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Custom Tours in Prague and Countryside

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Key Information:
Group Size: 1 - 7 people
Destination: Prague
Season: January - December
Languages: English
Minimum Cost: 95 Euro (EUR) Per group
Maximum Cost: 130 Euro (EUR) Per group

I'm Martina Cermakova and I'd like to be your personal guide to the sights and magical wonder of the medieval city of Prague. As a native of Prague, I can help you learn more about Prague than you'll ever get from a guide book. This is my city and my history and I'm eager to share it with you. Want to really see one of the largest castle in the world, the Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter with its unique medieval cemetary, Bohemian crystal & much much more? I'm happy to plan a tour to show only the sights that interest you. This is the real advantage of a personal tour guide. No running after a tour guide carrying a flag who speaks so fast or so softly that you miss half the commentary. I speak both Czech and English so no matter where you want to go or what you want to see, I can arrange it. If you want me to give you options of what we might do, I'll be happy to make suggestions. Time: You Decide!

Outside Prague. If you wish to travel outside Prague, there are many wonderful places to see, such as Cesky Krumlov, Karlovy Vary, Konopiste ...and many others. Please inquire about pricing and availability.

Note: The above mentioned tours give you a rough idea of what you can do and see while visiting Prague and the Czech Republic. Do not feel limited in choosing one or the other tour. The tours can be combined, some things left out, others added. The tours can be changed to a full day or 6 hours. It is up to you. I´m flexible.

Option 1: Prague Castle and Lesser Town.

We will start the tour at the highest point of historical Prague - Strahov Monastery from where there is not only a wonderful view over the city but it houses the first largest private book collection in this country. We shall visit its magnificent baroque library halls. Then we will walk through the Hradcany Town where the Catholic nobles built their grandiose homes in the 17th and 18th centuries. Prague Castle is the heart of the Czech nation and is worth a good visit. I'll explain its history as we go along. We'll see the changing of the guard at the palace, Golden Lane, St. Vitus Cathedral, St. Wenceslas Chapel, the Old Royal Palace. Then we'll move on to picturesque Lesser Town where we can relax in numerous peaceful gardens (from April till October), the tour will be finished on Kampa Island near the John Lennon Wall and Charles Bridge. Coffee break is a matter of course during this tour.

Option 2: Architecture of Prague.

Prague gives an exceptional opportunity to study historical and modern developments of fine arts and architecture: different ethnicities, religions and political convictions have met there to create the unique sample of European culture. This is one of my favorite tours because we begin with buildings from medieval times through Gothic, Romanesque, renaissance, baroque, rococo, neoclassic, to art nouveau, cubism and modern styles. We'll certainly see Frank Geary's "Dancing Building" that some say looks like Fred and Ginger dancing. You decide! Prague is not a boring city to look at!

Option 3: Vysehrad Castle and National Cemetery in Prague.

Upon arriving at Vysehrad, a princely residence founded in the 10th century and later converted to a military fortress, we will walk around the ramparts & enjoy the views of Prague and the Vltava River. I'll tell you of the legend about who and how Prague was founded. We'll visit the Church of St Peter and Paul which has a neo-gothic character and a unique art-noveau interior. The Vysehrad National Cemetery, which is an art gallery of tomb stone design, belongs to the most important sights of the national heritage.Here you can find tombs of both Smetana, Dvorak and other significant personalities of the 19th and 20th centuries. Note that it is suitable to combine this tour with an architectural one focusing particularly on historisism of the late 19th century, art-noveau, art-deco, cubism, Frank Geary´s building.

Option 4: Introduction to Prague.

If this is your first visit to Prague or you don't have much time on this trip, then this tour is for you. Walk through Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral. Cross the Charles Bridge into the Old Town, and then the New Town. You'll see the old city hall with the famous astronomical clock, Church of our Lady before Tyn and still have time for coffee if we hurry.

Option 5: Gardens of Prague.

Tour Details:
- Duration: 3-4 hours, from April till October
- Group Size: from 1 to 7 (8 and more upon agreement).

With this tour you will explore all the beauty and splendor of numerous Prague gardens. The tour will start in the former Royal Garden, continues through the southern Prague Castle gardens modernized in the 1920s, afterwards we will explore the gardens of the Lesser Town including the Vrtbovska garden which is regarded to be one of the most beautiful baroque garden of Central Europe thanks to its terraces offering outstanding views of the city. It is possible to include visits to other sites on the way (i.e. Prague Castle, St. Nicholas Church etc.).

Option 6: Jewish Quarter Tour.

Tour Details:
- Duration: 3-4 hours
- Group Size: 1 - 7 (8 and more upon agreement).

Even if you are not Jewish you will find this tour extremely interesting. Despite WWII the Jewish heritage in Prague is absolutely unique. The Jewish Quarter is a comparatively small area situated on the site of the former medieval Jewish ghetto. We will be visiting its synagogues that are now maintained as exhibition halls by the Prague Jewish Museum. We will certainly not miss the Pinkas Synagogue which serves as the Holocaust memorial of the Czech and Moravian Jews. If you want to see the oldest functional synagogue in Europe we will visit the Old New Synagogue that started in the 13th century. The Old Jewish Cemetery is another „must“ providing a breathtaking stroll through a gallery of stone starting in 1439.

Option 7: Terezin Memorial Tour.

Tour Details:
- Duration: 5 - 6 hours
- Group size: 1 - 7 (8 and more upon agreement).

This tour will take you to a small town about 70 km north of Prague which became notoriously known as the place through which about 140,000 European Jews transited during WWII. Since the political changes in 1989 a lot has been done to present the tragedy of the Terezin Jews in an informative but also sensitive way. We will visit several fairly newly opened museums including a hidden synagogue which was only recently discovered. The Jewish Cemetery with the adjacent crematorium gives one an idea how high the mortality rate was. There will be a unique opportunity to watch footage from a German propaganda movie made in Terezin in 1944.

Option 8: Velvet Revolution Tour.

Tour Details:
- Duration: 3 - 4 hours
- Group Size: 1 - 7 (8 and more upon agreement).

This tour will take us to places connected with political upheavals of the past totalitarian system. We will explore Wenceslas Square where not only the Velvet Revolution took place but also where the Soviet tanks came in August 1968 and where the brave student Jan Palach set fire to himself in protest against the invasion. The tour will bring us to the Communist History Museum which gives one an insight into life under Communism in Czechoslovakia.

My rates are 95 Euros per group of 1-7 persons for a half day tour, for groups of 8 and more according to our agreement. If you wish to create a custom tour, please let me know and I'll send you a quote for what it will cost. The price does not cover entry fees, public transportation or refreshments.

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