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Alan Evans

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Key Information:
Group Size: 1 - 52 people
Destination: Rome
Season: January - December
Languages: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Minimum Cost: 50 Euro (EUR) Per trip
Maximum Cost: 50 Euro (EUR) Per trip

Best Limos in Rome has been operating since 1998 in the tourist business, with ongoing success, providing limousine rental with English speaking driving guides offering top quality service.

We are based in Rome thanks to this ideal position; it becomes the starting point for all tourists interested in travelling along the beautiful cities Italy offers.

Rome Tours:

ANCIENT ROME (Capitol – Colosseum – Roman Forum – Imperial Forum – Basilica of St. Paul ) - Rome and its numerous centuries of history officially began in 753 B.C. on the slopes of the Palatin hill, when the Etruscans and Greek colonies occupied areas nearby.Tradition gave Romulus the paternity of the village, tracing the boundary with a plow.

From 509 B.C. until 27 B.C., the republican supreme authority governed and elected each year by the citizens, establishing the base of civil law.

Rome once a village became the capital of an empire in a few centuries and, with the Punic Wars, the undisputed ruler of the Mediterranean Sea. Imperial Rome 4 hours tour.

Note: Please dress respectfully for visiting religious monuments; local custom requires covering knees and shoulder. Comfortable walking shoes recommended.

All tours can be personalized and/or combined on request. In order to provide our clients with the best-in-class service, our English speaking driver guide will give running commentaries of what you are seeing and he will allow you enough time to visit each site avoiding the expensive charges of hiring a private guide.

MONUMENTS OF ROME (Trevi Fountain – Pantheon – Navona Square – St. Peter’s Basilica) - From 1450 to 1600 Renaissance is literally the rebirth of the classical styles of ancient Rome and Greece in all the arts literature, music, architecture, sculpture and paintings. The advent of the Renaissance meant mankind was emerging from the Middies Ages.

Discover, in a promenade, its apogee right here in Rome with the palaces, fountains and sculptural scenery of Bernini, as well as his churches, and those of the apprentice who surpassed him in architecture, Borromini.

Capture the essence of Rome on a tour of its most famous landmarks. Admire the Pantheon's architectural perfection and the Baroque design of Trevi Fountain. Linger in Piazza Navona to gaze at Bernini's three fountains, before heading to St Peter's Basilica—the world's most impressive example of Renaissance and Baroque architecture.

CHRISTIAN MONUMENTS OF ROME (Basilica of St. Mary Major – Basilica of St. John in Lateran - St.Paul outside the walls) - The Basilica of St Maria Maggiore is one of Rome's four major basilicas, and was built 1,600 years ago. You'll visit its baroque interior, where glittering 5th–century mosaics are one of the major attractions. Continue to the holy stairs, the Scala Santa, which pilgrims ascend on their knees in a display of piety.

Then enter the Basilica of St John the Baptist, the first Christian basilica built in the city and, to this day, its official cathedral. As well as spectacular Renaissance artwork, the Basilica boasts one of the most beautiful cloisters in the city, and a museum containing a considerable collection of relics and papal artifacts. Complete your tour with a visit to the network of galleries and tunnels that make up the catacombs—the last resting place for nine popes and almost half a million early Christians.

ROME BY NIGHT - This adventure starts with a ride through the bustling streets of Rome. Admire the famous landmarks lit up at night. Spot the Colosseum, the Capitoline Hill, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and of course the magnificient Basilica of St. Peter’s. It includes an overview of the entire Forum area, including the Imperial Forums.

The night tour allows one to experience the romance of Rome as the sun is setting, and it is a wonderful way to witness its beauty under lights. This experience is guaranteed to put you in the right mood for your evening festivities. Optional dinner by request.

Besides regular transfers to and from airports, sea ports and train stations, we also provide tours and excursions with our professional driving guides, perfectly fluent in English, to cities worldwide famous like: Rome, Florence, Pisa, Siena, Naples, Pompei, and the Amalfi Coast.

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* Cost per vehicle x hour (flat rate - up to 6 person).