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Spanish Medical Courses in Cordoba, Argentina

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Key Information:
Class Size: 3 - 5 people
Destination: Argentina  
Category: Language Schools
Specialty: Spanish  
Season: January - December
Courses Per Year: 25
Course Level: All levels
Min Price: 1570 US Dollar (USD) per course
Max Price: 4620 US Dollar (USD) per course

Teaching and learning is not only about giving and receiving specific contents; learning a foreign language inside a different culture is a much more complex process that requires certain material, organizational and emotional conditions in order to be successful. Generating these conditions is our main concern. Our school is not massive; on the contrary, it provides friendly personalized attention, in which the student will find answers to his/her own needs and interests.

The school is situated in a residential area, in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Cordoba. This is also one of the city areas more related to education, some of the best schools and an important private university are located here. Downtown is only a 20 minutes bus ride away. But the area has its own facilities, with many banks, shops, malls, restaurants, bars, pubs, cinemas and discos. Our school also has a department that advises and helps the student in tourist, sports, leisure and cultural activities. Information about leisure and cultural activities in the city and how to get to them is offered daily. This department also gives the student all necessary information for learning and practicing alternative sports such as gliding, mountain bike, rappel, climbing and windsurf.

Establishing a suitable relationship between the professional and the patient is essential in the practice of the different professions belonging to the healthcare field. In order to reach the desired relationship, it is indispensable to achieve a good communicative interaction, situation in which language will play a central role. The existence of a growing Spanish-speaking population in countries with an official language different from Spanish, makes it indispensable for the different healthcare professionals to improve their Spanish skills and develop medical vocabulary in order to effectively deal with their Spanish-speaking patients. Due to this, we have produced a Spanish for Medical Purposes course offering healthcare professionals the basic necessary elements to better communicate in Spanish. The characteristics of this communication will be very important for the achievement of an effective professional-patient relationship, pillar of an appropriate practice of the profession.

General Objectives:
- Improve your Spanish and your communication skills in this language.
- Develop skills and knowledge to optimize oral communication with Spanish-speakers in your work environment.
- Master basic vocabulary related to healthcare in order to better read and understand Spanish medical bibliography.
- Acquire general information about social and cultural aspects in relationships between caregivers and Spanish-speaking patients.
- Learn about the general characteristics of the Argentinean healthcare system.

Specific Objectives:
- Acquire Spanish skills in order to be able to:
* Acquire some of the basic medical vocabulary
* Communicate with Spanish-speaking people in a medical environment
* Make an effective medical interview
* Record the patient’s personal information
* Give instructions or make suggestions to the patient in written or spoken.
- Acquire a basic grasp about the Hispanic patient’s character so as to improve the understanding of the patient’s expressions.

General Contents:
- Spanish for medical purposes
- Medical interview
- Technical and common terminology as regards general and specific signs and symptoms of the different organs and systems
- General anatomy
- Main diseases
- Instructions and suggestions to the patient
- General characteristics of the Argentinean healthcare system (Visits to Health Care Centers).

The course contents are subjected to the students’ interests and needs. Designed for healthcare professionals and advanced students in the healthcare related professions who are working with or interested in working with Spanish-speaking patients or colleagues. It is recommended that students have at least a basic knowledge of Spanish before beginning the course.

Faculty Information:
All our teachers are Argentine, and their mother tongue is Spanish. They are University graduates, specialized and with a wide experience in teaching Spanish for foreigners. It is also important to note their high cultural level, which allows them to have a fluid relation with our students. Most of our teachers have also traveled abroad, and therefore they understand the situation, the needs and the cultural differences of foreigners. The school has a psychology department that guides teachers and allows them to evaluate possible interferences or difficulties that students may have during the learning process or their adaptation to a new social environment. We will give the students a certificate in which the length of the course, the amount of class hours and the level of Spanish attained will be detailed. Our school has an agreement with Blas Pascal University, in which our students may opt for a university certification of their studies.

Other Activities:
Our school offers an exclusive mentoring system that consists in the selection of a person that suits the student characteristics. This person will be in charge of accompanying the students during their stay, helping him/her to orientate around, offering different leisure activities and working as a link with other people form Cordoba. There is also the option of taking tango lessons. Besides this activity, students can go to tango shows or to milongas (tango dancing clubs). Free access to a Sport Club is one of the great advantages of our full immersion program. The Sports Club has sauna, solarium, gym classes, yoga classes among other things. During their stay the students will have free access to all the services provided by the Sports Club not only for relaxing and entertainment purposes, but also as an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with Argentine people of all ages. During the weekends students will have a chance to rest and enjoy Cordoba city and its neighboring areas. On one hand, there is the option of a day in the countryside in an “Estancia”, on which you can enjoy different outdoor activities: horseback rides, trekking, typical food, etc.

Facility Information:
Our Spanish course is designed specially for foreigners, lessons are given in Spanish using the communicative approach (that is, language use in real life situations and context). These perspectives are central if we want the students to achieve four basic capabilities in the process of learning any language: listening and speaking, reading and writing. We offer our students several services that make the offer more attractive and their stay a more comfortable, pleasant and safer one: Airport transfers (arrival), Free cafeteria in the school, Free Internet access, Free access to library, Tourist informational pack, Course certificate, Historic heritage city tour, 24 hours emergency phone, Leisure, cultural and tourist activities adviser.

- Argentinean Families. This is perhaps the most ideal option for achieving a complete linguistic and cultural immersion. Certainly, some flexibility will always be necessary in order to get used to Argentinean customs and way of life. Host families have been very carefully selected and we do a periodic follow-up to make sure that students do not have any problems during their stay. These are middle-class families whose homes are close to our school or within easy reach using public transportation. The student will have his/her own room and will share bathroom and kitchen with the rest of the family. In addition two meals a day are included, usually breakfast and dinner; however there is always the option for the student to buy food and prepare his/her own meals.
- Student Residency. This option gives the student some more independence but also gives theme the chance to meet young Argentinean students. The apartments are fully equipped and furnished, and include a bathroom, kitchenette with a small fridge and microwave. They can be shared with another student if so desired. It does not include meals. The residency also has a swimming pool, a basketball court, paddle courts, a study room and a laundry room.
- Apartments. If you are looking for comfort, privacy and independence maybe your best choice is an apartment or apart hotel with private room and bathroom. These facilities have cleaning service, AC, sauna, Jacuzzi and gym. Breakfast is included.
- Hotel. There is also the option of booking rooms in hotels (from two to five stars) depending on the student’s choice.

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We are a school specialized in Spanish for foreigners that combine both academic excellence and warmth of individualized education. Our school is not massive; on the contrary, it provides friendly personalized attention, in which the student will find answers to his/her own needs and interests. Our programs are...

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