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Northern Coast

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Key Information:
Group Size: 1 - 10 people
Destination: Jerusalem
Season: January - December
Languages: English, French, German, Russian, Spanish
Minimum Cost: 55 US Dollar (USD) Per person
Maximum Cost: 140 US Dollar (USD) Per person

Driving along the Mediterranean Sea to the ancient city of Caesarea. We will visit the magnificent Herodian port and sit in the restored Roman theater. Then visit Haifa with visit and overview of Bahai Gardens, the Haifa bay and western Galilee. and on to the Crusader port of Acco.

Caesarea: Caesarea is believed to have been built on the ruins of Stratonospyrgos (Straton's Tower), founded by Straton I of Sidon. It was probably an agricultural storehouse in its earliest configuration. In 90 BC, Alexander Jannaeus captured Straton's Tower as part of his policy of developing the shipbuilding industry and enlarging the Hasmonean kingdom. Straton's Tower remained a Jewish city for two generations, until the Roman conquest of 63 BCE when the Romans declared it an autonomous city.

The city underwent vast changes under Herod, who renamed it Caesarea in honor of the emperor. In 22 BCE he began construction of a deep sea harbor and built storerooms, markets, wide roads, baths, temples, and imposing public buildings. Every five years the city hosted major sports competitions, gladiator games, and theatrical productions.

Caesarea also flourished during the Byzantine period. At the time, much of the land south of the city was used for agriculture. The area continued to be farmed during the early Arabian period, apparently until the Crusader conquest in the eleventh century. Over time, the farms were buried under the sands shifting along the shores of the Mediterranean.

Daily Rate of Private Driver/ Guide in a Luxury Vehicle.

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