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Accademia Europea di Firenze: Italian for Tourism Course

Please, note! This vacation school offer has expired. For similar vacation school offers currently available search here.

Key Information:
Class Size: 4 - 12 people
Destination: Italy  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: Italian  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: 5
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 780 Euro (EUR) per course
Max Price: 780 Euro (EUR) per course

The AEF is one of the fastest growing schools in Italy and is renowned for its dedication to its students as well as the ability to create a friendly environment where you can not only learn in class but also have amazing experiences in the time between lessons. The school is located in the center of the historic part of the city which enables you to visit on foot many of the most important sights in Italy, as well as many restaurants, pubs, shops, museums, galleries, etc. All to make your stay the most pleasant possible.

The course is designed for people who work in the tourism industry and aims to bring each student to a level of linguistic competence specific to their profession. The AEF offers the course for all levels, from beginner to advanced and the teacher will focus on all your needs and personalize the classes in order to boost your time of learning and perfecting your skills. The course will also provide information about tourism in Italy, studying the aspects of climate, geography, culture and economy. Students will work on the knowledge they need to perform tasks (the level of difficulty is according to the level of each student) such as hotel reservations and letters of confirmation, telephone conversations, giving and requesting information, as well as study more technical language (laws, regulations, and publicity).

The tourism course offers a deep and thorough study (according to the level and interests of each student) on the following topics:
- Italian environmental tourism
- Accommodation services in Florence
- Typical food and beverage of Florence and Italy
- Structure of the hospitality and tourism industries in Italy
- Tourism management in Italy
- Vocabulary and communication skills in waterborne transport
- Behavior and Communication skills in hotel front office
- Customer service
- Ancillary travel products
- Vocabulary and communication skills for Conference
- Vocabulary and communication skills banqueting operations
- Travel geography (Italy)
- Personnel management
- Tour operators
- Careers and destination
- Vocabulary and communication skills in air transport.

Faculty Information:
The teachers at the AEF are all highly qualified and constantly updated in the latest teaching techniques.

Other Activities:
Aside from regular courses our school offers a rich program of optional language and cultural activities (concerts, seminars, films, visits to museums and farms) as well as extra-curricular and recreational activities (parties, dinners, food and wine tasting, sports, etc.) which are offered every week to ensure the enjoyment and cultural fulfillment of the students.

Facility Information:
Our students can choose from among the following types of accommodations:
- Private apartment. This is the best option for those who want to be completely autonomous and free to host friends and family. All apartments are furnished and equipped with kitchen utensils.
- Student apartment. This option allows students to share an apartment with other students (foreign and Italian). Apartments are well equipped and furnished.
- Family-stay. Living with an Italian family is a good way to practice the language and experience the Italian way of life. All families are used to hosting foreign students and willing to share with you their daily routines and traditions.
- Other solutions. It is also possible to reserve accommodations in pensions, hotels, residence or religious institutions.

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