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Alternative Raku. Throwing and Hand Building.

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Key Information:
Class Size: 10 - 12 people
Destination: Italy  
Category: Art and craft workshop
Specialty: Ceramics/pottery  
Season: July
Courses Per Year: 1
Course Level: Intermediate
Min Price: 850 Euro (EUR) per person
Max Price: 850 Euro (EUR) per person

This five day hands-on workshop will include basic instruction on selected contemporary alternative raku techniques, “upside down” throwing, and slam mold forming methods. Specifically, this accelerated course will include the making of refined terra sigillata, present-day burnishing/polishing procedures, the use of hydrometers in slip and glaze formulations, saggar firings (clay, aluminum foil, and paper), the use of ferric chloride (with and without glaze), horse hair (plain and colored ware), black ware, an introduction to alcohol reduction of copper matte, stannous chloride fuming, and “smokeless” reduction practices. Participants will learn to fire raku kilns and are asked to bring 20 specially prepared bisqued pieces to enable firing on the first days.

Faculty Information:
Well known maker and educator throughout the USA, Eduardo states: “my mission as a ceramic artist is to create museum quality vessels and sculptures that reflect a vision of the contemporary while radiating presence. The pieces should speak to the viewer, enhance their environment, and evoke the changing moment. This does not mean that they will always be interpreted as beautiful but I do hope they will impart a wow factor, causing contemplation. I want people to touch my pieces while being touched by them. In honouring ceramic traditions (East and West), I strive to elevate the ordinary, exploit perfect imperfection, and acknowledge the creative process”.

Other Activities:
Students typically enjoy short excursions to some of the main attractions in beautiful Tuscany to compliment their daily work in the studio. The cities of Florence and Siena are both within an hour of La Meridiana and other intriguing Tuscan towns such as San Gimignano, Volterra and Greve in Chianti are a short drive away. The heart of the Chianti region lies just to our east, and Milan and Rome are both easily accessible by train or car.

Optional Courses (easily accessible):
- Horse riding.
- Cooking lessons.
- Wineries.

Facility Information:
The studio is on the ground floor of a restored 13th century farm house and offers space for all types of ceramic experimentation. Our kilns range from high-fire gas, raku, soda, and wood firing to lower-fired electric, pit, and smoke. Our staff is all practicing ceramic artists as well as fluent English speakers. Living accommodations are also provided within walking distance to the studio. Telephone and internet access are also available.

Costs relate to the length and type of services. They all include appropriate:
- Lodging.
- Fresh gourmet lunches during the working days.
- Some transport.
- Materials and firings.
- General help during the stay.

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