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Key Information:
Class Size: 2 - 8 people
Destination: Spain  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: Spanish  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: flexible
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 165 Euro (EUR) per course
Max Price: 1630 Euro (EUR) per course

We are situated in the heart of Spain's most wonderful cities to offer you the best of Spanish language and culture in a friendly and familiar atmosphere. You can choose one of our small schools in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Granada or Alicante.

The quality of our services is a priority for us; therefore we put all our means at your disposal to turn your experience into a success. The classes are given by qualified, motivated and enthusiastic teachers who will put all their heart into making you improve your Spanish like you have never done before. All our team is available at any time for any query you may have. By us you are sure to feel at home.


You too will be seduced by Madrid. Just like us. Since its early days, people have come from all regions of Spain to settle in Madrid, thereby enriching the city with their own cultural traditions. However it was especially in the 20th century that the Spanish capital attracted people from all over the world, converting itself into an international metropolis where no one feels a stranger. Artists, writers and fashion designers have taken up residence in Madrid after finding here the inspiration necessary to their creative work.

The wide variety of cultural venues - from concert halls and opera houses to theaters and museums of world esteem - as well as the architectural splendor of past centuries ensure that tourists from all over the world keep returning to Madrid not only to explore new places but also to revisit their favorite haunts. Its large, well-kept parks, in which the Madrid inhabitant takes a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and its sunny squares with Mediterranean charm are welcome places to stroll and relax body and soul.

Madrid is world-famous for its old cafés, cozy tapas bars and restaurants brimming over with life day and night. Visit the small, traditional shops which have preserved the atmosphere of bygone days with their nostalgic interiors! A visit to Madrid is a must for any traveler who wishes to meet authentic Spanish culture and experience the zest for life of the Spanish people. Madrid exactly the right city in which to learn Spanish.

- Standard Courses. Are you in Madrid for a longer period of time? Choose one of our courses with 4 or 6 lessons a week, mornings and evenings. DELE too. Contact us for more information.
- Intensive 20. This course is held from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. It contains 4 periods of 55 minutes per day, 20 hours per week. The intensive course is for all levels and takes place the whole year.
- Intensive 25. Additionally to the intensive 20 course, you can take one extra hour daily in groups of 2 to 5 persons in one of the following areas:
* Conversation
* Spanish literature
* Business Spanish
* Preparation for the DELE exams
* One-to-one course.
- One-to-one course. This individual course is aimed at all those who want to improve their linguistic competence in a particularly effective way and in the shortest possible time. At the beginning of the course your teacher will help you to choose your program. You can also decide how many hours a week you wish to book, or even ask to share your course with another student. Private lessons can also be taken in addition to other courses.
- Long Term Course. 12 weeks of intensive course (20 hours per week). You can start any week (absolute beginners only on the first week of the month)
- Intensive plus. It is our intensive course (20 hours per week) combined with one extra hour one-to-one daily.
- DELE 20. 3 weeks of intensive course in preparation for the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE), with 20 hours a week.
- Combined course. This formula enables you to start your course in one city and to continue in a different one while following the same program.

The levels

Beginner - Especially for students without any previous knowledge of the Spanish language. Our objective is to be enable you to make yourself understood in simple everyday life situations.

Elementary - At this level participants already possess a basic vocabulary and some knowledge of grammatical structures. Vocabulary and grammar will be further extended so that you will be able to take part in simple conversations.

Intermediate - The intermediate level is aimed at students who are confident with basic grammatical structures. The emphasis is on more complex structures such as the past tenses and the subjunctive. Course participants will be encouraged to participate in more sophisticated conversations.

Advanced - This level is for those students who possess a sound knowledge of Spanish grammar and wish to further extend this knowledge by putting their skills into practice. The course will enable you to express yourself confidently in daily as well as in work situations.

Superior - For students who can already communicate in the Spanish language with a high level of accuracy. We will mostly deal with topics related to Spain and will put the emphasis on active communication, clarifying grammatical questions in their context.


A relaxed atmosphere in which one feels at home contributes to the success of a language and culture holiday. Through our variety of accommodation possibilities we hope to fulfill your individual requirements and wishes.

Spanish family. Living in one of our carefully selected host families is the best opportunity to experience the Spanish way of life. You will improve your knowledge of Spanish while making new friends!

Shared flat. Several language students share a completely furnished flat in the vicinity of the school. You have the choice between single and double rooms. The kitchen, bathroom and living room are for common use.

Faculty Information:
Our committed team consists of qualified native speakers who have considerable experience in working with foreign students. They know how to pass on their motivation and their enthusiasm to their pupils, which enables the latter to immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture in a cordial and creative atmosphere.

Other Activities:
Even after the lessons are over, the schools are still full of life as we organize various activities on our premises such as talks on regional or contemporary topics, film shows, art exhibitions, cooking workshops, etc.

In town:
- Guided walk in the heart of the city
- Thematic city walks
- Convents and palaces
- Visits to exhibitions and museums
- Theater, concert, dance events
- Spain's nightlife with its bars and cafés
- Visits to local companies
- Public holiday program on days without lessons, e.g. to see Easter processions or city festivals.

Facility Information:
Our modern classrooms have a friendly atmosphere and excellent technical equipment, both of which are essential for achieving effective learning. Our terraces and libraries, with newspapers, magazines, books and computers offering free internet access, are the favorite meeting places of all the students who use them to study, read and relax.

Price Includes:
- Enrollment,
- Classes,
- Teaching materials,
- Certificate,
- Use of library and internet,
- Cultural program and service.
- Intensive 20 (20 hours/week)
* 1 week - 170 EUROS
* 2 weeks - 330 EUROS
* 3 weeks - 480 EUROS
* 4 weeks - 630 EUROS

Additional weeks - 150 EUROS

Intensive 25 (25 hours / week)
- 1 week - 220 EUROS
- 2 weeks - 430 EUROS
- 3 weeks - 630 EUROS
- 4 weeks - 830 EUROS
- Additional weeks - 200 EUROS

DELE 20 (20 hours /week)
- 3 weeks - 590 EUROS

Intensive Plus (20 hours / week + 5 hours / week individual lessons)
- 1 week - 275 EUROS
- 2 weeks - 540 EUROS
- 3 weeks - 795 EUROS
- 4 weeks - 1050 EUROS
- Additional weeks: 255 EUROS.

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Our Academia is present in the heart of Spain's most wonderful cities to offer you the best of Spanish language and culture in a friendly and familiar atmosphere. You can choose one of our small schools in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, Granada or Alicante. We offer Spanish courses, along with cultural...

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