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Volunteer Trip: Adventure and Ethnic Culture Experience Camp
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Volunteer Trip: Adventure and Ethnic Culture Experience Camp

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Key Information:
Class Size: 8 - 12 people
Destination: China  
Category: Sport Camps
Specialty: Climbing, Martial Arts, Swimming  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: 2
Course Level: Intermediate
Min Price: 890 US Dollar (USD) per person
Max Price: 1566 US Dollar (USD) per person

Program brief propels: Dali is a wonderful place for Adventure, there are plenty of Ethnic minority, during trekking around different mountain, experience different Ethnic Minority culture, such as Bai,Yi Ethnic tribes handcraft ,study Kungfu &taiji, deeper understand Chinese spirit, culture communication, improve student’s health and Execution ability also enhance environment and Ethnic culture protection awareness

Introduction of Dali: Acient time - Dali is a woman’s kingdom. The legend story about Avastilosvara became a local woman to rescue village people from a war in Ming dynasty. One day lots of robber and enemy come to the village try to start a war, a old lady carry a huge stone, and the robber ask her why you carry so much, she answered: in the village, every young guy carries three times as mine, the robber scared about it, then run away. Actually, in local village, you will see woman do lots of hard work in farmland; carry a lot of heavy things, you have to respect and admire woman there.

Jizushan Mountain is the 5th most famous Buddist Mountain in China, is the buddha Gaye who gain enlightenment from, it is said this mountain was the place where Mahakasyapa, a senior disciple of Sakyamni, practiced Buddism. The Mountain is named for its chicken-foot-mountains ranges.

Shaxi in the historic Market Square of the old village of Sideng, a once vibrant staging post along the Tea and Horse Caravan Trail, which primarily channeled trade in tea, horses and other valuables between diverse ethnic groups residing along the eastern Himalayan riff beginning in the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907).

Shibao Mountain located in the northwestof Dali, contains Buddist rock carvings and temples of over 1300 years old with, amongst others, images of the Bodisattva Guanyin, and lady's produced organ. Local people offen worship for pray for giving birth no pain delivery. they are art treasures of the Nanzhan Kingdom and the Dali Kingdom.

- One week trekking around Dali, experience Bai ethnic culture, handcraft.
- One week studying Taiji and Kungfu and Chinese lessons.
- One week deep experience Bai Ethnic village culture, home-stay, research subject

Detailed Schedule:

Trekking week:
- Monday: Dali old town
- Tuesday: Wase village
- Wednesday: Jizu mountain
- Thursday: Shaxi village
- Friday: Shaxi mountain
- Saturday: Shibao mountain
- Sunday: Dali free day.

Studying week:
- Monday:
* Taiji and kungfu
* Chinese lesson
* Free time or watch movie
- Tuesday:
* Taiji and kungfu
* Chinese lesson
* Free time
- Wednesday:
* Taiji and kungfu
* Chinese lesson
* Free time
- Thursday:
* Taiji and kungfu
* Chinese lesson
* Free time
- Friday:
* Taiji and kungfu
* Chinese lesson
* Free time
- Saturday:
* Taiji and kungfu
* Chinese lesson
* Free time
- Sunday:
* Taiji and kungfu
* Chinese lesson
* Free time.

Local ethnic minority culture, Subject research week and farewell:
- Monday: Explore Issues
- Tuesday: Collect material
- Wednesday: Analyze material
- Thursday: Assumption
- Friday: Verify
- Saturday: Solution
- Sunday: Sum up.

Faculty Information:
Taij and Kungfu master’s introduction: Taiji, Eight Trigrams, Kungfu, Xingyi studying Mr. Ma Kaiyi, Member of Yunnan provincial association of Martial Arts Dali Diancang kungfu School, with over 50 years Teaching experience of Taiji, Eight Trigrams, Xingyi, Kungfu, 18 Ancient weapons, including swords, spears,and sticks, ets. and related practice.

Other Activities:
We provide diverse cultural activities and cultural appreciation for students in the afternoon from Monday to Friday, to introduce more about China. Activities include handicrafts, Kungfu, acrobatism appreciation, museum and historic site visit, etc…

Facility Information:
Students’ apartments are arranged by 5 minutes of walking from Dali the historical old town, which are convenient for daily life. We provide both clean & nice single room and shared dorm with 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, and supervisor will accompany with if you require. In the local village, we provide nice local ethnic family homestay or guesthouse.

Price Includes:
- Accommodation: girls dorm, Boys dorm and home-stay
- Transportation: private car or local vehicles support
- Meals as per itinerary
- English speaking tour guide
- Chinese qualified teacher
- Taiji and kungfu qualified master.

Price Excludes:
- Air fare fee
- Round trip ticket
- Insurance.

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