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Personal Guide in Odessa
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Personal Guide in Odessa

Please, note! This tour guide offer has expired. For similar tour guide offers currently available search here.

Key Information:
Group Size: 1 - 3 people
Destination: Odessa
Season: January - December
Languages: English, French, German, Russian
Minimum Cost: 50 US Dollar (USD) Per group
Maximum Cost: 200 US Dollar (USD) Per group

Denis Boyko offers guided tours of Odessa: most beautiful girls, European architecture, many clubs & cafe, museums, parks and beaches. He works in tourism already 11 years and knows about the city everything.

Offered Services:
- Tour guide
- Business assistant
- Shopping assistant
- Car rental
- Airport/train station pickup
- Ticket booking
- Hotel reservations

Sample Tours:

- "Sightseeing Tour."

Odessa city tour is the most interesting excursion, if you are in Odessa you should try to see all of Odessa’s attractions. The city tour is a great offer because you will see most tourist sights during only one excursion. The city tour can last 3 hours or more.

The world known places in Odessa are Potemkin Stairs (black film Sergey Eyzinshtein), Grand Opera Theatre and Duc monument.

Founded in 1794 by Katherine the Great, having a rich history Odessa has become one of the biggest and wealthiest cities of our country. Neither bureaucrats, nor wars, not even the Soviet regime, could violate a special spirit of our wonderful city. Odessa has well developed business (trade, tourism etc) and entertainment infrastructure and is interesting for travel and business alike.

- "Nightlife Odessa."

Odessa is a city that looks like a small Paris, illuminated by neon advertisements and beautiful old buildings restored and well lighted. Odessa has a good selection of restaurants for every taste and pocket. Restaurants with different styles and food (Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, French, Arabic, Mexican and Georgian).

Well if you don't like staying at a restaurant then you can make a beautiful and romantic walk along the Deribasovskaya str. , this is the oldest and the most beautiful street of our city. If you happen to go here during the summer you can hear live music & the voices of passing by foreign tourists speaking in English, French, Greek or Russian just ... also participated in the construction of this wonderful city that looks like a European one. If you arrive at the bottom of Deribasovskaya str. on the right side you will find the city garden where on Saturdays and Sundays from 18.00 to 20.00 you can listen to different bands playing different genres of music. From 21.30 we watch the spectacle of the fountain that moves to the rhythm of music.

If you want to continue the party until the morning I would advise you to move to Arcadia, a tourist area that is a few dozen meters from the beach and there are manynightclubs of various kinds of music and style. I show for you best clubs & disco bars.

- "Pubs Tour and Disco Party."

At night, Odessa is a really different city. On this tour you see best clubber places, all famous Odessa party clubs, you can come with us to secret places (no one paper guide or internet does not know). I give many clever advises and many things to do. If you want to meet super girls- then this tour exactly for you.

Sightseeing Tour:
- Price per group;
- Walking tour $50;
- Tour by auto 2.5 hours $120;
- Tour by auto 4 hours $180.

Nightlife Odessa:
- Price: 200 USD per group.
- Price excludes: entry fee to the clubs.

Pubs Tour and Disco Party:
- Price: 120 USD per group.
- Price includes: 1 free drink.
- Price excludes: entry fee to the clubs.