel like a local and experience the real Hong Kong? Book your Hong Kong Walking Tours with us now! We have one...

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