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Italian Language School in Florence, Italy

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Key Information:
Class Size: 7 - 12 people
Destination: Italy  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: Italian  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: unlimited
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 320 Euro (EUR) per person
Max Price: 5750 Euro (EUR) per person

The program is open to all students, with no restrictions regarding age or nationality. With 6 different course levels, we can accommodate a broad range of student needs; from introducing beginners to the language, to developing the knowledge and skills of those who have studied Italian previously.

Florence is The perfect city for studying Italian. Among the varied and important reasons are: the purity of the Italian language spoken here, Florence's extraordinary cultural past, the great number of museums and monuments, Florence's central location which allows easy travel (one or two hours) to cities like Siena, Pisa, Venice and Rome.

Our approach to teaching Italian is direct. From the first day of class, Italian becomes the language between the teacher and the students and among the students. The communication in Italian is pervasive and therefore students automatically develop their ability to understand and speak. The small number of students in class helps to highly improve the performance of each participant.

This teaching method works effectively due to our teachers who have been selected for their specialization in teaching Italian to foreigners and for their natural qualities of communication. The relationship they establish each day with their classes leads our students to achieve good results an enjoyable and efficient way.

The "Italiano Insieme" program is offered at six different levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Advanced 1, Advanced 2. Classes are held every morning from Monday through Friday. The minimum duration for this program is two weeks. Classes are composed by students of different cultures, nationalities and mother tongues so as to stimulate interesting conversations and to enrich the relationships between all participants. Maximum number allowed in class is 12 students, but the average is usually around 7.

Levels. Beginners: Basic grammar and vocabulary to enable students to face many daily situations, to ask and give information. Present, past and future of the most used verbs; articles, nouns, adjectives, familiar and polite forms, possessive pronouns. Special attention is given to pronunciation.

Elementary: Development of basic grammar and vocabulary to enable students to handle more complex situations, expressing wishes and improving general ability to speak through use of the conditional tense and how to make comparisons. Refining of pronunciation.

Intermediate 1: Coverage of all basic grammar to enable students to deal with all common situations. By learning the subjunctive mood, students will learn how to correctly express opinions, hopes, thoughts and points of view. Introduction to the historical past tense through reading of newspaper articles and short stories.

Intermediate 2: Start dreaming and thinking in Italian. The flow of expression allows students to become personally involved in the Italian way of life by fully understanding customs, habits and attitudes of the Italians. Learning of idiomatic expressions.

Advanced 1: Learning basic syntax, direct/indirect speech. Conversation on current events in Italy such as culture, news, politics, communication furthers the comprehension of films, TV programs as well as newspaper and magazines articles.

Advanced 2: Analysis of the language and its various structures. Different forms of expressions (popular, current, cultured, formal, etc.). Exploration of nuances of Italian allowing a deeper understanding and a more sophisticated expression.

Faculty Information:
The secretary's office can take care of finding the right accommodation between very selected hotels, rooms, apartments and families. Some of the best 3-, 4- and 5-star hotels give our students discounts that rise from 10% to 50% depending on the period of the year.

Other Activities:
A weekly guided tour is offered for free to all participants. Possibility of excursions during the week end to the most famous cities of Italy.

Facility Information:
All participants are placed in class according to their level determined by a placement test administered during the first day of the courses. courses at each of the 6 levels are offered throughout the year, beginning every 2 weeks.


Standard group course, 4 hours per day:
- 2 weeks - 360 euro
- 3 weeks - 480 euro
- 4 weeks - 580 euro
- 8 weeks - 1140 euro
- 12 weeks - 1560 euro.

Combined course 1

4 hours group course + 1 hour one-to-one course per day:
- 2 weeks - 745 euro
- 3 weeks - 1055 euro
- 4 weeks - 1310 euro
- 8 weeks - 2525 euro
- 12 weeks - 3670 euro.

Combined course 2

4 hours group course + 2 hours one-to-one course per day:
- 2 weeks - 1130 euro
- 3 weeks - 1635 euro
- 4 weeks - 1965 euro
- 8 weeks - 3910 euro
- 12 weeks - 5750 euro.

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The most reputable school for foreigners which exclusively holds personalized, full immersion courses of Italian language, Cooking, Art history, Drawing and Painting, for professionals and students. Founded on 1985 and officially recognized by the Italian Ministry for Education, the school serves the leading...

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